Friday, February 24, 2017

Jonita Gandhi to debut in acting?

"The Breakup Song" famed Singer Jonita Gandhi has been approached by Indo-Canadian film director Siddharth Achara to act in a film. She says she was approached for the film while she was touring.

Gandhi said: "I was approached for the film while I was touring, but there had been a lot of discussion since then because I wasn't sure if I wanted to deviate my attention from singing."

The storyline will be very close to her life's journey and shooting for the film is believed to start in July in Canada.

The story is about the lead protagonist who gains fame and fortune in today's digital age. The film's narrative mirrors Jonita's life as a YouTube sensation, her rise to fame on the digital platform and her massive fan following especially in India as well as in Canada.

Talking about the film, Gandhi said: "The plot and subject matter was really relatable for me, so it seemed like something I could give a shot. We are discussing exact dates and will begin shooting in Canada soon."

The film is currently untitled and will have other supporting characters also marking this as Achara's debut feature project which has been written by him too.