Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kangana Ranaut: Dating is an easy proposition while marriage is an intricate relation

With two National Awards and three Filmfare Awards in her tow and a track record of not a single failure Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is truly the Numero Uno actress of Bollywood

“The only advantage that I have thanks to my successful films and awards is that I am in a position to select my movies as per my wish. Earlier I did not have many films but after the mega success of QUEEN the scenario is different,” said an elated Kangana Ranaut who is promoting her latest film TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS.

Speaking about TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS, Kangana informed, “The movie is a sequel of TANU WEDS MANU. The film is a story of a couple, who has been married for the last four years and is now on the verge of divorce due to misunderstanding and stress. It is a regular contemporary love story how love marriage slowly gets boring and how trouble starts brewing and comes to the verge of divorce.”

She added, “The interestingly aspect of the film is that for the first time I am playing a double role and my role of Kusum, who is a tomboy from rural Haryana has given me a great opportunity to explore my histrionics yet again. Though portraying this character was quit demanding as I have to learn Haryanvi language, yet I enjoyed a lot.” 

Speaking about her plans for marriage the 28 years actress candidly confessed, “I think dating is an easy proposition than marriage because marriage is an intricate relation.” 

“What is perplexing is that a couple marries after love affair but soon their marriage lands in divorce while on other hand we find our parents enjoying successful marriage,” she quipped.

Salman Khan’s Bail has sent a negative signal to Generation Next!!

“The British government divided India by creating ‘Caste Discrimination’ but the Modi Government has divided India by creating ‘Class Discrimination!”

This is the outcry of the common man who was left dumfounded on Friday morning when Salman Khan was given bail while the common man helplessly witnessed the Indian Judicial System’s disparity for the rich and the famous and the poor common man! 

Interestingly when hundreds of Salman Khan’s crazy fans rejoiced and distributed sweets outside the residence of Salman Khan in Mumbai, on Salman’s bail, there was one old lady in the crowd who was opposed to this bail and celebrations.

She held a placard that screamed - “The British government divided India by creating ‘Caste Discrimination’ but the Modi Government has divided India by creating ‘Class Discrimination!”

Targeting Prime Minster Narendra Modi for extending all the necessary prerequisites to help Salman Khan secure his bail she retorted, “Dear Prime Minister just by launching Swach Bharat Abhiyan and by cleaning streets is not enough. If you wish to have a united Indian then you must clean hearts!” 

On a serious note the old lady has a point to ponder because Mr. Prime Minister if there is prejudice among hearts and the country’s Judicial System discriminates between the ‘Class’ and the ‘Lower Class then how could the citizens expect Justice Prevails? 

Indu Prakash Singh, an activist who works for the underprivileged and the homeless at National Forum for Housing Rights (NFHR) condemning Salman Khna’s bail lambasted, "Why is it that always the rich are preferred all the time? And the poor pay for no crime committed by them, except their poverty. Do the poor have no claim to the city that they have made with their own sweat and labour?

Truly the government stooping so low to grand bail to Salman Khan has sent a very disturbing and negative signal to the common man and in particular to the Generation Next.

The Indian Judicial System has clearly drawn a line of discrimination by granting Special Treatment to Salman Khan! Thus exposing the bitter truth that with the strength of power and money the law can be turned into anybodies favor!!! 

Thus now the youngster (Generation Next) will be more fearless and reckless while driving because they have learnt a lesson with money and power law could be twisted!!!