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D.Imman’s Success- A Story Of Self Confidence and Uniqueness

Music director D.Imman is easily one among the top 5 music directors in Kollywood today. But he has not reached the top spot very easily. Basically there have been two kinds of music directors in Tamil films.  Some will turn heads towards them with their debut, go on making wonders in the next few films and reach the top spot within three or four films in their career. Another category will be destined to struggle a lot to prove their worth. Many of their tremendous efforts would even go unnoticed in the process of climbing up the ladder.

The followers of Tamil Cinema will easily know under which category Imman will fall. Officially the composer's debut film is Vijay starrer Tamizhan that released in 2002. Prior to Tamilan Imman had worked for the film Kadhale Swasam which never released. Such unfortunate is the start of his success story. However Imman's first album Tamizhan was a chartbuster.

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In a span of 12 years Imman has worked in many films and a decent number of them are hit films. His songs for the films Whistle, Giri,  Thalai nagaram, Marudhamalai, Kacheri Arrambam made to the ipod track list of many young listeners but the turning point in his career came with the film Mynaa. If the path breaking love story by Prabhu Solomon was a super hit so is the album composed by Imman.

After Mynaa notable offers started flooding in and his work for films like Manam Kothi Paravai and Sattai were appreciated by many. Again a Prabhu Solomon film in Kumki pushed Imman's career to new levels. The film made it to the top of the year 2012 in collections apart from garnering enormous critical acclaim and the songs made wonders in the audio market.

Even after this Imman remains affordable to small budget film producers. If this is a quality that is a rare to be found in a composer at the peak of his career it should be seen as the outcome of his clear understanding of what elevated him to this position today. 

Post Kumki, Imman got to work with Suseenthiran directed Vishal flick Pandiyanadu and the composer ensured a musical hit with that action packed flick. This made him join with a star as big as Vijay, after a gap of 11 years in Jilla and the songs for the Nessan directed flick are still topping the charts.

Imman is also a good play back singer.'Kirukka Kirukka' in Whistle, 'Adra Sakka' in Giri, 'Katcheri Katcheri' in Karcheri Arrambam made people speak about his ability to sing peppy numbers; with 'Onnum Puriyala' in Kumki he surprised the listeners with his deftness in singing soulful numbers.

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If this is something done by his formers and peers, here comes a unique talent of Imman. He has unearthed the crooning talent of many actors and actresses. All of his songs sung by leading heroes and heroines have been likened by music listeners cutting across sections. This not only warrants the singing talent of the particular actor/actress but also the composer's ability to choose the right song suiting the voice of the actor/actress.

Imman, tried this in Tamizhan itself. There is no surprise in making its lead hero Vijay who was already a well known singer to sing the 'Ullathai Killadhey' number. But having PriyankaChopra a girl entirely new to the Tamil language sing a song is the testimony for the composer's self confidence and earnestness to be unique. For a debut composer, getting the consent from the makers for such a risky idea itself should have been a herculean task.  And at the end everyone was happy with the outcome and success of the song.  

Imman also identified the singer in Siva Karthikeyan and made him sing the super hit Oodha coloru Ribbon in Varuthapadadha Vaalibar Sangam. The success of the song is evident in the anchor turned actor singing a song composed by Anirudh in his upcoming film Maan Karate as well.

 Ramya Nambeesan may be a renowned play back singer in Malayalam but in Tamil she was known only as a actress before Imman made her croon the peppy 'Fy fy' song in Pandianadu.

Imman just retained the idea he tried with Vijay in Tamizhan when he paired up with the star in Jilla. This time he made Vijay to sing 'Kandaangi Kandaangi' a beautiful melody with melody queen Shreya Ghoshal.

Going forward, we can expect many more spectacular songs and many actors turning as singers with the magic wand of D.Imman who is one of the busiest composers with 9 films in hand, .


