Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aditya Chopra Losses Battle With CBFC

Filmmaker Aditya Chopra has lost his battle with Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC). Despite Aditya Chopra fighting tooth and nail to get a U/A certificate for his latest Rani Mukerjee starrer MARDAANI, the Censor Board have not be moved and his movie will now be released with A certificate. 

Regretting over the A certificate Aditya Chopra lamented, “The movie is a hard hitting comment on the rise of rape and such crime targeted among innocent girls in the vulnerable age of 12 and above. Hence we strongly felt that the movie should be allowed to be watch by children above 12 and above.” 

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It may be noted that the censor board has been harsh on the movie particularly because of excessive violence, brutality and offensive dialogue. The movie has a nasty dialogue in the movie which made every member of the censor boards stunned. A politician in the movie utters, “Mera shauq rape hai.” (My hobby is rape). However defending the dialogue Mr.Chopra argued that the dialogue depicts the culpable side of human trafficking hence he has used the foulest language to portray its cruelty. But the censor board stuck to their stand. 

In addition the movie has a chilling scene depicting blood oozing down the thighs of a teenage girl. In defence Mr. Chopra challenged that what he has shown in the scene is a brutal reality of the sight when a tender aged girl is ravaged. However all arguments and challenges of Mr. Chopra were in vain as the merciless censor board did not budge. 

It may be noted that Yash Raj Films’ who till date had the reputation of producing U certificate movies will be first time getting a movie with A certificate. 

It’s an irony while the Censor Board continues to be under scanner of CBI for its CEO Rakesh Kumar and other under graft charges, eminent filmmakers like Adity Chopra have to face the burnt.

Aamir Khan’s PK Story ‘REVEALED’!

The cat is out of the bag! According to a leading daily the story of Aamir Khan’s most anticipated movie PK has been leaked out and so also the secret why Aamir khan is seen nude in the poster of the movie!! 

According to a reliable source Aamir Khan plays an Alien in the movie, who is tired of malice, violence and vices on his planet hence he comes on earth in search of God so that he can learn how to save his own planet. 

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However he is left dumbfounded observing similar illiteracy and blind faith among the people of earth and how god men have transformed religion into a business. In the name of spirituality the so called god men are exploiting the faith of the innocent devotees. Disappointed he returns to his own planet. 

Readers may recollect few months back a picture of Aamir Khan was leaked from the movie depicting Aamir Khan sporting a shirt and a cap. But the highlight of the picture was the necklaces and beads that he adorned of different god and Taveezes on his arms emphasizing his faith in god. 

In fact a source reveals the story of PK is very much similar to Paresh Rawail and Akshay Kumar recent hit OMG Oh My God!; that exposed the nation’s obsession with taweezes and tonsures, fasts and fasaads, the symbolic over the sensible, and conveyed the message - God is to be found in human beings. Since the movie released earlier hence PK had to re-written, but in nutshell, it has the same gist. 

In fact, the recent poster of the movie in which Aamir Khan is seen nude holding a transistor is a pointer towards Aamir Khan’s character, who being an alien, is unaware about modesty and dress sense. 

Further prior to the official release of PK poster, few stills and pictures of the movie PK were leaked out. A vigilant look reveals Aamir wearing a skirt over a coat in one of the pictures, clearly indicating that being stranger to the earth he is ignorant of clothes or the fact that there are men and women dress differently.