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With Dhoom 3:Back in action, there was one more hero totally back in action. The Tiger(as he is widely called) put out another stint with this recent release. As Jackie celebrates his birthday today, takes a quick peek into the actor's career stint.

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Jackie Shroff entered the Bollywood scene with 'Swami Dada' in 1082 after which he was consistently up the scale as an actor. What made him stand out of the crowd was his attractive personality , his versatility to fit both hero and villain roles. Jackie infact at one point of time was the most sought after for a negative role. We have to wait this year until Kochadaiyaan to release to see his performance in this 'one of a kind' movie. The man himself has accepted that he enjoys playing negative characters.
Coming to some of the hit songs that Jackie Shroff is in, Devdas starring Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri and Aishwarya Rai comes to our mind. Considering we have always visualized Jackie in a very negative role, one song which also portrays the other side of this hero is the song 'Tu Mera Jaanu hai' from the movie 'Hero' which released in his initial days.
He is always seen in the side too for many hit songs - 'Choli Ke piche kya hai' is one such example from the movie Khalnayak. He was also seen in movies like 'Mission Kahmir' recently. We could infact say although a villain in most of the roles he holds a considerable prominence in songs too. There is more to come with Jackie shroff's acting maturing every year. We wish you a happy birthday Jackie.

Birds in songs

Don't we all love the way the birds chirp in the morning? Birds have always managed to bring in 'freshness', be it any scenario. No wonder our l have always made use of 'birds' when they write lyrics for the songs. The first thing that hits our mind talking about birds in Tamil songs, we cannot miss 'Love birds, love birds, Thakathimitha'. Din't this song from Anbe vaa appeal to everyone?

Ofcourse 'Pura' is an indispensible bird when it comes to songs. Here's why - "Vellai pura' songs stands testimony to this isn't it? Although used for a mellow tone, this song was loved by all.  Similar is the case with the song 'Oru pen pura' from Annamalai. These songs were set in a sad tone. From the movie Anbe Sangeetha, there is a song called 'China Pura Ondru'.

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Moving to other birds, 'Kuruvi' is a noteworthy one and the best song for kuruvi is 'Chittu kuruvi mutham koduthu' from 'Pudhiya paravai'. The swaying tune in addition to the fresh lyrics stirs romantic emotions to every listener. Infact we cannot fail to remember that a Vijay Starrer movie 'Kuruvi' also exists.

Isn't the parrot a beautiful bird? And ofcourse our lyricists cannot do without the 'Kili'.  Recent movie 'Paramaivan' had the song 'Oru killi kaadhal'. Another recent romantic number with kili was Oru kili oru kili from the movie Leelai. In one way or the other the 'kili' has definitely brought out romance even with a lower midtone used in the song - Oru sola killi from the movie Uzhaipaali for instance. A striking kili song would be 'Oru kola kili  sonnathey' from Pon vilangu.

Even kuyil has been used by our lyricists and ofcourse the hit movie Kanda Naal Mudhal has a song 'Koo Koo ena kuyil thedaadha', a beautiful listen yet again. Thus birds have played a major role in depicting emotions be it sad, happy or romantic feelings in many Kollywood songs.

Handsome Hunk - Prithviraj

For all the ladies out there who love Prithviraj, here's something to liven up your spirits this festive season. Don't we all love the handsome hunk? Time to take a quick look at some of the best songs of Prithviraj in Malayalam.

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His first movie 'Nandanam' sent around positive comments about his acting serving as a perfect stepping stone for his career. 'Ishtamallada enniki ishtamallada' from the movie Swapnakoodu along with Meera Jasmine is one classic example to prove how the actor is very capable of maintaining a beautiful on screen romance. His 'Picha vecha naal mudhal' is definitely another beautiful romantic number. The video of this song is also worth a mention. Talking about setting 'Pinakamaano' from the movie 'Ananthabadram' is a treat to the eyes. If you notice intently you will see a few sets replicated keeping in mind the Ravi Varma paintings!

Many Prithviraj fans must have definitely heard his 'Priyanu Mathram naan' from the movie Robinhood. One exquisite song of Prithviraj to be mentioned is 'Kaana Kannil' from [olice along side the beautiful Bhavna. With a slight classical touch and moreover with a light melodious tone attached to it, the song proceeds with a beautiful sway. The video yet again has a strong attraction, thanks to the use of HD cameras. Other best songs worth mentioning would include - 'Pachamaanga Pachamaanga' , a fun to listen song to liven up your spirits. 'Kabadi kabadi' to makes it to this list  with Afzal and Rimi Tomy doing a good job with the vocals. We have to give it to Prithviraj that with his ravishing looks, the actor has made it to both Kollywood and Bollywood too which not many Malayalam heroes have managed to accomplish. We wish the actor loads of success this 2014.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Got it Gautham!

Haw many of you noticed that there has always been one romantic beautiful number in all Gautham Menon's movies? Here is a quick flashback of all the romantic songs from Gautham's movies.

His first movie which released in 2001 starring our very own chocolate boy Maddy sent shivers amongst the audience for 'Vaseegara' sung by Bombay Jayashree. One could say that this song was a also one of the reasons for Bombay Jayashree in her playback singing career graph taking a sharp high. Moving on, Kaakha Kaakha released in the year 2003. Not only could we see beautiful chemistry in the vvisuals, but we could also sense 'love' in the beautiful numbers like 'Ennai konjam maatri' 'Ondra Renda' and ofcourse 'Uyirin uyire'. Do we have to mention the success rate of the song 'Paartha mudhal  naale'? This romantic number from Vettaiyaadu vilayaadu was a chartbusterin the year 2006. We can also attribute a hatrick hit for Gautham - Bombay Jayshree combination here. (Vaseegara, Ondra renda and Paartha Mudhal naale). Bombay Jayashree's vocal chords did the magic again with Pachaikili muthucharam releasedin the year 2008. And 'Unnakul naane' emerging as a hit amongst the audience.

