Saturday, April 12, 2014


Don’t we all have a liking for something in our life? Don’t we all wish for something that we like? This kind of emotion is human and all of us go through at one point or the other. This in Tamil may be called ‘Aasai padardhu’. Having an ‘aasai’ for someone, something etc is very common and the word has been used many a times in many Tamil songs. Here is a brief look into some songs that have the word ‘aasai’ in them.

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One melodious number that quickly comes to anyone’s mind is the song ‘Aasai Aasaiipoyuthu peraasai’ from the movie ‘Dhool’ starring Vikram and Jothika for which Vidyasagar set the tune. Another unforgettable number is the song ‘Aasaiyakaathula thoodhu vittu’. The song not only became popular for the catchy rhythm pattern but also for the wonderful visuals from the movie Johnny. With the music composed by Illaiyaraja, the song was sung by S.P.Shailaja.

Aasaiyealaipola’ from the movie Thai pirandhal vazhi pirakum is an interesting listen considering the amount of philosophical thought that has gone in penning down the lyrics; thanks to Kaviyarasu Kannadasan.

The new generation would ofcourse be able to relate better to this song considering we have grown up listening to A.R.Rahman. Yes, if ‘Chinna china Aasai’ crossed your mind, you hit a bingo! This song from the movie Roja became extremely famous; the simple song structure does have something catchy about it. The lyrics undoubtedly also seemed pretty easy for any music lover to keep humming.

Well if there are some small wishes, they are also of hundred kinds, isn’t it? And which song fits this thought perfectly? Isn’t it the song ‘Aasai nooru vagai’ from the movie Adutha Varisu. Yet another song bringing out some harsh reality, the song ofcourse is a fun listen too.

Its Drive Time-Melodies For The Road!

If we all notice keenly, car’s have always been used to convey a racy theme or even as a wonderful location to bring out the closeness of two lovers.

The first song any person belonging to this generation would associate with is ‘Ennaikonjam maatri’ from Kaakha Kaakha. The beautiful chemistry unspoken in picturized in their car journey. Thanks to the jeep trend, we also saw a similar love chemistry happen in the song ‘Odo Odo Ododi Pore’n from the movie Kanden kaathalai starring bharath and Tamannah.

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PudhukottaiSaravana from the movie titled the same has the song where see Dhanush and Aparna Nair travelling throughout in a car. Not only these songs bring out the variety cars but ofcourse the variety of locations too. One song to prove this is ‘Poi Solla Poren’ from Thiruttupayale where we see the actors on an open top BMW car and that too in Australia!!

Thanks to the fast vehicle that it is, a car as a means of transport is always used for racy title songs too. One such song is ‘Arjunar Villu, Harichandran Sollu’ from Gilli. Likewise in the movie Bheema we see all the actors on a shooting spree in the song ‘Oru mugamo,iru mugamo’.

When it comes to friendship also a car of a higher end is prefereed and that is exactly what we see in Saroja ‘Dosth bada dosth’ an SUV made to look like a van, making their journey together a memorable one.

Thus a car in a song sequence has also portrayed its significance,be it a chase or a romantic duet. Imagine these songs without a car? Wonder how they would look to the audience?