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Rajendra Krishan - The Lyricist Who Paid Best Tribute To ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ - PART I

Do you remember the super hit songs like the romantic number Man doley mera tan doley...(NAGIN) or the comedy song Ek Chatur Naar Karke Shringaar…(PADOSAN) or Tumhi mere mandir, tumhi meri poojo….(KHANDAN), the chartbuster Are Rafta Rafta Dekho Aankh Meri Ladi Hai… (KAHAANI KISMAT KI). Wanna know who has written these hit lyrics? 

Well few may know that these songs were penned by the great lyricist Rajendra Krishan, who wrote lyrics in many movies with eminent music directors like Shankar-Jaikishan, Madan Mohan, Hemant Kumar, Sachin Dev Burman, Rahul Dev Burman, Salil Chowdhury, and Laxmikant-Pyarelal but tragically he is a forgotten legend. 

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June 6, marks the birth anniversary of Rajendra Krishan, who is best remembered for penning the best tribute on our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. The soul stringing lyric Suno suno ai duniya waalon, bapu ki yeh amar kahani... still makes our eyes moist. 

Raaga.Com remembers this veteran lyricist and enlightens readers about his immense contribution to Indian cinema and unveils the mystery behind the song…. 

Suno suno ai duniya waalon, bapu ki yeh amar kahani...

The younger generation may have not heard about the soulful appeal sung by Mohammed Rafi and composed by music director Husnlal Bhagatram but the senior generation must have surely heard this song that was a regular feature on All India Radio at each death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Few know why the song was conceived and who wrote and composed the song. Now readers are aware about the lyricist and music director but still the mystery hound why the song was written. Of Course the song was written to pay homage to the great soul but more than tribute it was written to stop the fanatical violence that erupted after the death of Gandhiji, the apostle of peace, who was murdered by a fundamentalist. As a result there was large scale violence throughout India. To curb this violence the film industry decided to make a song that made an appeal to Hindu and Muslim to condemn violence and stay united. The following lines from the song did wonders to unite the Hindus and Muslim and brought peace in India. Carefully read the philosophical lines ….

Hindu Muslim Ke Seenon Mein Phir Bhadaki Nafrat Ki Jwaala,

Jisko Dekh Ke Dukhi Huva, Quraan Aur Geeta Ka Rakhwala,

Nawakhali Mein Khoon Ki Holi Haivanon Ne Kheli,

Daya Ki Murat Bapu Se Yeh Peeda Gayi Na Jheli,

Tan Pe Langoti Haath Mein Danda Hoton Pe Thi Prem Ki Baani,

Nagar Nagar Paidal Phirtha Tha Assi Saal Ka Buudha Praani,

Suno Suno Ay Duniya Walon Bapu Ki Yeh Amar Kahani...

(Hindu and Muslim killed each other in hatred,

Watching this, Bapu was who defended both Quran and Geeta was pained, 

There was violence everywhere and bloodshed, 

Bapu, who was apostle of peace, could not see this painful sight, 

Dressed half naked and a stick in hand 

80 year old Bapu used to wander by foot appealing for peace

Listen Listen o people of world this is the immortal tale of Bapu) ) 

NOTE: In our next issue read about Rajendra Krishna’s debut in films and his relation with AVM Production

War Among Directors To Give Shah Rukh A Novel Look!

ShahRukh Khan has been known for working on his makeup meticulously like the legendary actors Sanjeev Kumar or South sensation Kamal Hassan did. The makeup enlivens the character and gives an added advantage to the actor. Who can forget the nine different roles that Sanjeev Kumar performed in the movie NAYADIN NAYE RAAT, which was earlier splendidly portrayed by Sivaji Ganesan in the original movie NAVARATHRI (TELUGU) or Kamal Hassan in DASAVATHARAM (Tamil).

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Likewise Shah Rukh chooses his makeup very carefully; remember his deadly knotty string hairy look in DON 2 or his matured look in CHAK DE INDIA! Or the simple common man in RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

For SRK’s forthcoming movies RAEES and FAN there is a war among directors to give a look never attempted before.

According to sources for RAEES in which SRK plays the role of a don dealing in the illicit trade of bootlegging, the director Rahul Dholakia is trying to give a vicious look. As his character has grey shades hence a lot of time and money is being spent on his looks. Foreign make artist have been flown in to give him a novel look.  

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The movie is produced by Farhan Akhtar, who interestingly also portrays a pivotal role of a policeman on hunt to track Shah Rukh. The movie is set in the backdrop of Gujarat and exposes the illegitimate trade of alcohol. RAEES is a hard hitting subject. It’s believed initially the movie was too realistic, later the script was re written and some commercial masala was added to make it commercially viable.

Besides RAEES, Maneesh Sharma and producer Aditya Chopra who are making FAN wish to surprise the viewers with SRK’s look. According to reports Aditya Chopra has hired internationally acclaimed make artist Greg Cannom to give SRK a look that will stun the viewers.

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Maneesh Sharma briefing the media confessed that they are planning to give SRK a look that has never been attempted before which shall be revealed only at the First Look of the film.

It may be noted Greg Cannom has to his credits three Oscars for THE CURIOUS CASE of Benjamin Button, MRS. DOUBTFIRE and DRACULA. In addition he has the reputation of being nominated for nine Academy Awards 

On Jiah Khan’s Death Anniversary Her Mother Continues Her Battle To Seek Justice

The first death anniversary of New York born Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, who rose to fame with Ram Gopal Verma’s bold movie NISHABD opposite superstar AmitabhBachchan was commemorated by holding a memorial service at Chelsea Town Hall in London. It was attended by her mother Rabiyya, family and friends. Last year the bold and beautiful actress had committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling at her Mumbai residence due to her futile relation with her boy friend Suraj Pancholi, son of famous actor Aditya Pancholi

Besides memorial service her loving mother had also posted a music video on internet for her fans that was composed and sung by Jiah herself. Ironically the song ‘Life of the Party', is full of energy and positivity for living.

 The video posted by mother urged the viewers to post their comment because she wants to prove to the world that her daughter was full of life but she took the drastic step after being traumatized by her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi, whom she alleges to be a murderer.

Though the Mumbai police have dismissed Jiah Khan’s death as a case of suicide but her mother is undeterred. She is fighting the case single handedly because she asserts there are ample proofs that point suspicious finger towards Suraj Pancholi to having murdered her. In an interview her mother claims to have found a letter from her daughter’s bedroom, written by Jiah Khan in her own hand writing that laments about the emotional ordeals that she underwent at the hands of Suraj Pancholi.

Further she alleges that the forensic reports too have reported of discovering tiny portions of human flesh under the finger nails of Jiah Khan, which  evidently proves  that before death she had had been engaged in a scuffle with Suraj Pancholi. Hence she is convinced that her daughter had not committed suicide but was brutally murdered.

Peeved at the justice of India, it is reported she has approached the British police to investigate her daughter's death. According to television report she has written to Foreign Secretary William Hague to seek her justice and bring the culprit to book.