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Sameera Reddy's career graph faced a high with Vaaranam Aayiram hitting the screens in 2008. Alongside Surya, she sizzled the screen with 'Nenjukkul peidhidum'. 'Mundhinam Paarthene' from this movie and 'Annul maele panni thuli' are also notable romantic numbers from this movie that we all always loved to listen.

Talking about Gautham Menon is incomplete without mentioning his blockbuster hit , Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. This romantic musical stole the show completely in the year 2010. A.R.Rahman's compositions with the sue of special carnatic instruments is still talked about. Have you heard the bit of Nagaswaram being played in the song 'omana penne'? 'Hosanna' from this movie needless to say is one song anyone would pick to sing to his lover. 'Mannipaya' in Shreya's voice sends a vibe everytime we tune in. Doesn't it?

Can we now give this director the title - ROMANCE RAJA?

Brotherhood Speaks!

If one pair of brothers have to be admired, it is Dhanush and Selvaraghavan. It is wonderful to note that right from the beginning these two have helped each other in shaping up the other's career. Well, to start with it was Selvaraghavan's directional venture 'Thulluvadho Illamai' that brought Dhanush into limelight. It was undeniably an amazing start for both their careers. Gloating in the success of this movie in 2002, what came forth in 2003 was 'Kadhal Kondaen', another hit from the duo. With Pudhupettai releasing in 2006, it was not a surprise that the hatrick hit was achieved by the brothers. Thanks to 'Variya', the track was a whooping hit which automatically drew the crowds to the theatres.

The brothers have always chosen to work on a variety of 'Relationship' subjects ranging from a school level infactuation to the love that happens after marriage. Their recent stint a couple of years back, the movie 'Mayakkam enna' was also 'relationship' centric.

Pondering about what makes this brothers a hit is what comes to our mind. Is it the connect they establish via the songs? Is it their emotional subjects that they discuss through their movies? Or simply is it the value of 'relationships' that they bring out?

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The brother duo apart from their 'movie' stints have also come up with hit tracks , thanks to their 'singing' and 'lyric' writing abilities too! 'Kaadhal en Kaadhal' is one number where we can hear both the brothers bringing out a wonderful song. And ofcourse, without Selvaraghavan's encouragement, Dhanush's singing career would'nt have kickstarted either!

Backed by each other, now Dhanush is infact all set to produce his brother's upcoming movie under his home banner!

Surely we see a lot of brother love there! ?

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Travel Time - Places in Songs

Each place has its own specialty and sometimes the place becomes distinctive for this specialty that people associate this distinctive feature with the place. Have you noticed this? Here in we give you an exclusive song list that will make you remember the best things of Tamil Nadu. Keep reading.Kumbakonam has been famous in not only sending out its coffee flavours but also one more item associated with food. Thinking hard? Well it is the 'Kumbakonam vetthalai'. And ofcourse the song which we cannot ignore is 'Kumbakonathu vetthalaiya madidaa' from the movie 'Boss engira Baskaran'.

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Doesn't adding the Jasmine to a girl's hair bring out a significant feminine glamour to any girl? The fragrance of the Jasmine makes each one of us fall in love with the girl we already admire. In Tamilnadu, 'Madurai Malli' is the most famous one. Keeping the Madurai Malli and the girl in mind, we could think of 'Madurai ikku pogathedi mallipoo kannu vekkum' from the movie Azhagiya Tamizh magan starring Vijay.When Mallipoo is in hand, don't we all want a tasty halwa too? And what more do we want when our Tamil Nadu has the famous Tirunelvi Halwa? 'Tirunelveli Halwa da' from Saamy is a distinctive soundtrack.

Coming to the braveness that any Tamizhan would portray, that can be best signified with 'Thiruppachi Aruvaalu'. Rings a bell? "thirupaachi aruvaale theethikitu vaada vaada' from TajMahal is an apt song to describe the brave front any Tamizhan should have.

On a conclusive sweet note, mambazham's make us happy always especially our Salem mambazhams. Are you thinking of the same song that we are thinking? 'Mambazhamaa maambazham, malgova maambazham, salethu maambazham neethanadi' from Pokkiri is a good listen, comparing the sweetness of the fruit with his lady love.

Thus the specialty of each part of the TamilNadu is distinct in many ways, including songs.


The recent heartthrob in the Bollywood industry, he is making many girls go gaga for his romantic splendor showcased through his voice.  He was seen lending his voice  as a young boy way back in 2007 in 'All in one' , a song from the High School musical album by Shakar Ehsaan Loy. But it was the year 2013 that proved lucky for this young singer. Yes we are talking about our very own 'Tum hi ho' Arijit singh. His 'Sunraha hai na tu' from Aashiqui 2 took him to great heights and following that he has been showered with many offers. Following his hit number sin Aashiqui 2, his 'Kabira' for 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' was much talked about.

In 2012, there was this one number which was hummable by each and every one. Wondering which song we are talking about? Remember 'Raabta'? The beautiful duet track, pleasing to the ears?

Not many know the voice behind 'Phir le aaya' from the movie 'Barfi' but ofcourse it is Arijit singh who has sung this brilliant track. suggest you grab a pair of headphones right away and tune in to listen to this beautiful track. Notice the nuances well rendered by Arijit in the song. We highly recommend this for a good, pleasant listen.