He has made his mark in various languages of the Indian Cinema, Hindi , Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and what not! A man who is extremely talented and a man to whom music comes naturally; A prodigy that he is, here’s more about his contribution in the Bollywood industry.

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What brought this man to limelight was ofcourse his ‘Breathless’ which was released in the year 1998. After this many music offers danced to his tunes and now Shankar has over a few hundred’s to his hat. Mission Kashmir which released in 2000 gave him another break as Bumro Bumro created a rave amongst all audience for its fast paced beats.

‘Dil Chahtha Hai’ although proved to be the luckiest for Shakar in his career as it led to him exploring the avenues of becoming a Music Director as well. Donning the hat of a Music Director in 2001 with this, Shankar still continued singing as well and gave hits like ‘Rock and Roll Soniye’ and ‘Where’s the perty tonight’ in the year 2006 and ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ in 2007. Lakshya which released in 2004 is also a good mention in his steady career.

ShankarMahadevan has never been out of movies and infact there have been hits coming his way one after the other. My name is Khan which hit the theatres in 2010 is yet another example – the song Noor e khuda stole everyone’s hearts. Remember Taare Zameen Par? What was one thing you can’t forget about the movie? Ofcourse the song – ‘Meri Maa’ and thanks to Shankar’s soulful rendition yet again.

ShankarMahadevan has recently ventured into his training academy for all music enthusiasts. wishes him all the very best for it.


The ace actor mamootty made his appearance ein Kollywood way back in 1990’s. Here is a quick look at the best songs of Mamootty from his Tamil Movies.

‘Kalyana Thennila’ remains one of the evergreen hits until today. Ofcourse this was Mamootty’s  first film in Tamil and thanks to the beautiful lady Amala by his side, the song takes the top position In the best romantic numbers ever composed. Balachander roped him in again in 1991 for Azhagan. This movie had a brilliant music album and almost all songs became a hit. Ofcourse our personal favourite is ‘Sathi Malli Poocharame’. Moamooty’s third consecutive hit in Kollywood was ‘Thalapathy’ with Rajinikanth by sharing the screen space with him. Needless to say, ‘Kaatukuyilu manasukula’ is everyone’s all time favourite.

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The next consecutive years saw Mammootty in various roles in a range of movies like Arasiyal, Pudhayal, Makkal Aatchi etc. Although a movie that made a difference breaking a monotony in his role was the movie Maru Malarchi which released in the year 1998. A song from this movie that made a good impact was ‘Ayarindu madhangal’ sung by Unnikrishnan.

With Kandukondein Kandikondein releasing in the year 2000, there was more scope for acting for Mamootty with a challenging role given to him and with an amazing star cast like Aishwarya Rai, Thala Ajith sharing the screen with him. Needless to say,Mamooty made a mark with this movie too.

Mammootty was seen in the movie ‘Anandham’ the following year, making a clear statement that he can also fit the bill of being the sentimental ‘brother’ too.  The hit song from this movie was ofcourse the sentimental ‘Aasai Aasaiyaaai irukiradhe’ in K.J Yesudas’s voice.

Following this, Mamootty made appearances in other movies like Junior Senior, Karmegham , vandhe Maatharam and Vishwa Thulasi. hopes to see Mammootty back in action in Kollywood.


So with Highway hitting the screens recently, there has been a lot of buzz in B-Town not only because Aalia Bhatt has done a fantastic job but also because the movie promises a different world of ‘music’ altogether. But why is that? Ofcourse it is because none other than the Maestro has lent his tunes to the movie.

What is creating wave in the music scene now? Ofcourse it is the album ‘Raunaq’. Well one reason is that it is Kapil Sibal’s second attempt at writing after his contribution for Bandbook. The album which was unveiled by Salman Khan during the launch carries about 7 songs in total. Singers like lata Mangeshkar and Shreya Ghoshal are a part of this album too. Jonita Gandhi is also another person that one could see in this album.The hopes are high considering this music album has the best of all. Moreover, one specific song in the album featuring Yami Gautham has the visuals inspired by Ravi Varma paintings.

