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Yaadon Ke Jharokhon Se - KL Saigal: The Greatest Cared For The Least

This is a weekly column in which Raaga.Com will take readers into the interesting world of Music and reveal some exciting anecdotes and revive memories of Music legend from Bollywood.

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“Duniya mein abhi mausiki ka ayzaz hai baki, Saigal tu nahinto kya duniya mein abhi teri awaz hai baki.”

(The world still admires music, Saigal if you are no more, so what,Your voice is still alive in this world) 

Apt words from music maestro Naushad, who paid him befitting tribute on his death anniversary.

While volumes have been written about the golden baritone of Saigal, few know about his down-to-earth nature.

A close friend of Saigal narrated an interesting episode about the singer’s humble attitude. He informed, “Once it so happened that Saigal received an invitation from a country’s business tycoon to attend his son’s wedding ceremony. Besides gracing the function, the businessman was keen that the singer entertains the crowd with his majestic voice. For this, a cheque with a hefty amount was sent in advance along with the invitation.

Coincidentally, the same evening, one of Saigal’s servants approached him with his daughter’s wedding ceremony invitation and with folded hands requested him to grace the ceremony. It would have been a Catch-22 situation for anybody, but not for Saigal, who cared a damn for money, and gave top priority to humanity. Returning the cheque to the business tycoon, Saigal went to his servant’s wedding ceremony and made it memorable by singing through the night, as if it was the wedding of his own daughter and not of his servant’s!”

In yet another similar incident, Saigal was called upon as a ‘star attraction’ to promote Mehboob Khan’s film NAJMA, by giving a live performance at Mumbai’s Metro cinema during the interval. As scheduled, Saigal arrived and sang as per the demand of the elite audience seated in the ‘A’ class row. Suddenly Saigal heard a  voice from the back row of the upper stall, “Saigal Sahab, hum chavvani walon par bhi nazre-karam karen.” ( Saigal kindly pay attention to the demands of we four anna people also)

 Hearing this, Saigal immediately switched his attention to their demands, ignoring the rich.

Note: In those days chavvani or four anna ( 25 paise) was the lowest rate in cinema halls. 

K.L.Saigal Top 5 

Ennathan Pesuvatho - Imaan speaks gently with his tunes

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Over the years, D.Imman who has been a passable music composer has transformed as bankable one in the recent years. Though he was delivering at least foot tapping/alluring melodies over the years, it is the full fledged hit of an entire album was something missing from him. The last couple of years are truly amazing for him. He continues his blazing form with this album too.

1. Tholaivil irukum megam Listen here

Singer: Sriram Parthasarathy

This free flowing number carries various instruments to keep the rhythm. Imman makes the best of, Santoor, which is quite a value addition to this pacy melody. Sriram Parthasarathy sounds energetic & he builds up nice pace with the tune which unfolds in every section. A prolonged interlude with, Violins between 1.33-2.03 is worth mentioning.

2. Pennaga Pirathu Listen here

Singer(s): Harshdeep Kaur, Dhilip Varman

Roping Harshdeep Kaur to a carnatic number needs lot of courage. Imman has extracted the best of Harshdeep and ensured proper pronunciation. Penning inspirational numbers is nothing new to Na. Muthukuar. This time around he excels with verses like 'Vazhiyinil aayiram pallangal irundhum nadhi adhai kadakkiradhu.. innum konja dhooram parandhidu penne siragulal irukkiradhu'. Dhilip varman's mild voice suits the mood of the song.

3. Nenje Nenje Listen here

Singer: Harshdeep Kaur

Usually, same tune carries different lyrics to fulfill the need. But, Imman might have decided to deliver a full fledge Harshdeep version alone. She flourished all her emotions throughout to deliver a mind boggling number. Pick of the album.

4. Yaro Yaro Listen here

Singer: Vijay Prakash

The prelude of Piano promises a groovy number, but the tune goes awry. The tune and the composition are completely jaded. Barring the chorus which delivers the title of the movie 'Ennadhaan Pesuvadho' nothing works with this number.