Another nice song by Arijit Singh is 'Phir Mohabbat' from the movie Murder 2 and Laal Ishq from the recent release Ram Leela. Considering the hit tracks that he has delivered in the last two years, we can definitely say 2014 looks bright for Arijit. 'Jiya' from Gunday is something you could tune in right away. Until much more from Arijit, wishes him all the best for his singing career in this 2014.

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He has contributed immensely in the Bollywood music scene starting form the year 1950 until 1975, his silver 25 years has seen many a 'golden' moments in his career. The brains behind over 700 songs, many of his compositions are popular in the recent era too.

Anything that happens for the first time is always special isn't it? Such is the case with his first movie 'Ankhen' directed by Devendra Goel. Take a quick listen of the best track of the album "Preet laga ke maine". Nicknamed by his friends in the industry as "Ghazal ka Shehzadaa" , his contribution to the genre of 'Ghazals' is immense. Even Lata Mangeshkar has sung for his Ghazal compositions, infact she has rendered the maximum numbers for him.

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Attuning to the recent times, have you heard the track 'Do pal ruka'? Wondering what the connection between Madanmohan and this track is? It is Madanmohan's composition which was shelved initially after which Sanjeev Kohli decided to use his father's track for the movie 'Veer Zara'.

Lilting tunes, with a sway of romance were always Madanmohan's forte and one number which aptly signifies this is 'Milo na tum toh' from the movie Heer Ranjha which released in the year 1970. His other classic number is 'Betaab dil ki tamanna' from the movie Hanste Zakhm. What is unique about his style of music is the intricacy he places on the classical note and brings it out in the form of film music liked by all.

It doesn't come as a surprise that a book has been written on this great man. Titled Madan Mohan: An Unforgettable Composer - Edited by V M Joshi & Suresh Rao, the book contains contributions from various stalwarts who worked with this talented composer.

A man of such credentials - Bollywood industry is surely lucky to have had sucha wonderful composer.

Vegetable Names in Songs

Like how vegetables have been important in our everyday meal, vegetables have also played an important role in the lyrics of songs. Thinking this is weird? See for yourself!! We are sure you must have heard the song 'Velarikka pinju' which was super famous from the movie Kadhal Kottai. Deva and Krishnaraj have done a wonderful job with their singing.

Talking about vegetables, we all love our 'gundu kathhirika'. Guessed the song? Yes 'Kathhirika Kathhirika gundu kathhirika' from Duet composed by A.R.Rahman and sung by S.P.Balasubramanyam and Minmini is a good example. The racy rhythm, the settings, the lyrics - everything is amazing about this song.

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'Paal papaali vela thakali' must be given its due credence for the smart word play! Rahul Nambiar and Mahathi have ofcourse done a good job with the singing. This track is from the movie Sathyam starring Vishal and Nayantara. Another masterpiece we could say in terms of beautiful lyrics covering almost all the vegetables one could think of is 'Molachumoonu elaiyum vidala' from the movie Velayudham. This set of lyrics which appears in the song - veralu vendakka un kaadhu avarakkamooku molaga, mookuthi kaduga, kanindha kaai thottam neethana we think is beautiful. Who would have thought the emotion of romance can be brought out by vegetables? This is where we appreciate the effort of Annamalai , the lyricist of this song. Another wonderful song composed by Ilayaraja, sung by S.P.Balasubramanyam and Chithra strikes our head - 'Ena samaialo' from the movie Unnal mudiyum thambi. If you pay keen attention to the lyrics of the song, you will notice even the mention of ingredients like - 'Garam masala'! Ofcourse the use of vegetables and ingredients in the lyrics makes this song different on its own.

'Vaadi en kapakazhange' is a wonderful listen and infact a very catchy song.

A meal without 'molaga' is not complete. Ofourse 'Pacha Molaga' from Mr.Bharath is a good choice. Wasn't this refreshing? Tune in and listen to our vegetables.

Hardwork always pays!

The 'Padma' Awards have always spoken volumes about its worthiness. Needless to say, this year came as no surprise when Kamal Haasan bagged the the third highest civilian award. The 'Ulaganayagan' has always brought out exuberant acting skills and has always made India proud. Vishwaroopam being his last stint on screen , we ofcourse waiting for a lot more in the coming years from this extremely talented actor.

Hasn't classical music always been our pride? Infact this man is still one of the most preferred Ghatam players until today.T.H. Vinayakram ofcourse totally deserved this honour for his immense contribution in the 'classical' field. Ofcourse music is incomplete without its soul - the lyrics and who else deserves it most than the veteran? Vairamuthu who made his debut in the industry in 1980 was awarded Padma Bhushan this year.Needless to say, Vairamuthu's lyrics has created a magic and have made many hearts go weak. 2013 was a good year for this winner with 'Pandiya Naadu' and 'Irandaam Ulagam' being valued for the wonderful lyrics.

This year another man from our very own Tamilnadu also bagged the prestigious 'Padma' award. The man behind making many Indian movies look out of the world, the main who adds a visual meaning and an appeal to many a movies - Santosh Sivan. Santosh Sivan's enthusiastic work can be witnessed in movies like Urumi, Thuppaki, Raavanan etc in the recent years.

