Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Filmmaker R. Balki believes in entertaining films over Oscar Awards

Oscar Awards for Indians have remain a tasteless event ever since 1957 when eminent filmmaker Mehboob Khan’s MOTHER INDIA was declined the honour to Mani Ratnam's Kamal Haasan starrer NAYAKAN to Amir Khan’s masterpiece LAGAAN, for which Aamir Khan made all out attempt to grab the golden statue, but in vain. Nevertheless the obsession for Oscar Awards among the Indian film industry never ceases. 

Lambasting the craze for Oscar awards filmmaker R. Balki, said, “I fail to understand why Oscar Awards are our benchmark for excellence when the truth is that the jury at Oscar hardly understands the quality of movies we make.” He added, “The benchmark of our filmmakers must be movies that entertain their audiences with good content, rather than constantly trying to vie for the Academy Awards.

Citing example of Manmohan Desai’s all time masala hit AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY, he said, “Why can’t filmmakers’ make movies like AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY which entertained us phenomenally. Frankly saying I would rather not have one Oscar, and instead have five ‘AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY’ movies.” 

R. Balki who is from Advt World is quite aware about the importance of grabbing consumer’s pulse. Till date he has made two films CHEENI KUM and PAA and both had ample dose of entertainment despite tackling a serious subject. 

His recent release Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush starrer SHAMITABH too is an offbeat film. R. Balki says, “SHAMITABH is based on an emotional tale of a struggling actor, who is marred by destiny as he is mute. How an alcoholic and failed actor reviews his dream to become an actor has been entertaining presented. I believe in entertaining films over Oscar!”

Amitabh Bachchan takes over Aamir Khan in Marketing

There’s no doubt that Star of Millennium Amitabh Bachchan is a better actor than Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan but when it comes to marketing a movie than surely Aamir Khan has an upper hand. 

Aamir Khan is truly the King of marketing. His style of promoting his films has always been unique. The promotion of his latest film PK is a pointer because the promotion of the film not only created flutters and controversy but set the box office ringing! 

However this time Mr. Bachchan has turned the tables as he has chosen an out of the box idea to promote his latest flick SHAMITABH which may leave even Mr. Perfection dumbfounded!

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Well, in a First of Its kind of marketing strategy ever used for promotion of a film, Amitabh Bachchan has tied up with The ICC (International Cricket Council) World Cup 2015 and will be giving LIVE commentary for the most anticipated India-Pakistan cricket World Cup game in Adelaide as part of a promotional activity for his upcoming film SHAMITABH! 

Big B's commentary is part of a promotion for his upcoming film SHAMITABH because Big B’s voice plays a vital role and is the key element of the film. Hence Bachchan has decided to do commentary for the much awaited India-Pakistan match. This interesting promotional strategy has been planned by Star Sports and the makers of the upcoming film SHAMITABH.

This is Amitabh Bachchan’s debut in commentary of a game, though in films he is the ‘Uncrowned King of Commentary’. He holds the distinction of doing commentary in umpteen movies and his background commentary is regarded as an added advantage to a movie. He charges an exorbitant amount to lend his voice for commentary. 

What’s more he holds the distinction for doing commentary for eminent Oscar Winner Indian film legend Satyajit Ray in his only Hindi film SHATRANJ KE KHILARI. And that’s not all when Aamir Khan made his film LAGAAN, he hired Bachchan’s golden baritone for background commentary!