Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is Bollywood Inspiring Youth For Crime?

Sandesh Baliga, a 31 year youth facing trial for stalking two women in Australia has credited Bollywood movies as his inspiration for the rowdy act. 

Defending himself from the charges of pestering women by means of texting, calling and approaching the women excessively after single, chance meetings, he told the Hobart Magistrates Court that he indulged in the act after watching Bollywood movies that preach a woman falls in love after repeated persisting. 

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Sandesh Baliga is not the only youth influenced by the charisma of movies. Readers would be surprised to know that the crime branch of the Delhi Police in the year 2013 uncovered 36 youths, who were inspired by Bollywood movies. 

Among the movies that inspired gullible youth to indulge in the crime were DHOOM; SPECIAL 26; BOMBAY TO GOA; KHOSLA KA GHOSLA; MUNNA BHAI MBBS; and OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE. 

The movie that inspired maximum youth for committing crime is Yash Chopra’s DHOOM series. 

Ravindra Yadav, additional commissioner of police (crime) briefing media said, “As per our record the movie DHOOM inspired about 15 cases. The criminals found the idea of running on bike quite fascinating.” He added, “Wherever DHOOM was released there had been an increased rise in cases of gold chain snatching. In fact before the release of the movie DHOOM, bikes with 100cc engines were used, but after the release of the film, engines of 150-200cc came in the market and became the hot favourites of the criminals." 

Ravindra Yadav added, "Movies are thus becoming manuals for the criminals. Youngsters in lure of becoming rich overnight commit crimes like cheating as shown in the Akshay Kumar starrer movie SPECIAL 26 in which he impersonates a CBI officer.” 

Readers would be surprised to know the Delhi police arrested about 14 youths conning people impersonating like Police officers using his fake identities.


Don’t we all love it when our mom sings wonderful songs for us? Haven’t we all just fallen asleep listening to our mother and father singing for us? Especially for babies, we have all seen it how much every kid loves the warmth that the mother gives them and make them fall asleep. 

One classic example is ‘Dhooliyile’ from the movie Chinna Thambi which has prabhu and Kushboo in the lead. This song is a perfect lullaby that any mother would love to sing for her child. Another touching, soul rending song is ‘Karuppu nila’ from the movie ‘en aasai machan’ where we see a crying baby being soothed by singing the beautiful song.

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A touching number in the recent era was ‘Aarariraaro’ from the movie Raam. Here although the lyrics goes “…thaye nee kan urangu” …a different adoption in the thalattu genre where we are seeing the child singing a thalattu for the mother. A hit amongst the audience ofcourse, we all were definitely able to relate to this song. 

The song ‘Chinna thaayaval’ from the movie thalapathy was the talk of the town when the movie released. A very touchy song sung by S.Janaki, the song is ofcourse an evergreen lullaby in Illayaraja’s music.

Another beautiful lullaby is ‘Andhi nera thendral kaathu’ from the movie Inaindha kaigal that released in the year 1990. The lyrics holds more importance in this song than anything else and makes everyone of us fall in the trap of emotions.

Mannava mannavawalter vetrivel ofcourse is a good bed time listen too, thanks to the soothing tune and the well-penned lyrics. This song did become a hit during its era of release.

The Inimitable Mukesh And Raj Kapoor Jodi - Remembering Mukesh - Part III

Though the NaushadMukesh Jodi did produced hits yet it could not match the ‘magic’ of the inimitable team of R. K. camp that had RajMukeshShankar JaikishenHasrat jaipuri and Shailendra. The five some along with Lata Mangeshkar gave a new dimensions to popular music in Hindi cinema producing milestone creations beginning with BARSAAT (49) till MERA NAAM JOKER (72). 

During a period of almost two and a half decade this team raised melodies to dizzy heights, which were seldom touched, thereby engraving the period from 50 to 60’s as the ‘Golden Phase’ of Hindi film music. 

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However readers would be rather surprised to know that initially Mukesh wanted to become hero rather than a singer but Raj Kapoor convinced him to sing. Mukesh agreed and the songs of BARSAAT were hits. However despite success as a singer Mukesh had the bug of acting and hence in AAH, Raj Kapoor gave Mukesh a brief appearance as the coachman who sings Chhoti si ye zidagaani… But the movie failed. Further when Mukesh’s two more movies MASHUQA and ANURAG failed, he realized he was not fit to be an actor. 

The Raj KapoorMukesh jodi became so famous that it is termed as the alliance made in heaven. From AAG –‘ Zinda hoon is tarah…’ to ‘Ek din bik jayega mati ke mol…’ in DHARAM KARAM, Mukesh remained the ‘voice of Raj Kapoor’. On Mukesh’s death, Raj Kapoor had lamented “Today, my body remains, my soul is no more.” A perfect tribute because when one think of Raj Kapoor, we think of Awara hun, Mera joota hai japani, Ruk ja o janewali ruk ja, Chhalia mera naam, Mera naam Raju gharana a-naam, and countless other Mukesh songs lip-synched by Raj Kapur on the screen.

Mukesh won the prestigious Filmfare Award four times for ‘Suhana safar…’ (Madhumati), ‘Nain hamare…’ (Annadata), ‘Kahin door jab din dhal…(Anand) and ‘kai baar yunhi dekha hain…’ (Rajnigandha) for which he also won his first National Award. 

Mukesh died on 27th August, 1976. Film lyrist and an intimate pal of Mukesh , Hasrat Jaipuri, in his condolence wrote : 

Jo nahi milti kisi bhi saaz mein, Aaise khoobi thi teri awaaz mein


‘Azhagu’ is one of the most precious words used in Tamil. We usually call someone beautiful when their features appeal to us or even if their character is very pleasant and touch our heart. ‘Azhagu’ is one word that describes the feeling of ‘beauty’ in altogether a superlative manner. Usually what we see is that the man addressing his lady love as ‘azhagu’ – an epitome for beauty. Today we take a look at songs that begin with the word ‘azhagu’ and we understand the various connotations it gives us.

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A wonderful song is ‘Azhage azhagu devadhai’ from Rajapaarvai. The lyrics speak for itself where the lady is described in a wonderful manner comparing her to an angel. With Kannadasan having penned down the lyrics and K.J.Yesdass having sung the song, we could not have asked for a better melody. Recently ‘Azhago azhagu’ was seen in the movie Sarvam for which Naresh Iyer has lent his voice. The song describes yet again the lady, and especially in this song the man describes each and every feature of hers – her eyes, the way she talks etc.

Talking about description of women and their azhagu a wonderful example is ‘Azhagaana ponnuthan’ from the movie Alibabavum Naapadhu Thirudargalum. Here the exceptional part is that the girl is seen as the lead singing the song and there is scope for self-description. The song ‘Azhagaana rakshasiye’ from the movie Mudhalvan is another brilliant number, a wonderful duet where there a lot of teasing involved, the man comparing the lady to a devil but infact calling her a ‘Beautiful’ devil! ‘Azhagiya Asura’ sung by Anita is a beautiful number where for once we see the girl addressing the male in a romantic manner, and just like seen before, here she calls him a devil too, ofcourse in a romantic manner.