We have spoken about the actor we all like, about classical music and ofcourse a wonderful cinematographer, how can we not mention about the lovely lady who has carved a niche for herself in the Indian film industry? Her 'Sari' style statement, her traditional looks, her way of pulling off any role given to her; she is one of the best actress who surely deserves the Padma award - Vidya Balan. Everyone sure remembers her role in box office hits like 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Parineeta'. Talking about women and cinema, Supriya Dev surely deserves a mention who is also among the award winners this year for her immense inputs in making the 'Bengali' cinema come into light. Paresh Rawal who was also appreciated for his role in Oh My God in 2012, a passionate contributor in the Indian art, Cinema and theatre is also one of the winners of this prestigious award. takes pride in wishing these magnificient contributors to the Indian film industry, having taken each form of art to a whole new different level in their own ways.

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The word 'Aankh' contains within it a feminine grace. The word by itself is used a lot in Bollywood to describe the beauty of the heroine, a comparison of the shape of the eye etc.This beautiful word has been used by many lyricists ofcourse. Here is a peek into few songs that has the word 'Aankh'.

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The minute we think of 'Aankh', the first song that comes to our minds is 'Aankhonki gustaakiya' from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The beautiful chemistry between Salman and Aishwarya Rai makes us skip a beat. The choreography of the song is also to be appreciated giving ample importance to focus the shots such that there is importance placed on her eyes.

Likewise , 'In aankhon ki masti mein' is a beautiful number from Umrao jaan which released in 1991. Rekha's mesmerizing body language too adds beauty to the song. A beautiful duet is 'Meri aankhon mein hai tu' from the movie Yakeen. This song pictures Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Rampal in the lead. A romantic number that it is, the hero confesses to the heroine that she is living in his eyes and every breath that he takes, she is in that too.

Rewinding back to few old songs, one song that is distinctively beautiful is 'Ankho ankhon me pyar hone do', a romantic duet with Rakesh Roshan and Rakhee in the lead.How can we forget the lover boy Dev Anand while talking of romantic numbers? His 'Aankhon Aankhon mein' with Asha Parekh set a rage when the movie  Mahal released in 1969.

Such is the power of the eyes, the romance that it creates. The beauty that it generates. The difference in terms of looks that each pair of eye beholds.As we have popularly heard ' Beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder'.

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This duo stand evergreen until today. Infatc the man is still the hot favourite amongst the girls despite his age. He is also the host of one of the best reality shows. One can just identify him with his voice. From ads to movies, he has made wonders. Obviously he also managed to weave magic with his lady love, a dedicated, talented Bollywood actress. The well known keukenhof gardens infact became more famous, and all thanks goes to them. Know why? Well the song 'Dekha Ek Kwaab' not only brought out the wonderful romance between the two but infact made the foreign place that this was shot to be known as 'Silsila' gardens amongst us.

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A classic movie with these stalwarts acting together is ofcourse 'Zanjeer' which actually set the 'workable chemistry' path between the two. Before Zanjeer, movies like Guddi , Piya ka Ghar, Ek Nazar, Bawarchi set the initial spark between the two. One famous song from the movie Guddi is 'Bole re pappi hara' echoing in Vani Jairam's voice. This song in a way also marked a South Indian singer's entry into Bollywood. An unforgettable Jaya - Amitabh combo was set in 1975 with the release of the movie 'Chupke Chupke'. And ofcourse needless to say with Sholay becoming a path breaking movie released in the same year, there was more love waves traversing between the couple. 'Chal Shuru Hoja' in S.D.Burman's tunes is a wonderful song and while talking about Sholay how can we miss the hit songs 'Mehbooba mehbooba' and 'Yeh Dosti'?

Even in the early 2000's, they shared a wonderful screen space alongside the young actors of this era in the movie Kabhi kushi Kabhi Gham. Needless to say, their romance always looked natural on screen and maybe that is one of the reasons for their successful love story, on-screen and offscreen?

Elegant and Charming

If there is a synonym for yesteryear beauty then ofcourse we can think of Anjali Devi only. This Tollywood beauty died early this month due to heart complications.

Completely backed by her husband throughout her career path, Anjali Devi dominated the black and white era for a long time. She was introduced  in the movie Gollabhama' directed by C. Pulliah in 1946. She also portrayed her best acting skills ten years back in the movie 'Brundavanam'. Speaking of this movie 'Brundavanam' , Miyya Miyya Maama Miyya is fun sound track to listen to. She is one actress to have bagged the Filmfare Awards in her early stage of her career itself. Her movie Anarkali bagged the lovely black lady in 1955 itself. Within two years, her brilliant performance in the movie Suvarna Sundari won her another Filmfare.

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Anjali Devi has done her bit in the Tamil Film industry as well. She has acted alongside veterans like MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and U.P .Chinnappa.Have you heard the scintillating 'Nilavu Neram Iravu kaayam'? This is one of the best tracks that we could associate with the movie 'Annai Or Aalayam' starring this lovely lady. Another 'not worth a miss' movie by Anjali devi is 'Manalane Mangaiyin Baghyam' along side Gemini Ganesan. 'Azhaikkathe' is one memorable song from this movie. Special attention must be given to the way this heroine brings out expressions in her songs. Her stint in Kollywood was well appreciated and infact she was even complimented for her performance in the movie 'Chakravathi thirumagal' with M.G.R.