A.R.Rahman is always known for the difference he brings out through his works, the detailing in each of it. We hear that ‘raunaq’ has something for all the music lovers.Backed by Sony music for the musical production, this album has a lot to offer. For now all we can do is immerse ourselves in this beautiful number – ‘Kismat se’.

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Today the whole world joins to celebrate the Mahashivaratri. But do many of us know why Mahashivaratri is being celebrated?

The scriptures cite that Lord Shiva is happiest the most on the 14th day of the fortnight in the month of Phalgun. On this day all devotees observe a fast day and night and give Lord Shiva a sacred bath. Lord Shiva is pampered with honey, milk, water , sandal etc.

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Why Shivaratri is auspicious?Hindus believe that on this day, one is liberated from the cycle of birth and death and attains salvation. On his life journey, Shiva excuses him of all his sins committed and that while the devotee passes away, he is directly taken by Shiva to his abode , which is heaven and takes care of him there.

On this day, we find many women praying hard to Shiva while some of them even undergo a fast for the day. Ever wondered why? Married and unmarried women observe fast and perform Shiva Puja with sincerity to appease Goddess Parvati who is also regarded as ‘Gaura’ - one who bestows marital bliss and long and prosperous married life. Unmarried women also pray for a husband like Lord Shiva who is regarded as the ideal husband. The essential belief underlying the ceremonial of the Mahashivaratri appears to be to emphasize the fact that death is sure to follow birth, night is sure to follow day and consequently people should always bear in mind while enjoying the one its opposite and regulate their life accordingly, they should not be elated at success nor should they allow themselves to be carried away by despair at failures but always have trust in God and worship him. celebrates Shivarathri with utmost devotions. Tune in to our exclusive ‘Shivaratri devotional’ collection and immerse yourself in the wonder feeling of ‘being closer with the one’. 

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Goosebumps of Guitar

Ilayaraja who was basically a guitarist has done so many wonders with the western music instrument and with that he has proved is wizardry in the western music form. The earliest display of Western music expertise of Raja comes in the popular Senthoora Poove song in 16 vyathinile (1977). Here goes a sneak peak of the songs in which the Isaignani has given us superlative experience with songs and interludes that have Guitar as the center point.

All the songs in this compilation not only have guitar as an instrument played through out the song as one of the instruments. These songs have guitar having a separate space either in the form interludes or at the end of the song.

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We cannot speak about the mastery of Ilayaraja’s Guitar and not include ‘Ilayanila of Payanangal’ Mudivadhillai.  While hearing the song one cannot help imagining that Ilayaraja, S.P.Balasubramaniam (the singer) and Vairamuthu (Lyricist) are competing with each other to supersede the other’s performance. Music lovers will end up deciding Raja sir has won hands down mainly because of the exemplary guitar interludes that come between the charanams and at the end of the song.

While in ‘En iniya Pon Nilave’ (Moodupani) the lead actor’s cheerful guitar playing is used to impress his lover in ‘Nalam Vaazha’) the same would have been used by the male character to soothe his girl in distress. These two songs stand testimony to Raja’s ability to convey two distinct emotions with the same instrument.

Aasai Adhigam Vechu (Marupadiyum) is one of the best examples for Raja’s brilliance in using a western instrument for folk kind of song. En Jodi Manjakuruvi (Vikram) is another song that is different altogether having Guitar at the forefront. And let’s not forget to mention Meendum Meendum Va from the same, where guitar is also used to express yearning of love.

Some most important compositions of Ilayaraja with Guitar as the main instrument have come for the films directed by his good friend Balumahendra.   We cannot complete the list without mentioning Raja Raja  Chozan (Rettaivaal Kuruvi) and the most mellifluous Nalam Vaazha (Marupadiyum)

The best way to end this would be to pay due respets to Mr.Sadhanandhan, Mr.Chandrasekar, Mr.Radha Vijayana and Mr.David Jayakumar (Father of Harris Jayaraj) for these are some of the guitarists who took part in the magic created by Raja in the 80’s.

