Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shabana Azmi launches website in memory of his father

Shabana Azmi unarguably Indian Cinema’s most dynamic and versatile actress in a unique homage to her loving father, the great poet Kaifi Azmi, launched a website dedicated to his work and memory.

The website is an audio-visual website with hosts of videos, poems, songs and gives an insight into the life of the late poet. Shabana Azmi in her tweet said, "Please check out official updated website of Kaifi Azmi,"

Entitled as `Kaifi Azmi: A Rebellious Poet`, the website is divided into five sections the legend, collection, tributes, Mijwan and press.

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The website is treasure for the younger generation who are not much aware of Kaifi Azmi and his milestone work. The legend section talks about the poet`s early life, achievements, his contribution to films and connection with Hyderabad.

Kaifi Azmi is the legendary poet who fought for India’s Independence movement through the might of his pen and was even jailed for his patriotism to, other India. Later he displayed his mastery in lyricism in Bollyood penning some of the most soul stringing lyrics like Tum itna jo muskara rahe ho, Kya gham hai jo chupa rahe ho … (ARTH) Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam... (KAAGAZ KE PHOOL); Ya dil ki suno duniyawalon...(ANUPAMA),Chalte chalte ... yuhin koi mil gaya tha (PAKEEZAH) and last but not the least the heart rendering patriotic number Kar chale hum fida jan-o-tan sathion, ab tumhare hawale watan sathio…(HAQEEQAT

Azmi was awarded the Padamshri for his contribution to Urdu poetry. He also received the Soviet Land Nehru award in 1975, Sahitya Akademi Award again in 1975, the Yuva Bhartiya Award, the Maharashtra Gauvrav Award and the Asian Writers Lotus Award. Garam Hawa based on the riots that followed the Partition bagged him the National Award and the Filmfare Award for the screenplay and dialogue.

Rajesh Khanna to blaze screen for the last time

There is good news for all the Rajesh Khanna’s fan because late superstar Rajesh Khanna’s last movie RIYASAT, in which the actor plays an underworld don, is slated to be released on the actor’s second death anniversary on 18 July, 2014.

According to reports the movie was originally supposed to be released on December 29, 2012 on the birthday of Rajesh Khanna’s daughter Twinkle Khanna, in the presence of Khanna but could not be released due to lack of distributors. However film director Ashok Tyagi run pillar to post to get the movie released on Rajesh Khanna’s first death anniversary last year. Yet again the attempts to release the movie proved futile.

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However thanks to the efforts of Anita Advani, former live-in companion of Rajesh Khanna and co-producer Diwaker Singhal, the movie is set to hit theatres on Khanna’s second death anniversary on July 18. 

Briefing the media co-producer Diwaker Singhal thanked Anita Advani for giving her full support after the actors near and dear ones deserted him giving various reason. He told media, “I had contacted Khanna’s wife, Dimple Kapadia, and son-in-law, Akshay Kumar, when the release date was decided roughly two weeks ago. But both backed out due to prior commitments. But I am obliged to Anita Advaniji who came forward without any excuse.” 

Anita Advani lamenting the absence of Rajesh Khanna’s family in promoting the actor’s last movie said, “I am doing my best to support the movie despite Kaka’s (Rajesh Khanna loving called) family showing little interest. I am grieved the family is not available when they are needed the most!” 

Directed by Ashok Tyagi, the movie also features Gauri Kulkarni, Aryan Vaid , Aryeman Ramsay and Raza Murad in key roles. Raza Murad, a close friend of the veteran actor, said, “Rajesh couldn`t walk up the stairs yet he never canceled a schedule. He was visibly ill yet he continued to report for work till the film wrapped up. Hence I think the movie must be released to solace Kaka’s soul. ”