An ace actress that she was, we can say no other actress has matched up to her bold rendition and expressive features. The Kollywood and the Tollywood industry is lucky to have had such a brilliant actress. regrets the demise of this black and white beauty.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Imman

Ofcourse with Jilla's 'Kandaangi' sending ripples, we are sure Imman is having a very happy birthday ? . As we are celebrating the talented music director D.Imman's birthday today, here is a quick peek into the wonderful music that he has given us.Talking about Jilla, isn't it a coincidence that Imman first worked for a Vijay movie way back in 2001 - Thamizhan.
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What actually bought Imman to light was his catchy title music for various serials like Krishnadasi, Kolangal, Thirumathi Selvam etc. One music director who has had a steady career we could say is Imman. Wondering why we are saying this? In 2003 , his 'Azhagiya Asura' from the movie Whistle came out to impress the audience while 2004 had Aanai do the hit talks for him. 2005 on the other hand showered him love through the movie ABCD in which the track 'Manjal mugame' came to be known as the official 'family' welcome song. We are sure 2006 would have been a very busy year for imman as he composed over 6 films that year. Did you like the song 'Mobile-aa,Mobile-aa' from Rendu? Well ofcourse Imman is the reason behind the score. As years passed by, Imman's hits has definitely carved a niche style for itself.With the movie Myna releasing in the year 2010, Imman's musical journey took a higher note. 'Myna myna nenjukulle' and 'Jingu Chika' are notable numbers from the movie which easily captured music lover's attention.

2012 although proved very lucky for him as Kumki saw brilliant compositions. Infact that year, Kumki's song topped all the charts. Last year ofcourse, the song 'Oodha colour ribbon' did all the talking! 'Varutha padaatha Valibar sangam' was widely appreciated for the catchy songs.As 2014 has just begun, we are expecting more from this talented musician.

We Will Miss You, Nageshwara Rao

The man who has acted in more than 256 films, who made the Telugu film industry happening, a first-gen actor who has had a career lasting for over 75 years. Thanks to his talent, it also showered through his generation giving us other best actors like Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya. His battle with Cancer proved futile as he passed away a week back. The cinema industry will definitely miss this gem of a hero.
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Nageshwara Rao was first introduced in the movie Dharmapatni way back in 1941. What is amazong about this man is that he could comfortably don the hat of any role and did not restrict himself to any particular genre. His first movie for instance infact saw him playing a female role! Popularly known as ANR he has also won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award. His variety of roles has been witnessed in movies with folk genre, social issues as well. Alongside his contemporaries like MGR and Sivaji Ganesan, ANR has also given some of the best romantic movies.

'Kurissey Vennilo' is a good listen talking about few best tracks of ANR. 'Cheliya Kanarava' also strikes one's mind thinking about him.His best film includes 'Devdas' where he literally lived the role and made many a audience shed a tear! The Padma Vibhushan winner has also won the Filmfare Awards thrice for being the best actor.

This multi - talented actor is also a wonderful writer. The easily mentionable ones are Tenali Rama Krishna, Devdas, Maya Bazaar, Missamma, Muga . Ofcourse his movie 'Navarathri' which released in 1966 is worth a watch. If you have't watched that movie yet, we suggest you give it a watch this weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Audible Andrea

This wonderful actress conquered our hearts with her graceful acting in Pachaikili Muthucharam.  And even before we knew it, this actress showed us her other talent. Yes, this wonderful actress is also a wonderful singer. Although it was 'Idhu varai' from the movie Goa which made her famous, she has a lot of songs to her credit?

Andrea has delivered some beautiful renditions. One of the most startling discovery is that she is also one of the singers for 'Eno Eno panithuli' from the movie Aadhavan along with Sudha Raghunathan. If we had to vote one of her best songs then it would ofcourse be 'un mela aasadhaan' from aayirathil Oruvan. A well trained singer that she is, Andrea has also exposed in the music arena that she is a very versatile singer. Her romantic rendition with a tone of huskiness was loved by all. One track that is worth mentioning for her husky tone is 'Oru Murai' from the movie 'Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal'. Din't 'Maalai neram' from Aayirathil Oruvan trigger a spark of romance in you? Din't you feel like singing it for the love of your life? Thanks to Andrea then. Although she hasn't been used by the great A.R.Rahman for her voice, Andrea has lent her voice for music directors like Vijay Antony, Harris JAyaraj, G.V.Prakash Kumar, Yuvan Shankar Raja and most importantly for the Maestro Illayaraja itself.

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Well yes, although not heard of much, this song Jikki Mukki from Maranthaen Mannithaen is composed by Illayaraja for which Andrea lent her voice. Andrea also supported Vasundra Das for the vocals in 'Kannum Kannum Nokia' in Anniyan.

A wonderful actress with stylish looks, we can also classify her as her a singer with a unique original voice. Until her next track in films, lets tune in to her current songs.


This hot couple who shared on-screen romance at one point were the hot favorites of many. They now have two beautiful daughters who are in movies as well.  What started in 1970 with the movie 'Tum haseen Mein jawaan' has continued till date. A beautiful song from this movie is titled as the movie's name and the wonderful duo Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bosle have lent their voice for this.

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Following this stint was the movie 'Naya Zamana' which released in 1971 yet again followed by 'Raja Jani' and 'Seeta aur Geeta'which released in 1972. Ofcourse there was no doubt on the chemistry these two shared on screen. One can although say that it was Sholay which was released in the year 1975 that  made them popular as a couple and thanks to 'Dream girl' which hit the screens in 1977, there was definitely more noise on the two. Do you recollect the song 'Dream girl'? A beautiful song sung by Kishore Kumar, composed by Lakshmikant and Pyarelal, penned down Anand Bakshi, this song ofcourse made Dharmendra get his dream girl Hema Malini after which they tied the knot in 1980.