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Adding soul to music - Swarnalatha

This singer is no longer with us but her voice never failed to melt our soul. A pretty young singer who passed away due to health issues;has contributed immensely in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam industry.

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Swarnalatha 's  'Povoma oorvolam' speaks volumes about her unique pitch she possesses. Not many singers have managed to captre the essence that Swarnalatha did through her songs. Be it Illayaraja or Rahman, Swarnalatha has done her best for both the stalwarts. Some of the best songs that cannot go unnoticed that she has sung for the Maestro include - 'Aattama Therottama' from Captain Prabhakar, ''Kuyil paatu' from Chinna Maapilai, 'Maadathila kanni' from Veera and ofcourse 'Rakkama Kaiyathattu' from Thalapathi.

Moving ahead to Rahman songs by Swarnalatha, the best songs would include - 'Evano Oruvan' from Alaipayuthey. The feel that she has brought out via this song is impeccable. Even the music director himself once said that he could not think of anyone else better to have sung this song. Swarnalatha- Rahman combination has been brilliant considering she pulled off 'Akkadanga naanga' from Indian, 'Usilampatti penkutti' from Gentleman, with ease. Although her best track one could say that brought her to extremem levels of popularity was 'Mukkala muqabula laila' from Kadhalan. And in this best songs list we cannot forget adding 'Ai Rama' - a classic piece from the movie Rangeela, a very difficult song in terms of its notes structure and the pitch that it has been structured in.

Swarnalatha has also contributed in the Malayalam film industry and her best tracks include - "Pottukuthedi Pudavachoodedi" from Ravana Prabhu and "Balla Balla Ballare" from Punjabi house.

One can say, there is never a replacement for her - her versitlity, her dedication that she attaches with her profession or her emotion that she conveys through each of her songs.

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Any school scenario is incomplete without this song and ofcourse the song does not fail to instill a sense of hope amongst anyone who is listening to it. Even today this song has been sung as the prayer at many schools. The song ofcourse is 'Humko Mann Ki Shakthi dena mann vijay kare' . Thanks to the unsung Vasant Desai, the hero behind this song , portraying it in a tune that would stir positive emotions for people listening to it. This song was picturized in the famous movie Guddi which released in 1971.

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Vasant Desai has been known for his unique style of composing skills where he bringsin various patterns of rhythms into it. For instance 'Humko Mann ki' is one such song which involves a complicated Tala structure. His strong base in the 'classical' form of music has been put to use even though a romantic duet/ film number. A claasy  Vasant Desai romantic number that needs no introduction is 'Bole re papi hara' from 'Parichay'. This song also set a milestone for this music director himself and the singer Vani Jairam who was widely appreciated for the par excellence rendition.

Vasant Desai has also given us mesmerizing songs where he had Lata Mangeshkar singing many of the song for him like 'Aa gayee bahar Aa gayee' ' Aao Aao honhar O Pyare bachchae' , 'Dil Ka khilauna, Haye toot gaya', 'Ik Tha Bachpan' , 'Kya humse hua Kasur'.

Vasant Desai has worked with a wide range of musicians and his contribution has been impeccable. He has worked with all the yesteryear stalwarts like Bhimsen Joshi, Balachandra Pendharkar. Even the living legend Asha Bhonsle has sung various tracks for him. Time to soothe ourselves with some unheard yesteryear Vasant Desai hits to retrace and relive the 'beautiful' music this wonderful man has composed.

