Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover to shoot a film song at Prince Charles’s Dumfries House!!!

Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover better recognized as ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood for his various villainous roles has found an admirer in no less than the Prince of Wales. 

Prince Charles, known for his attraction for Bollywood recently met Gulshan Grover and was so impressed by the actor Prince Charles agreed to allow Dumfries House to be used for a spectacular song-and-dance routine in a Bollywood movie.

Dumfries House is one of Britain's most beautiful stately homes. Set in 2,000 acres of land, this stunning estate and 18th-Century house with its unrivalled collection of original furniture has something for everyone.

Elated at the opportunity to shoot in the royal mansion, Gulshan Gover said, “I was really amazed at the royal estate in Dumfries and requested Prince Charles to make it available for a Bollywood film.

“Being the gentleman that he is, he agreed in principle to let it happen. I am hoping to return to shoot for a movie, or at least all the dancing song sequence of my new film,” he added. 

According to close aids of the Royal family the Royal Family generally is reluctant to allow filming in its residences, but Prince Charles is known to enjoy rubbing shoulders with show business stars. If readers may remember recently this year in February Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, rubbed shoulders with celebrities, Bollywood stars and X Factor judges at a gala dinner for the British Asian Trust. Charles joked with Indian actress Rani Mukerji, who glittered in a stunning gold sari.

OMG! Music director AR Rahman accused for committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad!!

Mozart of Madras and Oscar award winner AR Rahman is in deep trouble because a Mumbai-based Sunni Muslims' group, Raza Academy has issued Fatwa against him for scoring background music in Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s film MUHAMMAD: MESSENGER OF GOD. The fatwa has been issued by Muhammad Akhtar – the Chief Mufti of Mumbai

The fundamentalist Muslim organization has allegedly charged both music composer AR Rahman and filmmaker Majid Majidi of committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad and demanded the duo to purify of their sin by reciting the sacred kalma and solemnise their marriage once again! 

It may be noted Raza Academy has even sent a notice to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh urging them to ban the movie in India.

Mohammed Saeed Noori, founder secretary of the Raza Academy briefing media about their outrage against the movie said, “The movie violates the basic tenets of Islam because according to Islam Prophet Muhammad's visual or picture cannot be reproduced. Secondly, photography isn't allowed in Islam.” 

He added, “The other thing that we object is the film’s title that has our Prophet’s name. In case cine buffs do not like the film they may criticize the movie by its name thus inertly insulting the Prophet.” 

The organization has also raised eye brows for casting non-Muslims in the lead roles allegedly how can actors, who have dubious character in real life, play such pious characters of Islam. 

The Raza Academy has also sought ‘legal action’ against composer AR Rahman as he has hurt the sentiments of Indian Muslims by composing the music in the film. 

It may be noted that the filmmaker Majid Majidi has the honor of having been nominated for the foreign-language film Oscar Award for 1997’s “The Children of Heaven.

According to reports the film Muhammad: The Messenger of God is Iran’s most expensive film to date and boosts of big names of International Cinema like lenser Vittorio Storaro and composer A.R. Rahman, as well as craft departments bristling with foreign technicians.