Another classic Dharmendra- Hemamalini song is'Dhariya mein phek do' from the movie 'Aas Paas'. Their other movies together was 'Samraat' 'Andha koon'. These movies were welcomed by many for the natural romance portrayed by these two on screen. If one had to count the number of movies these two have acted two, it would easily reach up to above 40 films. Their Dillagi movie together also won them applause for their ace acting skills.

From then until now, this couple have attached a beautiful chemistry to Bollywood. Their last although was in 2011 with Tell Me O Khuddha which did not become a hit. Will we see them more on the screen?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eternal Love - Taj Mahal

The Tajmahal has always stood as a symbol of eternal love. A symbol to show the strength of any beautiful feeling that one has for the other. Taj Mahal has also been used as a reference to describe the beauty that one beholds. presents to you an exclusive list of songs that has the word 'Tajmahal' in it. Each song has its own significance and portrays this monument in different emotions. Feel the music, feel the strong bond.

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In the song 'Doli re Doli re' from the movie Punnagai Desam, we can hear the beautiful lyrics 'Natpukkoru tajmahal dhaan'. This line with no doubts stands as a testimony to describe the strength of their friendship, the never ending affection that their friendship stands for. The movie Amaravathi with Bala Bharathi composing the music has the song 'Tajmahal Thevai illai'. This beautiful number is a romantic duet bringing out the undying love they have for each other. All pieces by Rahman for the movie Taj Mahal sent a positive emotion amongst all his fans and ofcourse 'Sotta sotta nanayidhu TajMahal' is worth mentioning. Sung by Srinivas, this song brings out the beauty and grace of the Taj Mahal, equaling it with the grace of the heroine - his love.

Not many are aware of this song but one number that is sure to steal your hearts is 'Tajmahale' sung by none other than Hariharan and Anuradha Sriram for the movie Periya Thambi. Listening to this song you will delve into a romantic mood right away. One more beautiful song which has the word Taj Mahal is 'Taj Mahal Oviya kaadhal' from the movie Kalvanin Kaadhali. Although the movie as such was not a great hit, this song was one amongst the top playlists. Likewise 'Tajmahal ondru' from Kannodu Kanbadhellam directed by Prabhu Solomon is worth a listen to understand the beauty of this monument compared with his lover.

Needless to say '50 Kg Tajmahal enake enaka' is one song that we would not miss. This beautiful number 'Haira haira' from Jeans yet again compares the Taj Mahal with his lady love, Aishwarya Rai in this movie.  Talking about A.R.Rahman's compositions, we cannot miss 'TajMhal Anthem' - 'Kaadhal Ondru allava' which yet again set in a wonderful structure talks about unity in love and love for people.

To conclude, one can say nothing else but yes this beautiful Indian monument stands tall to glorify eternal love.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Beautiful Tamil Months

Tamil months have always held a lot of significance in terms of the festivities that happen during the months, in terms of welcoming  home a bride, in terms of weddings etc. brings to you exclusive songs based on Tamil months.

Let us start with Thai considering this is the Tamil month of Thai. Thambikku oru paatu which released in 1991 has the song 'Thai maadam Kalyanam'. Talking about 'thai' month , we cannot miss 'Thai pongallum pongudhu' from the movie Mahanathi.

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The month of 'Aadi' on the other hand has always brought in a sense of 'happiness' thanks to the 'Aadi sale' culture. But apart from that, here are two songs that will strike us the minute we think of 'Aadi'. One is ofcourse from the recent release in 2012 from the movie Attakatthi - 'Aadi pona aavani' , with a very desi tone attached with it.  'Aadi ila kaathu adicha' from the movie villain stole our hearts for the emotional quotient brought out in the lyrics. Coming to the month of Maasi , the beautiful song in the movie Dharmadurai is worth remembering. Titled 'Maasi Maasam Aalana Ponnu' , the song was sung by Swarnalatha and K.J.Yesudas. This song needless to say was a hit in the Tamil industry.

With the song 'Vaikasi nilave' from the movie 'Unnale unnale' in singer Karthik's voice, the song not only describes pain but also gives a romantic touch to the song.

Although the month of Margazhi just ended, there are more reasons to celebrate Margazhi as these songs have always remained immortal. Haven't we all heard "Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham.. Kalaigalilae Aval Oaviyam..Maathangalil Aval Maargazhi.. Malargalilae Aval Malligai" . These two lines will put you through a beautiful mood. We cannot forget A.R. Rahman's Margazhi Poove from the movie May Maatham and ofcourse 'Maargazhi Tinggal Allava' from Sangamam. The chitthirai month seems filled with love, thanks to 'Chiithiraiyiil ena varum' from the movie Sivapaddikaram starring Vishal. This song is a beautiful duet sung by Karhik and Swarnalatha.

The movie 'Panguni Maathathil'  by itself is a wonderful example to describe the month of 'Panguni'. The month of Karthigai is ofcourse synonymous with lamps and we can all connect with the song "Deepangal pesum ithu karthigai masam" from the movie Devathai.

Every month has its own reason to be welcomed. Let us all welcome every Tamil month with joy.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Multi-Talented Little Super Star

We love few actors for their acting. But here is our Little Super star who has proved to us his talent not only in dancing and acting but also in singing. Always criticized for his encounters with girls, Silambarasan is also appreciated for his soulful singing. The hero who started his career as a child artist is now showered with appreciations for being the multi-talented actor he is.

