Monday, August 11, 2014

Is Aamir Khan A Brand Ambassador Of Liquor?

After facing a lot of criticism for his nude poster, Aamir Khan is once again under threat for promoting liquor and being termed as a brand ambassador of liquor. 

According to recent reports Aamir Khan’s latest movie poster PK introduces a unique - first of its kind talking standee poster, which is becoming a hot favorite for wine shop owners. Wonder why? 

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Well in the movie PK Aamir Khan plays the role of rural drunkard. Hence the wine shop owners are placing the PK standee in front of their wine shops claiming it is ideal for attracting more customers. 

Right wing thinking people are utterly angry with Aamir Khan and have framed him for promoting liquor. A mother of two condemning Aamir Khan’s poster in Mumbai said, “ Ironically Aamir Khan in his TV show Satyamev Jayate has been propagating many social issues and attacking the evils of society, one among them has been prohibiting liquor and now he himself has become a brand ambassador for promoting liquor.” 

Another right wing activist said, “An actor of the caliber of Aamir Khan must not bend so low. His poster is distasteful and against Indian culture. It creates a wrong impression in the minds of families and youngsters who consider him an icon.” 

In addition in Mumbai Congress legislator Krishna Hegde taking moral step dressed up Aamir Khan’s nude PK poster amidst huge crowds, which applauded his action.

Suniel Shetty’s Raise From Wooden Actor To Actor Par Excellence

From BALWAAN to DHADKAN to BORDER to REFUGEE to HERA PHERI to MAIN HOON NA to RED ALERT: THE WAR WITHIN, Suniel Shetty has grown as an actor from strength to strength gradually but steadily. Suniel Shetty celebrates his 53rd birthday today; Raaga.Com wishes him birthday wishes and a successful future. 

Beginning his career as an action hero in BALWAAN, Suniel Shetty had to face much criticism as an actor. The critics wrote him off as a wooden actor but Anna, Suniel Shetty fondly called by in the industry took the criticism in positive stride and kept his cool. He kept learning from his mistake and in the process learnt the nuance of acting. 

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He first got the confidence that he could act was when eminent filmmaker J P Dutta signed him in his movie BORDER. It was a different role that was emotional and away from the run of the mill action roles that Shetty had been doing. The role was small but had depth. Shetty took the role to his heart and worked very hard. 

Recalling the role, Shetty says, “I played a BSF officer. Being an intense patriotic I did the role with full intensity. BORDER was a hit and what’s more critics who had written me off as a wooden actor wrote rims praising my powerhouse performance. To add cherry to cake I even won my first Filmfare Nomination as supporting actor.” 

After the success of BORDER, distinguished filmmaker Gulzar, known for making critically acclaimed realistic movies, showed trust in Suniel Shetty’s histrionics and casted him in his movie HU TU TU. Shetty admits, “When Gulzar Sahib casted me in HU TU TU, I couldn’t believe that I was working with Indian Cinema’s legendary filmmaker. It was working with Gulzarji that I really learnt the nuance of acting, which I later capitalist when I got Dharmesh Darshan’s movie DHADKAN.” 

DHADKAN was the first movie in which Suniel Shetty fetched his much deserved Filmfare Award as Best Villain Award. After this there was no looking back and Shetty did a verity of roles ranging from tragedy to comedy to villainy. 

In fact in Ananth Mahadevan directed movie RED ALERT: THE WAR WITHIN, Suniel Shetty went on to win the international South Asian International Film Festival Award for Best Actor, thus proving that he is actor par excellence!