Thai Special

Havent we all heard the phrase ' Thai Porandhal Vazhi porakkum'. With the pongal festivities having begun in most of the places, there is much to ask for in thai. Well yes we are talking about songs that is one way or the other related to the thai/pongal. Tune in and celebrate the festive mood.

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Talking about Thai, how can we forget the movie, Thai porandhal vazhi porakkum which released in the year 1958. If one song has to be called a hit from the movie then that would ofcourse be 'Asaiye alai pole'. 'Thai pongal' another classic released in the year 1980 can also be counted as one of the famous one's keeping in mind the significance of Thai and Pongal. It is important to mention here that actress Radhika shot to fame with this movie.

Ofcourse witht the mention of Pongal, many songs strike us. One classy song would be 'Thai pongalum pongudhu' from the movie Mahanadi starring Kamalhassan. Varusham 16 with khushboo in highlight was another famous movie which released in the year 1989. In this movie , Poo pookum maasam is worth remembering in terms of 'Pongal significance'.

Wouldn't be incomplete if we don't mention Pongal songs that our Superstar has contributed? Has something significant struck you? We are talking about the famous 'Podhuvaaga en manasu thangam', which brings out the importance of Jallikattu, a important tradition associated with Pongal. Talking about the Superstar, one cant forget the composition by Illayaraja for the movie Thalapathy where' Margazhi than odipochu' signifies the beginning of Thai. Moreover, the visuals of this song particularly gives a beautiful idea of hai and pongal.

Ofcourse with Jilla releasing this Pongal, one can also get back to the Vijay hit  'Pokkiri pongal' which yet again portrays 'Pongal' in a grand manner. wishes one and all a very happy pongal.