Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sahir Ludhianvi Lives On Stage In A Play ‘Parchhayiyaan’

Eminent poet and lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi, was truly one of the most gifted poets Indian Cinema has ever witnessed. The greatness of Sahir, as a poet, lies in his mastery over vocabulary. Unlike other contemporary poets of his era, Sahir’s language was his command because it could be easily understood even by the layman.

Be it a romantic song (Kabhi kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayaal…); a political satire (Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kaha hai….); , genuine grief (Woh subah kabhi toh aayegi….) or a blunt rage (Yeh mahalon yeh takhton…), Sahir expressed every emotion in powerful words that made him the people’s poet and also one of the most favorite and the highest paid lyricists of Bollywood

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His popularity does not end here, even 34 years after his demise on October 25, 1980; Sahir continues to live among his fans in a play aptly titled Parchhayiyaan - A tribute to Sahir Ludhianvi. Written and directed by Suhail Akhtar Warsi’s the play is attracting Sahir Ludhianvi admirers in India.

The 90 minutes takes the audiences through Ludhianvi’s life - from a difficult childhood, using that melancholy to turn into a poet, to a tumultuous love life, being a part of the Progressive Writers Movement and his grand success as a lyricist in Bollywood

Tom Alter better recognized as the Bollywood’s only actor to perform most Englishman role in Bollywood movies like KRANTI, KARMA, SHATRANJ KE KHILARI etc. re-lives Sahir on stage. Though Tom Alter played Englishman roles but few know that he has a mastery over Urdu language hence Suhail Akhtar Warsi zeroed upon him. 

Suhail Akhtar Warsi says, “My first choice for the role was Farooq Sheikh. Since Sheikh wasn’t comfortable with a lot of poetry, the role went to Alter. But I must confess Alter has added strength and energy to the character.” 

Alter applauding the play said, “The play brings to the stage the life and times of a man who lived large and wrote some of the finest lyrics the Hindi film industry has heard. I am very lucky I got the opportunity to do the role. However my only regret is that I could never really get a chance to meet Ludhianvi.”

Farha Khan Enlivens Manmohan Desai In HAPPY NEW YEAR

Shah Rukh Khan’s much anticipated HAPPY NEW YEAR has opened to a mixed response. While some critics credited it as a masala flick packed with entertainment minus ideology others have booted it out as a below average film. Nevertheless the movie opened to 95-100 per cent occupancy with SRK fans going gaga over the film. 

A film enthusiastic tweeted “HAPPY NEW YEAR is a good watch....loved the film!! Storyline is shallow but @TheFarahKhan managed to make it a complete entertainer.”

According to a famous Bollywood trade magazine from Mumbai, “The movie has garnered Rs 40 crores on its first day at the box office. The magazine added, “The movie is bound to create new record in terms of business looking at the festive crowds and the weekend.” 

Farha Khan, the captain of the ship, who has directed her third film with SRK apart from MAIN HOON NA and OM SHANTI OM seems highly influenced, particularly for HAPPY NEW YEAR from Manmohan Desai, the Ustaad of ‘Masala Flick. Like Desai’s umpteen film having nonsensical stuff with no logic or sense HAPPY NEW YEAR too follows the lines of Manmohan Desai and it seems once again Desai’s formula has succeeded. 

Ashish Saksena, COO Big Cinemas said, HAPPY NEW YEAR has taken a cracker of an opening. The fact that it's the solo release of the week has added to the fun. This could well be the film that will take the highest opening ever." 

For the younger generation, who may not know about Manmohan Desai than let me inform that Manmohan Desai is regarded as Bollywood’s Numero Uno commercial filmmaker. He was the first filmmaker to bring out Amitabh Bachchan from his Angry Young Man’s action image and experiment with comedy in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY. 

Later along with Amiatbh Bachchan he gave several blockbusters like SUHAAG, NASEEB, COOLIE, MARD etc. Many a times Amitabh Bachchan would laugh at the weird situations that Manji would create in his films but Manmohan Desai would ask him to silently follow and Manji would have the last laugh because he knew the pulse of the cinegoers.