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His singing career although can be dated back to more than a decade ago with "Mullaaga Kuththakkodaathu" , "Chukkumala Chukkumala from the movie 'Sonna dhan Kaadhala'. Our little super star has also sung for A.R.Rahman. One can say he is one of the hand- picked actor who has convinced A.R.Rahman with his singing skills with 'Baila more' in 'Kadhal Virus'.  Starting then and until now, his career as a playback singer has been quiet strong and he has lent his voice for some of the best music directors in town including G.V.Prakash Kumar. 2002 can be accredited as a wonderful year for him in terms of singing as he lent his voice for over 5 songs that year including hits like 'Sight adippom' from the movie April Maadhathil, 'Dil Dil Dil' from Red etc. 

Ofcourse he is more popular as a lyricist too and his 'Loosu penne ' made many girls mad about him and the song too. Although the movie was not accepted by many for the concept that it portrayed, the song sure captured our hearts. Last year his 'Kuttipayale' from Inga Enna Solluthu in Thaman's tunes made it big.

As an actor, as a singer, as a lyricist he has succeeded par excellence. It is now time to wait and watch more on what the young super star has to offer as a director apart from his 'manmadhan' and 'Vallavan' stinits.


Not many of the young generation know this man, but yes he is a pioneer in bringing out the classical element in Indian music. Naushad Ali has been in the field of comporsing since 1937. He passed away a few years ago in 2006. Comparing to few composers, Naushad Ali has worked only on less than a hundred movies but it is amazing to note that a quarter of his movies have reached golden and silver jubilees too.

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Naushad's entry into the film industry was with PremNagar  which released in the year 1940.This Padma Bhushan Awardee was known for his talent  as he was one person who could easily work with Western instruments, including the clarinet, the mandolin, and the accordion. Even in the era, where technology had not developed at all, Naushad with his master skills  could incorporate Western musical idioms in his compositions, and compose for Western-style orchestras.

Have you heard the song 'Ae Mohabbat Zindabad' from the movie Mughal E Azam? Umraojaan is another movie which can be called his masterpiece. This movie showcases the beautiful song 'Dil cheez kya hai', with Rekha dancing to the tunes and mesmerizing all of us. His other well structured songs include "aa more saiyyaan jiya kalpaaye" which appeared in the movie 'Kanoon'. Thanks to Naushad's compositions, we got the best of Mohammad Rafi too. Some classic numbers from this duo include 'Aaj galiyon mein teri parwaana', 'Mujhe Duniya walo' etc.

'Ganga Jamuna' another famous movie which released in the year 1961 witnesses composition by Naushad. The song 'Do hanson ka joda' was sung beautifully by Lata Mangeshkar.Naushad being a story writer, he also contributed story lines for Palki which released during the year 1967 and Teri Payal Meri geet which released in the year 1989.

Naushad Ali is definitely one of the yesteryear stalwart and is irreplaceable. Bollywood surely misses his compositions.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome To Kollywood Kajal

The girl who appears as Pooja in Saroja captured many guy's hearts for the innocence portrayed in the role. That girl went on to grab many movies in the Tamil industry , thanks to her cute expressions. In the recent era, we can say she is one of the actress who has acted along side the best of Kollywood heroes. This month we are all waiting to watch her sizzle in Jilla. Yes we are talking about the cute girl - Kajal Aggarwal. Here's a quick look at the best songs from the movies she has acted.

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Ofcourse from the movie saroja, we can choose "Cheeky cheeky", a wonderful track by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Bommalattam was her another stint in Kollywood but not too special in terms of the acting she portrayed. 'The movie modhi vilayadu also released in 2009 and ofcourse only one song was hummable and all thanks to Bombay Jayashree and Shruthi haassan, 'Paadhi kaadhal paadhi muttham' became popular amongst all. But what brought her back in talks was her role with Karthi in 2010 for the movie 'Naan mahan Alla'. "Iragai pole" needless to say is the song we all love and this time again it was Yuvan Shakar Raja giving the song the hit it deserved.

One can't really say Maatran along with Surya was a great hit which released in 2012 but 'Naani Koni' was popular in radio and music channels for some time. Thanks to 2012, Kajal Aggarwal with her cute role as Nisha in Thuppakki, she  was yet again welcomed in the Kollywood Industry. Needless to say, the duet 'Vennilave nilvai' turned out to be a beautiful number set admist a wonderful location too making it visually appealing too where kajal Aggarwal sizzles in beautiful sarees.

Last year , a lot was expected with 'All in all Azhaguraaja' but it did turn out to be a disappointment. But we have a strong feeling that she will be in the top again with her 'Kandaangi' in Jilla. Time to wait and watch!

Thai Special

Havent we all heard the phrase ' Thai Porandhal Vazhi porakkum'. With the pongal festivities having begun in most of the places, there is much to ask for in thai. Well yes we are talking about songs that is one way or the other related to the thai/pongal. Tune in and celebrate the festive mood.

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Talking about Thai, how can we forget the movie, Thai porandhal vazhi porakkum which released in the year 1958. If one song has to be called a hit from the movie then that would ofcourse be 'Asaiye alai pole'. 'Thai pongal' another classic released in the year 1980 can also be counted as one of the famous one's keeping in mind the significance of Thai and Pongal. It is important to mention here that actress Radhika shot to fame with this movie.

Ofcourse witht the mention of Pongal, many songs strike us. One classy song would be 'Thai pongalum pongudhu' from the movie Mahanadi starring Kamalhassan. Varusham 16 with khushboo in highlight was another famous movie which released in the year 1989. In this movie , Poo pookum maasam is worth remembering in terms of 'Pongal significance'.