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The duo have composed music for over 600 movies and have worked with ace actors like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand etc. Infact they have even been the reason for setting a trend for these actors. Lakshmikant -Pyarelal as they are popularly known have been the biggest fans of their earlier music gen - Shankar and Jaikishan.  Something that is amazing to note about this duo is that although their first movie did not even release, they did not take in the wrong spirits, in fact worked harder for another project coming their way which was Parasmani that released in 1963. Although their hit as Music Directors was ofcourse established with the movie 'Dosti' which released in 1964 itself. As music directors, they believed in bringing out quality music and never compromised on their musicians. Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi combination worked best for these music directors.

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Although their era was not too open for western music, Lakshmikanth and Pyarelal still continued composing even western music numbers. Few of the duo's popular Indian film songs include 'Dil Bil Pyar Vyar' in Lata Mangeshkar's voice for the movie Shagird. Any melody lover will definitely like their composition for the movie Sargam - 'Dafali wale' sung yet again by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi.

Everyone would be able to associate with one particular song of the duo and the song is 'Ek do teen' from Tezaab that released in the year 1988. And ofcourse Madhuri's dancing skills took this song to a whole to level and yet again there was demand for another number like this. And all the music lovers were satiated with 'Choli ke peeche kya hai' from Khalnayak releasing a couple of years later.

The musicians have carved a niche for themselves in the Bollywood industry and have even won prestigious awards like the Filmfare too. Although Lakshmikanth is no longer with us, Pyarelal is still one of the living legends that our country can boast about.

Adorable K-Town Chocolate Boy

Actor, producer, singer - This man dons the hat of all the possibility any man could think of. One thing we have to accept that whatever he does, he does it with class. Considered as the second most favourite chocolate boy after our very own Maddy, this boy from Chennai managed to capture the hearts of many.

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Siddharth or more popularly as he is known - 'Sid' made a prominent entry into films in Kannathil Mutthamittal where he also assisted Director Mani Ratnam. Ofcourse Shankar's 'Boys' was the movie that landed in his acting path leading him to offers in other film industries too. Yet again Mani Rtnam's Azhutha Ezhuthu gave Siddharth a wonderful break considering he shared screen space with the best actors and actresses in the industry. Siddharth is one another actor that we could be proud of for having reached the levels of Bollywood in 2006 with the movie 'Rang De Basanti'. He was welcomed back to Bollywood with 'Striker' which released in 2010. Although his stint in the Telugu industry is still continuing with even 'Something Something' released last year, Siddharth has a good record of recent releases too, thanks to Nootri enbadhu where he showcased mature acting, which ofcourse was also released in Telugu. His recent releases also includes the movie Udhayam NH4 which although did not appeal to the mass.

Siddharth was widely appreciated for his contribution in the TeachAIDS project along with big names like Mira Nair. This eventually also brought out the humane/ socially responsible side of his.

Last year, the most awaited 'Theeya velai seiyanum kumaru' was a hit for Siddharth where he was paired opposite 'Chinna Kushboo' Hansika. Ofcourse not only the dialogue as same as the movie became famous but one the song 'dan dan dan daddan dan dan' which turned out to be the audiences' favourite. We must say - only Siddharth can pull off those outfits that we also witness in the song!

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From Kollywood to Bollywood

Although it was Kollywood that gave her a big break in her career, Asin has decided to deicate her time now to the Bollywood industry and explore more avenues there. Asin Thottumkal's entry in the movie M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi gave her big boost to her career and she was immediately seen in the movie Ullam kaetkume which released in a year later (2005). The best song from M.Kumaran ofcourse was 'Chennai sen tamizh marandhen unnale' in Harish Ragavendra's voice.

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Asin's role as kalpana in the movie Ghajini we can say is her path breaking movie. She proved her talent of being versatile with serious roles too. 'Suttum Vizhi chudare' from this movie is still loved by all for the wonderful melody that it is. Asin's chirpy personality and sweet smile never fails to impress many.  Infact in the next couple of years after Ghajini, Asin was flooded with many movie offers. Ofcourse she made another hit with Majaa and Sivakasi. If one thinks about it, Asin has infact acted with all the top heroes of kollywood - Vijay, Surya, Vikram, Jayam Ravi, Ajith etc. Her commitment has brought her to great levels but her maximum stints in Tamil have been with the Ilayathalapathy.

