Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Eminent star Pallavi Joshi resigns FTII in support of agitating students

The row between agitating students of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and the government of India over removal of TV actor Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman of the institute has thickened as after noted filmmaker Jahnu Barua and eminent cinematographer Santosh Sivan withdrawing their names from FTII society another renowned Bollywood actress and TV star Pallavi Joshi has resigned as member of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Society.

In a letter to the secretary of I&B Ministry Pallavi Joshi has urged, “I do not want to be part of the FTII society after this cloud of negativity because it is useless to be on the society or in the governing council if the students are unhappy and dissatisfied?"

Supporting the agitating students Ms.Joshi said, “My heart goes out to the students who have been so dignified and have conducted a peaceful protest so far. It is commendable how they are trying to have a dialogue with the ministry. I am a person of art and all I know is that art cannot prosper in such a negative environment.”

It may be noted that agitation which entered 25th day of its strike is primarily over the appointment of small time actor TV actor Gajendra Chauhan, whose only passport to popularity is his role as Yudhisthira on TV epic Mahabharata. 

Condemning credentials of Gajendra Chauhan an FTII alumnus Pankaj Rishi Kumar said, “He doesn't fit the bill at all. He's a puppet, a scapegoat of the BJP government. I doubt if he even knows a Berlin or a Rotterdam film festivals. He probably only understands Filmfare, Apsara and maybe National awards, which he will never get since he has worked in soft porn films! His film credentials are not even zero, they are further down.” 

The agitation has received great backing from the film fraternity. Oscar-winning sound arranger Resul Pookutty extending support to the FTII students said, “A person who becomes a chairman of an institute or a governing council should be able to inspire the students. I don't think the present chairman, who is appointed by the government of India, is anything to be aspired for... I think that it is cheating. A government cannot cheat its people.” 

Meanwhile the government instead on removing Gajendra Chauhan has threatened to shut down the premium institution!!! Wah Kya Insaaf hai….!!!

Chennai welcomes its First 100 percent Bollywood Music Station

Popular radio station ‘Radio One’ has taken the multiple Tamil radio stations in Chennai by their horns by daringly introducing the city’s First Bollywood Music Station that will cater ‘Exclusively’ to Bollywood Music 24X7. 

The ‘Radio One’ station 94.3 that was original a Tamil request station has been revamped into 100% Bollywood station from July 7, 2015 with the launch of super hit music from Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan’s upcoming movie BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. 

To attract the listeners ‘Radio One’ has also arranged a special screenings of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN in the city of Chennai for its listeners and customers.

Briefing media about the launch of the new radio station, Radio One, Station Head, John Justin said, “Chennai like Mumbai has now became much more cosmopolitan than ever before. In the past few years the city has changed considerably and has become a globally connected city thanks to the influx of IT professionals from different Indian cities now residing in Chennai.” 

“As a result there is huge change in Chennai. There is a growing affluence of ‘retail entrepreneurs’ who love Bollywood as much as they love Tamil music. Movie screens have begun to push both, Bollywood and Hollywood cinema while continuing the best of Tamil cinema,” he quipped. 

Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD and CEO, Next Radio Ltd (Radio One) said, “Though the station will be providing Bollywood music of latest Bollywood releases but the station will focus on the content that would inform listeners about the happening in Chennai.”

He added, “To draw the listeners to the new radio station our marketing team has coined the tag line ‘Love The Change’ on the station.”

Interestingly while the radio station will play all the latest Hindi cinema tracks, the RJs will continue to connect with listeners in Tamil language. Vineet Singh Hukmani, informed, “There is no changes in RJs, as the existing ones will manage the new content in regional language.”