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Legend Madan Mohan’s Untold Tales - Part II

In our last issue we read how young Madan Mohan had a penchant for music. This obsession for music concreted further when Madan’s family for a brief spell moved from Iraq to Chakwal, a small village in Pakistan, where Madan was exposed to the fine nuance of music through his grandfather Hakim Yograj and his younger brother, Prakash who discussed in detail about music compositions such as ragas and taals. Further Madan’s mother was a poet and an ardent lover of music. All these had a mystical effect on the young Madan and by the age of seven Madan began singing bhajans and kirtans at religious gatherings and community functions. Soon he began to be regarded as a singing prodigy. 

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Since Chakwal did not had good educational facilities Madan’s father moved to Mumbai and became a partner at Bombay Talkies with Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani its owners. 

To quench Madan’s thirst for music his father brought him a radio and within days young Madan was adept at tuning the radio. He would listen to songs with utmost attention and at a tender age was able to grasp ragas and taals, however, complicated and reproduce them with amazing skills. His talent for music was even appreciated by AIR (All India Radio) and he became a regular child singer at AIR. 

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On one hand Madan excelled in music; on the other hand he was doing brilliantly at studies too. He completed his Senior Cambridge Examination from Bombay's St. Mary's High School and wished to plunge into films but his father had other plans. He wished Madan to join Army and serve the nation. Hence Madan was given admission in Colonel Brown's Military High School, Dehradun much against his wishes. Being an obedient son, Madan completed his training in military and joined army in 1943 and was stationed in Bangalore for nearly two years.

Madan was just 19 years when he joined army. As he was an avid lover of music and a good singer, hence he soon became popular among the army mess and entertained jawans by not just singing popular movie songs but used to even organize musical programme to entertain the jawans, who applauded and danced to his music, thus forgetting their woes and pains. 

Madan Mohan’s stint in army was brief as soon after World War II ended in 1945, Madan Mohan quit Army and joined A.I.R. as programme assistant at the Lucknow broadcasting station. Thus giving shape to his dream to become a music director one day. 

NOTE: In our next issue read Madan Mohan’s journey from A.I.R. to Bollywood.


Our k-Town has a brilliant set of actors, don’t we feel proud about it? Apart from all that they do – singing, dancing, stunts, romance, etc. , on screen they also assume the role of a father in real life. Today we take a look at the current hot and top heroes of tamil film industry who also assume the role of a macho father outside their reel life.

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Choclate boy Maddy ofcourse tops the list considering he is one of the most preferred man amongst the ladies! Maddy has a son called vedanth and he married his sweetheart Saritha even before Alaipayuthey was released. But ofcourse as a father, Maddy does his best to keep up with his son Vedanth in so many ways. Quickly listen to Maddy’s song from his first movie here – Alaipayuthey

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Well the next preferred daddy in town is our very own Surya. Father of two, it is admirable that Surya manages both his career and family life really well. When Diya was born we all definitely loved the cute pictures that kept coming our way.Surya’s son’s name is Dev who turned four recently. Surya was roped in for his first film being – Nerukku Ner

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One silent character by nature but a kickass daddy just like in his films is ofcourse Ilaiyathalaipathy Vijay. Vijay although a father of two kids, is extremely fit for his age and we can’t deny. A wonderful dancer, singer, fighter, comedian that he is, this kickass daddy is so adorable right? Tune in to songs from Vijay’s first breakthrough movie here – Poove Unnakaaga

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Our ultimate star is no less as a daddy! Who does not want a macho racer as a daddy? And well we must say that Anoushka has a wonderful dad who cares a lot about the society too. Ajith ofcourse was recently witnessed in the movie Veeram and stole the hearts of many. But ofcourse who can forget his wonderful stint in his first breakthrough – Amaravathi

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Well a recent entrant as an actor compared to the other daddy’s in town is Dhanush, who as an actor made a huge impact with the masses. His luck took him somewhere making him Aishwarya Dhanush’s husband! Dhanush has two wonderful sons – Yatra and Linga. Dhanush was first seen in the movie -Thulluvadho Illamai

Vijayashanthi, The ‘Lady Superstar Of South Cinema’ Turns 50

Vijayashanthi, the ‘Lady Superstar of South Cinema’ turns 50 today. Raaga.Com wishes her birthday greetings and takes a peek into her illustrious journey in cinema when she ruled the South film industry in the 80’s and 90’s in different avatars be it tragic, glamour or action. 

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Her popularity reached to such zenith that she even became a household name in North belt thanks to her Bollywood hits like TEJASVANI and EESHWAR.

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Beginning her career as a heroine in Tamil film KALLUKKUL EERAM in 1980 she soon graduated to a star actress after her Telugu movie NETI BHARATHAM (1983) proved super hit. After this movie she became one of the few actresses to play leading heroine oriented movies like KARTAVYAM, in which she played the daring lady police officer. The role was inspired from the real life lady cop Kiran Bedi and fetched Vijayashanthi National Film Award from Indian Government and an Andhra Pradesh State award for best actress. Further her role in OSEY RAMULAMMA (Telugu) about a courageous rebellious woman in Telangana region made her popular as Ramulamma among the people. 

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In the mid 80’s she proved her histrionics as a glamour girl and became an instant craze among movie buffs. A row of hits followed. Movies like CHALLENGE, DESODHDHAARAKUDU, PASIVADI PRANAM, MUDDULA KRISHNAIAH, AGNI PARVATAM, YAMUDIKI MOGUDU, ATHAKU YAMUDU AMMAYIKI MOGUDU, MUDDULA MAVAYYA, GANG LEADER and last but not the least MONDI MOGUDU PENKI PELLAM made her the number one actress and she became the highest paid actress. Readers would be stunned to know that she charged Rs. 1 Crore for a movie in the 90’s when other actress charged around 10 to 20 lakh! 

Her popularity became so intense that the media labeled her as the Amitabh Bachchan of Southern film industry.