Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arjun Kapoor to re-live Sultana Daku on silver screen

With Biopics becoming the best beat at the box office it is reported that filmmaker Boney Kapoor will be paying his ode to Sultana Daku, the popular bandit of the pre independence era who was the Indian version of Robinhood.

During the British era when the feudal system was plundering the poor Indians, Sultana Daku came to their rescue like a messiah. He looted the feudal landlords and the rich and helped the underprivileged.

Sultana Daku had become such an annoyance to the British police that like mad dogs the British police hunted him but he would not be traced. Sultana Daku had become a thorn in the throat of the British. The media was blazed with his daring stories how he coned the British police.

Sultana Daku hated the British so much that he had named his dog Rai Bahadur, while Sultana’s loyalty to Mother India can be gauged from the fact that he had named his horse, Chetak, similar to the name of freedom fighter Maharana Pratap’s horse. Eventually he was arrested by the British and hanged to death.

What makes Sultana Daku’s story inspirational is that unlike other famed dacoits like Phoolan Devi and Nirbhay Gujjar who turned dacoits to avenge the humiliation that they suffered, Sultana took to gun to fight and protect the deprived and downtrodden. 

According to reports Boney Kapoor has acquired rights of the celebrated novel ‘The Confession Of Sultana Daku’ penned by Sujit Saraf's novel, that deals with story of Sultana Daku in detail.

Insider’s claims after the success of TEVAR, GUNDAY and ISHAQZAADE, Boney Kapoor wishes to exploit the action image of his son Arjun Kapoor hence he has opted for an action thriller and what better than SULTANA DAKU.

The character is tailor made for Arjun Kapoor taking into account his height, body and his flair for stunts. 

Is Virat Kohli’s Hooliganism Justified?

Indian cricket batting sensation Virat Kohli seems to have developed starry tantrums. A glimpse of hooliganism was recently visible when he displayed his ugly side by losing his cool and hurled expletive abusive at a journalist for writing about his alleged love affair with actress Anushka Sharma.

Interestingly later he realized it was a case of mistaken identity and apologized to the journalist on whom he lashed out. However the journalist in question, Jasvinder Sidhu declined to accept his apology claiming that Kohli did not apologize to him directly, instead he conveyed his regret through another journalist to Sidhu.

Angry at Kohli’s misconduct and hooliganism Jasvinder Sidhu lamented, "How can he abuse and threaten someone?”

However Kohli is not the first celebrity to abuse journalists over reports of alleged relationship with girlfriends. Media has been facing the butt ever since the 70’s when yesteryear action hero Dharmendra lost his cool over his repeated romance with Hema Malini being splashed in glossies and smashed a journalist black and blue in public!

Salman Khan is quite famous as the bad boy when it comes to his temperament. Readers may remember how he had cornered a journalist with choicest expletives, when a journalist had provoked his ego after he questioned Salma Khan over his reaction about his ex-girl friend Katrina Kaif’s picture in bikini with Ranbir Kapoor leaked out!

Similarly these days Ranbir Kapoor is quite peeved at the paparazzi, who keep a hawk eye on him and his girl friend Katrina Kaif. Last year Ranbir had even smashed the camera of a TV crew who were secretly trying to capture Ranbir and Katrina in their camera.

The big question is that when it comes to promote their films or highlight their personnel glorification, these celebrates cleverly exploit the media for their self gain but when the media tries to expose their personal relationship, they counter attack. How much is this justified?