Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s salute to Sahir Ludhianvi; His next film a biopic on the legendary poet!

Despite stiff competition from Shah Rukh Khan’s DILWALE, Kudos to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for making a marvelous film BAJIRAO MASTANI. Though in terms of money Bhansali’s movie is little behind but in terms of quality it is way ahead! 

After the success of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali aspires to make another historical movie, though not a period film. The movie is based on the legendary Urdu poet and film lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and his unsuccessful love affair with his heartthrob Amrita Pritam. 

Briefing media Bhansali said, “I was left astounded on reading the script and have decided to produce the film. Sahir’s life, poetry and his love story is captivating and deserves to be told.“

He added, “In addition the film is my salute to Sahir sahab and my way of giving back to the cinema for his immense contribution.”

True Sahir’s contribution to Indian cinema is immense. He is perhaps the only poet in Indian cinema who even wrote hot romantic numbers that were never cheap but conveyed the seduction to the hilt. Remember the hit song from the movie IZZAT … Jaagi jaagi badan mein jwala saiyya tune kya kar daala…. 

He also dared to challenge the national song Sare Jeha Se Acha Hindustan Hamara… penned by Iqbal.

Peeved at the poverty, illiteracy and boundless inflation in the country after independence Sahir mocked at the lines of Sare Jeha Se Acha Hindustan Hamara…by countering the claim of Iqbal in his song from the film PHIR SUBHA HOGI…. 

Chin o arab hamara, hindustan hamara; 

Rahane ko ghar nahi hai, sara jahaan hamara

(We ourselves do not have a house to live and we make pompous claim the entire world is our place!!!) 

The song rips apart the bitter truth of India and exposes the cry of the oppressed and suffering that Indian underwent through the 50’s

Incidentally almost 70 years later there is hardly any difference as India, even today, struggle to fight the same evils of poverty, illiteracy and boundless inflation.

Hence a biopic on Sahir would really be great and perhaps encourage the present crop of lyrists to learn good poetry!

After Dhanush, Kollywood superstar Suriya produces children film ‘PASANGA 2'

It seems the future of Children Films in India is slowly but gradually getting a boost. After Bollywood superstars Aamir Khan made TAARE ZAMEEN PER and Salman Khan produced CHILLAR PARTY, the South film industry is also encouraged. 

South Super Dhanush experimented with Tamil film KAAKA MUTTAI and went on to win National Award for Best Children film. And now another South superstar Suriya has produced a children film ‘PASANGA 2'. 

The film is directed by Pandiraj, who is being termed as a Children film specialist ever since his first children film PASANGA earned him a National Award and his third film MARINA, another children film, minted money at box office.

Speaking about the film Suriya said, “The film talks about the sensitive issue of how kids in city due to nuclear family and working parents are neglected at home and lose the sheen of childhood.” 

He adds, “In fact director Pandiraj in his earlier film PASANGA had taken the issue of kids in rural India and his recent film PASANGA 2 is an extension of the same script as it now shifts to the problems faced by kids in urban India.” 

Just as Aamir Khan’s film TAARE ZAMEEN PER took the important issue of Dyslexia syndrome among children in which children have reading disorder and learning disability likewise Suriya’s film deals with another very vital syndrome called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Suriya informs, “ADD is a frequent disorder among city children where kids do not listen to teachers, don’t follow instructions, disturb class and are labeled by teachers as troublemakers but the fact is these children are victims of loneliness and solitude as they do not get attention at home due working parents. The film is really worth pondering.” 

One hopes other superstars from both from Bollywood and South Indian film industry start doing at least one children film so that Children films gets a major boost!