Wouldn't be incomplete if we don't mention Pongal songs that our Superstar has contributed? Has something significant struck you? We are talking about the famous 'Podhuvaaga en manasu thangam', which brings out the importance of Jallikattu, a important tradition associated with Pongal. Talking about the Superstar, one cant forget the composition by Illayaraja for the movie Thalapathy where' Margazhi than odipochu' signifies the beginning of Thai. Moreover, the visuals of this song particularly gives a beautiful idea of hai and pongal.

Ofcourse with Jilla releasing this Pongal, one can also get back to the Vijay hit  'Pokkiri pongal' which yet again portrays 'Pongal' in a grand manner. wishes one and all a very happy pongal.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday FARHAN AKHTAR!

This talented singer/actor/director is celebrating his birthday today. As Farhan Akhtar turns 40 today,We wish him a very happy birthday! Read further about Farhan Akhtar. gives you a peek into the songs sung by Farhan Akhtar. Well needless to say his first hit in the singing field was 'Socha hai , 'Rock On' for the movie Rock On . The movie was a hit amongst the youngsters ofcourse and definitely a blockbuster in the industry. In the same movie, the song 'Tum ho toh' sung by him sent a chill amongst the youngsters making all the girls love his romantic voice. Infact the movie Rock on can be called his musical as even 'Pichle Saat dino mein' was also sung by him.

After a rocking performance with Rock On in 2008, Farhan Akhtar was also seen acting in the year 2009 for the movie Luck by chance, sharing the screen with Konkona Sen Sharma and Hrithik Roshan too.The genre of thriller was welcomed as 'karthik calling karthik' released in the year 2010 where Farhan Akhtar acted along with Deepika Padukone. The two were acknowledged for their amazng screen presence too.

'Zindagi Na milegi Dobara' explored his singing talents further and ofcourse 'Senorita' was a hit. 'Tum Zinda ho tum' was also sung by this actor but ofcourse not many are aware of it.His stint as an actor has been appreciated by many and ofcourse, his commitment has won him laurels. The recent Bhaag Milka Bhaag is a classic example for his dedication.

Farhan Akhtar's contribution as a writer/director includes movies like 'Dil Chahtha Hai' which was a bollywood blockbuster ofcourse and Don. The movie Lakshya is also Farhan Akhtar's brain child.

We are proud to have him in the Indian cine industry. Cheers to this talented man !! Happy Birthday Farhan!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ace and Grace - Singer Ajeesh

Winning the second season of Vijay TV Airtel 'Super Singer' can be called his break in the Film Industry. A versatile singer that he is, all the judges always wished him the best and thanks to Yuvan Shankar Raja, this singer realized his dreams. Yes we are talking about the very talented Ajeesh Ashok.
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Ajesh is the voice behind the very famous ' Idhu varai' from the movie Goa which released in the year 2010.. The song was a beautiful duet that he sang with the very beautiful actor and singer Andreah Jeremmiah.. A graduate in Visual Communication from a famous college in Chennai city, 2010 proved to be more amazing for him as he was roped in by Vijay Antony to sing 'Thooral podum' for the movie Utthama Putthiran. Not many know that this song was sung by Ajeesh, but 'Idupazhagi' from the movie Arumbu Meesai Kurumbu Paarvai with Saindhavi singing the female lead was also one of Ajeesh's track in Tamil for Mohammad Rizwan.

2011 was a pretty dull year for Ajeesh as there were no big releases. 2012 on the other hand, took him to the top thanks to Anirudh Ravichander's composition 'Idhazhin Oram' from the movie 3.The well placed lyrics and freshness in the tune brought it amongst the top songs of the year. Other songs that Ajeesh sang during that year includes 'Kadhalum' and 'Vazhi maari' , solo tracks for the talented composer Jubin.

Vijay Antony called Ajeesh back for singing 'Nimirndhu Nil' for the movie 'Sattam or iruttuarai'.Recently in the first half of  2013 , Ajeesh also released his first musical album 'Rain College Love' which was composed and sung by him. His tender voice with a difference in the way of delivery was what was liked by many. Ofcourse at such ayoung age Ajeesh has definitely come a long way.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sway like a 'Selai'

The 'Saree' being our traditional attire, it is been used in most of the songs. The attire by itself is opted for the grace that it brings out.IT is believed that it brings out the feminine quality in any women. Time for a quick musing about songs that have the word 'Selai' in it. You are in for a beautiful listen.

Don't we all love the 'Folk' genre? One such song that we all love to tap our foot to is 'Nee kattum selai' from the movie Puthiya mannargal. Ofcourse the music was lent by none other than our very own A.R.Rahman. The beats combined with the lyrics definitely brings out the 'tradionality' anyone would ask for. Similarly 'Chalakku chalakku jarigai selai' from the movie Soorya vamsam is also one catchy song that we can think of. 'Selai ila vidu kattava' starring everyoung Ajith with Simran from Aval varuvala was definitely the talk of the town during the era it released.

Sarees are always associated with the place they come from too and ofcourse Kanjivaram Sarees are the most talked about. 'Kanji Pattu selai' is a classic example to prove this from the movie  Retta jada vayasu which released in the year 1997. Who can forget 'Singapore selai' then? A beautiful number from the movie Kalki, this song created ripples for the variety of saree worn in the video too.

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Use of the word 'Selai' has been witnessed in old songs too and ofcourse 'Neela selai kattikonda' from the movie Thiruvilayadal stands testimony to it. Other striking songs with the use of the word 'Selai' are  'Karuppukarai selai' from the movie  Porkodi and 'China ponnu selai' from Mambatiyaan 

Even last year, 'Aaatha un selai'  from Kutti puli became a hit. No matter what, ofcourse the grace of a 'Selai' can never fade away.