2008 opened avenues for her as the director of Ghajini decided that she would fit perfectly for the hindi version too. After this, ther as no lookback for Asin. She was offered London dreams against big names of Bollywood like Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Following this stint, her roles in Bollywood against Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 786 was also welcomed.

Asin being a bubbly actress that she is has always put in the best of her abilities and this has not been denied by anyone. This 2014 with her All is Well under the filming stage, wishes her all the best.

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Striking a Note!

This director came onto the limelight being one of the judges of the famous 'Star Singer' on the Malayalam Channel. He bagged his first Filmfare Award in 2008. He is always known to have added the 'freshness' in music; and one can undenyingly agree that his compositions always have something 'new' and 'unique' to offer.

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People have always called him 'rare gem' in the music industry. Shareth's style of music involves breaking the boundaries, the typical 'structure' of music , thus reflecting classical purity to the utmost extreme. Shareth has also marveled his audience for his 'grihabedam' style of composition which is considered to be one of the most difficult attribute while it comes to 'setting a tone' and 'tune' of a song.

His debut film in Tamil was 'June R' and one particular song reached the audience and definitely made a ravishing mass appeal. Ofcourse if you thought of the song 'Mazhaye Mazhaye' sung by ace singer Hariharan, you hit the right note. Not only were the lyrics appealing yet the track by itself was appreciated for the excellent background score. His other recent contribution in the Tamil industry is the movie 'Nootri enbadhu' starring Siddharth.

Didn't we all love the beautiful 'Nee Korinal' echoing in Karthik's voice?

Moving ahead, it is essential to understand that Shareth has been a major contributor in the Malayalam Film Industry. He made his debut with the movie 'Kshanakathu' way back in the early 90's. Him being accepted in the Malayalam industry has been amazing and now Shareth hasmany movies in his kitty. His recent venture in the Malayalam movie industry was a solo track for ht emovie 'The Reporter'.

Shareth has also released many albums on his own and has always struck an extra chord in terms of his innovative compositions. Listen to the exclusive track composed by Music Director Shareth only on

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Bubbly birthday wishes to Meera Jasmine

Bubbly, cherubic Meera Jasmine celebrates her birthday today. Meera Jasmine was introduced to Kollywood with Run against our chocolate hero Maddy. 'Ich tha tha kanathile ich tha' made a sensation, thanks to the costumes, the rhythm of the song and the beautiful chemistry they share. Also thanks to the well structured film with a large scope of acting for the heroine in the movie, Meera Jasmine managed to capture attention amongst the Tamil Directors. The National Award winner has exuberant potential and has even been conferred with 'Kalaimamani'.

Meera Jasmine has also showcased brilliant acting against an amazing star cast in the movie 'Ayutha Ezhuthu'. This movie was directed by Maniratnam and Meera Jasmine was appreciated for her bold acting. 'Sanda kozhi kozhi', a romantic duet is every listener's delight.

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With over 10 Tamil movies in her feather, Meera has acted with all the young heroes including Srikkanth, Shaam and who not.Meera Jamine's Sandai kozhi which was released in 2005 was loved by all. 'Daavani pota Deepaavali' from this movie was a beautiful listen in Vijay Yesudas's voice. Her other movies 'Mercury Pookal' and 'Mambatiyaan' also managed to hit a right chord amongst all the audience.

Meera Jasmine ofcourse also weaved her magic in the Malayalam Film Industry. Some of her noteworthy movies include 'Swapnakoodu' which released in the year 2003. Her 'Achuvinte Amma' released two years later did not fail to hit the box office. This heroine has been appreciated by many for living her role to any 'role' that she takes up. On this special day, wishes her a happy birthday.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Legacy comes to an end!

Veteran film-maker Balu Mahendra passed away early this week who was admitted to the hospital with a chest pain complain.