5. Adada Adada Listen here

Singer: Aalap Raju

The cordial guitars & Aalap's vocal are very infectious. Imman tries a Latino fusion and succeeds to a great extent. The song expresses a lot of happiness via its lyrics & from the instruments. The flute part that comes at the end of the song is absolutely brilliant. Na. Muthukumar stands out once again with verses like, 'Illakkinai adaindhinda neruppunil kulithidu'.

6.Sabke Vinathi Listen here

Singer(s): Nivas & Vandhana Sriram

A very short prayer song rendered by, Nivas & Vandhana Sriram separately. Both have done good job to evoke a peaceful ambience with their vocals.

Pick(s) of the album - Adada Adada, Nenje Nenje


Madhuri, the ever gorgeous one ofcourse needs no introduction. All of us have come across all her songs in one way or the other. Even with her two children, she has successfully maintained shape and looks gorgeous as ever. Her recent movie ‘Gulaab Gang’ alongside Juhi Chawla was definitely well appreciated for the wonderful acting ofcourse the strong story line that commanded a lot of interest. This infact can be considered her second return after her initial comeback with ‘Aaja Nachle’ which yet again was a hit, thanks to her graceful dancing at every possible sequence. Moreover, the second comeback has done her good as she even bagged a role with Dedh Ishqiya. Her charm ofcourse was loved by many who watched the movie but still the movie did not really become a hit.

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A dancer par excellence as everyone knows, she is one of the most versatile dancer that any one has ever come across. Infact many of the young girls today ape to be a “madhuri’. Infact there was even a movie that was released titled ‘Mein Madhuri Dixit bana chahathi hoon’. Such is the craze – for her mature acting, her moves, her smile.

Madhuri was also seen as a judge for one of the popular dance shows in one of the Hindi channels, where she gave them a lot of valuable tips for their improvement.

Not many are aware that her fan following also comprises of ace artist M.F.Hussian who has made a lot of paintings on her. Infact he made a film as a tribute for her , comprising of all the painting he drew! Now isn’t that an amazing star power?

She has definitely walked her way up through it, in her initial days even working up to late three shifts and has definitely proved herself. We wish this wonderful lady a very happy birthday.

Appuchi Gramam - Beyond Functional Tunes

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Having started his career as an Independent composer, Vishal Chandrasekar made his mark with, Santosh Sivan's, Inam. He displayed a lot of promise with his, BGM, and now he is back with another exciting movie, a sci-fi thriller 'Appuchi Gramam' for Tamil audience. Here is one younger composer who goes beyond functional tunes.

1. En Karunchingama Listen here

Singer: Gaana Bala

A pulsating number to kick start the album. Gaana Bala lights up the mood with his unique tone & rhythm. The initial guitar portion and the interludes with Naadaswaram make this number a good listen.

2. En Kannu Kulla Listen here

Singer: Varun Vishwa

A pleasant westernized melody from the composer. Varun sings with so much panache, and utters the lyrics perfectly. Groovy orchestration. The flutes and mild beats from drums surrounding the entire tune give a winter feel to the tune. 'Vetkathukke vetkam varum.. un meni oru pournmai' is a catchy line from this wonderful tune.

3. Kee Keecharey Listen here

Singer: Sinduri Shyam Sundar

A curtain raiser sort of a festive mood song. The lead singer and chorus fit the bill perfectly. A trip to our hometown festivals is guaranteed with native instruments beeing used throughout the tune.

4. Or Nila Listen here

Singer(s): Prahalad Raghavendran, Sinduri Shyam Sundar

Tha. Kannan (Lyricist) deserves a special mention for this short & lovely tune.' Un nizhalum, en nizhalum seruvadhu oru sugam'... is a supreme imagination from, Kannan. This could be one of those tracks which composed for the lyrics, and not the other way round. Prahalad's ice cream like voice gels well with the mild composition. Wish the song could be bit longer.

5. Theme of Appuchi Listen here

Being promoted as a sci-fi thriller, the Theme track is aptly composed with violins and flute dominating the entire 150 seconds to retain the surprise factor.

Pick(s) of the album: En Kannu Kulla & Or nila.