Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Life-Turner' for many, Happy Birthday Superstar

It is the Superstar's birthday and in one way or the other he has always been an entity of motivation for many of us.  Starting his career as a conductor and now being the reason for many to idolize him, the Superstar is definitely an epitome of 'hardwork'. In many of his movies one must have noted the 'path-breaking' song, either taking him to another levels of success etc. Today as we wish him many milestones ahead, here's an exclusive list of 'Life-turner' songs, each having wonderful meaning behind it, from each of his movies.

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It is a striking find or rather a coincidence one could say, that most of Rajini's truth-seeking songs are sung by S.P.Balasubramanian. 'Gandhi Desamey' from Naan Sigapu Manidan,'Aanenna Penenna' from Darmadurai were the initial notes that struck the chord between the two.  'Vanthenda Paalkaren' from Annamalai set the tone of the Rajini-S.P.B bond. Following this one could have witnessed more such songs. 'Uzhaipali illatha' penned by the ace lyricist Vaali, from the movie Uzhaipali, 'Rah Rah Rammaiya' from Baasha, 'Oruvan Oruvan' from Muthu are yet again numbers that not only set our foot tapping but continued to establish the Rajini-S.P.B combo stronger. Even the recent years, S.P.B lent his voice for Rajini's 'Baleilaka' in the movie Sivaji. With Kochadaiyaan up in line, we have to wait and watch for another hit from the best singer-actor combo.

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Coming to other songs which were loved by all, which did not fail to instigate the emotion of 'challenging' life are - 'Vazhkaiyil Aayiram' from Padayappa (How can one forget the effort he puts in to emerge victorious later). 'Singam Ondru' sung by S.P.B yet again from the movie Arunachalam is a life-turner songs with lot of emphasis on the lyrics, in place with the character's situation in the movie.

With such songs, one can always look up to some motivation from the Superstar. In one or the other, when we are feeling low, these songs do pump in some energy within each of us. As we at wish the Superstar jointly a happy birthday, tune in to these songs.

Cherishing 'Puncham' Hits

Popularly known as 'Puncham' in the industry, R.D.Burman is one of the most inexhaustible music directors in the Indian music industry. What could one expect out of the prodigy who composed his tracks for the movie 'Fantoosh' when he was just nine years old. Here we present the best of R.D.Burman that still continue to resonate in our ears.

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Even with very few techniques available during those times, R.D.Burman went ahead in producing new sounds.  'O Manjhi Re' is a classic example from the movie 'Khushboo', where he used  bottles with water filled at different levels to create a sound of the thin air. 'Dum Maro Dum' in Asha Bhonsle's voice still continues to echo everywhere. Same is the case with 'Aaja Aaja'from Teesri Manzil. 'Raina Beeti Jaye', a classical rendition in Lata Mangeshkar's voice is still one of his best works, from the movie Amar Prem.

For many, 'Aaja piya tohe' from Baharon Ke Sapneis a personal favourite. The movie Aandhi ofcourse showed two different tones in various songs in the same movie which is laudable. Be it 'Tere Bina Zindagi' which portrays tenderness in a swaying manner and 'Is mod se jaate hain' on the other hand portraying the 'light moments'. 'Chura liya hai tumne'  by Asha Bhonsle yet again captured the hearts of many. 'Piya Bawri' from Khubsoorat is yet again an Asha- Burman hit.

Coming out of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle, one wonderful song by Kavita Krishnamoorthy for Burman was 'Pyar hua Chupke Se' from 1942 love story.

The man has no boundaries and his compositions have been heard in many languages. Thanks to Burman's creativity, the industry got acclaimed at International levels too. Burman who passed away in 1994 , still holds a strong place in each of our hearts for his cherishing tunes.