Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sanjay Dutt’s demand for extension on furlough leave criticized

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who was released from the Yerwada jail on 24 December, 2014 on a 14-day furlough has yet again sought extension thus inviting sharp criticism from legal experts and other jail intimates, who are making a hue and cry over special treatment and favouritism meted out to film star Sanjay Dutt

Readers may remember that time and again whenever Sanjay Dutt has been granted leave on furlough, he has extended it. In October 2013, Dutt was granted furlough which was extended by 14 days. Then, in December 2013, he was granted parole for 30 days, which again was extended ‘TWICE’!!!

Thus this time, when he has again demanded an extension both the legal experts and other prisoners have raised eyebrows.

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An established advocate from Mumbai has termed Dutt’s request for furlough leave as mere misuse of power and discriminatory treatment and nothing less. Lambasting Dutt’s request for another extension, Mehta said, “It is indeed disgraceful that while other prisoners with lesser serious charges are not given furlough leave, it is shocking how the government of India can continue to give repeated furlough leave and further extensions, to someone who is convicted in a grave crime as serious as Mumbai Bomb Blast!” 

Another Advocate has termed Sanjay Dutt’s special treatment to his star image and his politically influential. His sister Priya Dutt is an Ex MP and member of Congress Party hence he argues while other jail convicts applications are thrown in dustbins and they languish in jail dying to meet their near and dear ones, influential convicts like Sanjay Dutt are not just given repeated furlough but even granted extension! He mocks, “Sach hai … Mera Bharat Mahan!”

Dutt is serving 42 months of his sentence that started in May 2013, for illegal possession of an AK-56 rifle before the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. But, he has repeatedly been released on furlough and parole.

After Amitabh Bachchan, R.Balki Exposes Dhanush’s Untapped Talent!

The trailer of R.Balki’s most anticipated film SHAMITABH was released recently and as expected the trailer has the signature stamp of R.Balki’s style of film making. The trailer is absorbing and unconventional as Balki’s earlier films like CHEENI KUM and PAA.

Readers are aware that in each of his films Balki has unearthed the hidden treasure of talent in Amitabh Bachchan, which unfortunately very few filmmakers in Bollywood had earlier tapped. Hence impressed by Balki’s incredible vision and his choice of matchless scripts Bachchan has become an avid fan of Balki. 

At the press release during the launch of SHAMITABH’s trailer, Amitabh Bachchan admiring Balki said, “Balki is truly a gifted director. He always surprises me with his intelligent and unparallel scripts like PAA and CHEENI KUM.”

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“Yet again in SHAMITABH, he stunned me with a never before heard script of a struggling actor, who is mute and how an alcoholic helps him to become a star lending his voice,” quipped Bachchan.

Besides Amitabh Bachchan the highpoint of SHAMITABH is Southern superstar Dhanush’s powerhouse performance. Unlike Dhanush’s action hero image down the South film industry R. Balki has exploited the other side of Dhanush casting him in a challenging serious role of a mute actor in the film. 

Dhanush applauding R. Balki for exposing his untapped histrionics is obliged to the filmmaker because he rarely gets an opportunity in Sothern films to experiment with different characters and display his acting genius. During the press meeting he said, “I am grateful to Balki for exploring my acting potential and experimenting with my characters. Unfortunately in South Indian films I have been trapped in an image due to large amount of money stacked upon my film hence I am constrained to experiment”. 

"However here in Bollywood, I have nothing to lose so I was quite excited to experiment with my character in SHAMITABH. I am thankful to Balki who has given me this film,” he added.