Thursday, January 30, 2014

Got it Gautham!

Haw many of you noticed that there has always been one romantic beautiful number in all Gautham Menon's movies? Here is a quick flashback of all the romantic songs from Gautham's movies.

His first movie which released in 2001 starring our very own chocolate boy Maddy sent shivers amongst the audience for 'Vaseegara' sung by Bombay Jayashree. One could say that this song was a also one of the reasons for Bombay Jayashree in her playback singing career graph taking a sharp high. Moving on, Kaakha Kaakha released in the year 2003. Not only could we see beautiful chemistry in the vvisuals, but we could also sense 'love' in the beautiful numbers like 'Ennai konjam maatri' 'Ondra Renda' and ofcourse 'Uyirin uyire'. Do we have to mention the success rate of the song 'Paartha mudhal  naale'? This romantic number from Vettaiyaadu vilayaadu was a chartbusterin the year 2006. We can also attribute a hatrick hit for Gautham - Bombay Jayshree combination here. (Vaseegara, Ondra renda and Paartha Mudhal naale). Bombay Jayashree's vocal chords did the magic again with Pachaikili muthucharam releasedin the year 2008. And 'Unnakul naane' emerging as a hit amongst the audience.

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Sameera Reddy's career graph faced a high with Vaaranam Aayiram hitting the screens in 2008. Alongside Surya, she sizzled the screen with 'Nenjukkul peidhidum'. 'Mundhinam Paarthene' from this movie and 'Annul maele panni thuli' are also notable romantic numbers from this movie that we all always loved to listen.

Talking about Gautham Menon is incomplete without mentioning his blockbuster hit , Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. This romantic musical stole the show completely in the year 2010. A.R.Rahman's compositions with the sue of special carnatic instruments is still talked about. Have you heard the bit of Nagaswaram being played in the song 'omana penne'? 'Hosanna' from this movie needless to say is one song anyone would pick to sing to his lover. 'Mannipaya' in Shreya's voice sends a vibe everytime we tune in. Doesn't it?

Can we now give this director the title - ROMANCE RAJA?

Brotherhood Speaks!

If one pair of brothers have to be admired, it is Dhanush and Selvaraghavan. It is wonderful to note that right from the beginning these two have helped each other in shaping up the other's career. Well, to start with it was Selvaraghavan's directional venture 'Thulluvadho Illamai' that brought Dhanush into limelight. It was undeniably an amazing start for both their careers. Gloating in the success of this movie in 2002, what came forth in 2003 was 'Kadhal Kondaen', another hit from the duo. With Pudhupettai releasing in 2006, it was not a surprise that the hatrick hit was achieved by the brothers. Thanks to 'Variya', the track was a whooping hit which automatically drew the crowds to the theatres.

The brothers have always chosen to work on a variety of 'Relationship' subjects ranging from a school level infactuation to the love that happens after marriage. Their recent stint a couple of years back, the movie 'Mayakkam enna' was also 'relationship' centric.

Pondering about what makes this brothers a hit is what comes to our mind. Is it the connect they establish via the songs? Is it their emotional subjects that they discuss through their movies? Or simply is it the value of 'relationships' that they bring out?

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The brother duo apart from their 'movie' stints have also come up with hit tracks , thanks to their 'singing' and 'lyric' writing abilities too! 'Kaadhal en Kaadhal' is one number where we can hear both the brothers bringing out a wonderful song. And ofcourse, without Selvaraghavan's encouragement, Dhanush's singing career would'nt have kickstarted either!

Backed by each other, now Dhanush is infact all set to produce his brother's upcoming movie under his home banner!

Surely we see a lot of brother love there! ?