Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bollywood films are becoming a source of inspiration in society

With the deaf and mute Indian girl Geeta, who was stuck in Pakistan, being brought to India there is a wave of joy and happiness in both India and Pakistan.

Though Faisal Edhi and Bilqees Edhi of NGO Edhi Foundation have been trying their best to unite Geeta with her parents in India since the past many years but they credit Salman Khan’s hit film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN as the main source of inspiration for the success.

In an interview Faisal Edhi asserts, “In 2012, when an attempt to bridge gap between India and Pakistan was made with Aman Ki Asha event I had made several attempts to bring attention about Geeta but in vain. However thanks to Salman Khan’s film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, my voice could really reach out and succeed in its mission.”

Besides BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN another Bollywood film that has motivated a group of villagers to build a road by curving a way into the mountain is Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s motivational film MANJHI: THE MOUNTAIN MAN.

According to a news report in the national daily Times of India, more than 300 villagers from Karnaprayag near Uttarakhand have build a road themselves by cutting through the rocky mountain. Just as Nawazuddin Siddiqui used simple hammer, chisel, and natural materials tools like in the film MANJHI: THE MOUNTAIN MAN, the villagers too used these tools and with their determination and unity have achieved the impossible.

The highlight of their mission is that they have made the road without cutting a single tree. The movement was headed by Kunwar Singh, a 56-year-old ex-serviceman and Maheshwari Devi, a member of the Mahila Mangal Dal.

The third film that deserves kudos for inspiring people is director Meghna Gulzar and scriptwriter Vishal Bhardwaj hard hitting film, TALVAR that depicts the hidden angle that proves the Talvar couple not guilty.

The film has stirred up a debate among the people on the Talwars' conviction and an online petition has also been launched to fast track the case. Reports have it that even a video featuring the narco analysis test done on Krishna, who was the prime suspect in the murders, has been released on You Tube. In the video Krishna can be seen revealing things that have never been heard of before thus exposing how the CBI had fabricated the case and did their job without sincerity!!

Has Chhota Rajan employed Bollywood trick to escape attack on his life from Dawood shooters!

Bollywood is packed with innumerable gangster movies like SATYA, SHOOTOUT AT WADALA, VAASTAV, D-COMPANY etc. depicting how hardened criminals and gangsters take police custody as the best option to escape attack on their lives.

Hence though the arrest of Chhota Rajan aka Sadashiv Nikhalje, the former henchmen turned arch rival of International Dawood Ibrahim at Bali in Indonesian may be considered as the biggest achievement, however the Mumbai Police smell a rat.

If sources in the Mumbai Police are to be believed then Chhota Rajan has been inspired by Bollywood films!

Inspired from Bollywood? It may be shocking but just as most Bollywood films depict criminals taking shelter in police custody to escape attack on their lives likewise few top notch officials in Mumbai police feel that Chhota Rajan has fabricated his own arrest.

An official from the Crime Branch claimed, “Chota Rajan has been on run from both the Interpol and his arch rival Dawood Ibrahim since past 20 years but now with advancing age and the need to constantly shift hideouts has made him tiresome. Hence he has decided to employ Bollywood trick of surrounding to the police and operating from the cell.”

The officer added, “With more than two attacks on his life Chota Rajan has now become paranoia. He is suffering from symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD), which is a mental disorder where the patient lives in constant fear of being killed and suspects everyone of killing him. Hence to escape from the lethal shooters of Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Rajan has planned his arrest.”