Monday, October 6, 2014

Sholay’s Gabbar Singh Versus Jabbar Singh

Kitne Aadmi The… 

When Gabbar Singh roared this dialogue on screen the audience went crazy and the theatre echoed with claps and whistles. Thus the debutant actor Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh in SHOLAY (1975) became immortal and the most sought after star. But readers would be surprised to know that the famous and most successful character of Gabbar Singh was actually a stolen from 70’s earlier super hit film MERA GAON MERA DESH (1971), in which a similar character of a dreaded dacoit was called Jabbar Singh, and was immortalized by another upcoming dynamic actor Vinod Khanna

Salim Javed, the writer pair of SHOLAY were highly inspired by MERA GAON MERA DESH because the entire plot of SHOLAY was very alike. In SHOLAY a retired police officer police (Sanjeev Kumar) hires two goons (Amiatbh Bachchan and Dharmendra) to eliminate the menace of dacoit Gabbar Singh, in MERA GAON MERA DESH, a retired army man (Jayant) hires a goon (Dharmendra) to kill the dacoit Jabbar Singh. 

Incidentally readers would be surprised to know that Jayant, is actor Amjad Khan’s father but before the release of SHOLAY he died and could see the stardom of his son. 

Just as Gabbar Singh is the soul of SHOLAY and perhaps the best written character of a villain ever, likewise Jabbar Singh was the highlight of in MERA GAON MERA DESH and was exceptionally portrayed by Vinod Khanna

Till date it remains Vinod Khanna’s best performance, speaking about the role he once in an interview said, “I have great regards for my director Raj Khosla, who showed faith in me.” 

He informed, “Casting me in the role was a kind of coup and many confronted him that he was playing with fire by casting me in the role that was meant for professional villains like Pran, Ajit, Premnath etc but Raj Khosla was adamant and had full confidence in my credentials and ultimately he had the last laugh.” 

Today is actor Vinod Khanna’s birthday; Raaga.Com wishes him many happy returs of the day and a healthy life.

Salman Khan Available For Rs 85,000! Has The Actor Reduced His Prize?

Salman Khan is available for Rs 85,000 while Shah Rukh is priced Rs 75,000 and the third Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan comes for 60,000! Readers may wonder with Narendra Modi Raj, have the actors reduced their prize? 

Well, these are not the ongoing rates for highly sought after actors in Bollywood but the prices of highly sought after goats in Bakrid market on the occasion of Muslim festival Bakri Id. 

In fact for Muslims the festival of Bakrid isn’t just about sacrificing animals. It is a reaffirmation of their faith in Allah and Quran. The act of sacrificing an animal is symbolic of the animal in man (man's nature). So, when a Muslim slaughters, he is reminded of the necessity to eliminate that "animal nature" which he has within him. It actually signifies the sacrifice of the sacrificer himself, and becomes the outward symbol of his readiness to lay down his life in the cause of the Supreme Creator of the universe. However it is a tragedy the auspicious festival had became a symbol of pride, power and wealth. 

As a result Competition exists in the goat market too and sellers use marketing tools to push the sales. Hence sacrificial goats are given Bollywood star names like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. A goat trader confessed, “The name of Bollywood Khan attracts buyers and they sell like hot cake.” He informed, “ Last year fourteen-month-old Salman with black and white stripes weighing 180 Kg, was sold for 2.10 lakh at Bakra Mandi, while his "arch-rival", Shahrukh, with dropping ears and rounded horns weighing 120 Kg, was sold at 1.50 lakh. However this yaer the prizes have gone up tremendously!”