The man made his entry in the Tamil film industry with 'Azhiyatha Kolangal'  which released during the year 1979 . Balu Mahendra movies carved a niche for itself - thanks to the unique style of 'Direction' or rather one could say 'Balu Sir's Cinematography'. His 'Moondram Pirai' starring Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan and Sridevi won him his National Award for the direction par excellence. This movie also gave the actor his first National Award. One could say - Balu Mahendra sure knew how to make his actors 'act'.

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With his subjects deviating from the commercial mainstream cinema, his unique style had its own followers. The man who was technically sound with all the aspects involved in film making has worked even as a cameraman, to a cinematographer to an assistant too! His 'high' in the industry was surely achieved step by step.

Soon after 'Moondram Pirai's release in 1982, he gave another wonderful movie to the audience with 'Sadma' which released in 1983. Thinking of Balu Mahendra's contribution, one cannot also forget hits from the movies he has directed. " Nalam Vazha' inS.P.Balasubramaniam's voice is a beautiful number from the movie 'Marupadiyum'. Other heart- melting songs from Yesudas for Balu mahendra movies include 'Raja Raja Chozhan', ;En Iniya Pon' , 'Poongatru'. 'Kanne Kalai Maanae' is ofcourse one song which we cannot afford to miss while talking about Balu Sir.

The man whose contributions is as huge as the ocean, the man who has shaped the films in Tamil industry, the man who brought in newer ideas in Tamil Cinema - May his soul rest in peace.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

It is Valentine's day today and ofcourse no love is complete without giving your beloved a beautiful flower. And all of us know that the flower rose is bestowed as a symbol of love! On this valentine's day take a deep breath and sing these wonderful 'Rose' songs to your valentine.

Ofcourse when we talk about 'Rose' or 'Roja', we cannot afford to miss the scintillating 'Roja malare rajakumari' starring the evergreen actor MGR, from the movie 'Veera thirumagan'. Forwarding to the A.R.Rahman era ofcourse 'Kaadhal Rojave' from the movie Roja brings every love birds to a standstill, making every listener  getting lost in love.  The movie Suryavamsam made a hit with one popular song and ofcourse that song was 'Rosa poo china rosa poo'. This sung in a mellow tone not only attracted audience but also emerged as a favourite song that every guy invariably sang for his girl. Our 'illayathalapathy' for his bit made the song 'Roja pundhottam' from the movie 'Kannukkul Nilavu' - a beautiful listen.

Listen To Valentines Day Special Songs On

Singer Unnikrishnan who gave us the hit number 'Roja Roja' from the movie Kaadhalar Dhinam is definitely a must have in this list. Don't you agree? Talking about the same singer, 'Puttham pudhu rojave' from the movie 'Roja kootam' starring Srikkanth cannot be forgotten. The young hero of the industry Dhanush made the song 'Hey rose rose' from the movie Padikaathavan very famous andwell if you want to sing this for your lover, do go ahead.

To wrap up, you could switch to a seductive style and dedicate the song 'Iramaana Rojave ennai paarthu' from Ilamai Kaalangal for your lover. Do experiment singing these songs and make your lover happy! wishes all the love birds a very happy valentine's day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

HEMANT KUMAR - An Unsung Genius

Amidst all the action that is happening this February, we thought we should slow down and take a quick look back at some best Bollywood composers, Here is more about Hemant kumar , the man behind many yesteryear hits.
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The evergreen 60's saw some beautiful tracks like Ay dil ab kaheen le jaa from the movie Bluffmaster, which released in the year 1963. This wonderful song is where the popular composer himself has lent his voice for this Shammi Kapoor starrer. While talking about Sammi Kapoor, how can we forget his contemporary Mr.Dev Anand? Ofcourse , we all know Hemant has lent his voice for most of Dev Anand's songs. One striking number is from the movie which released in 1955 - House no.44 comprising the song 'Teri duniya mein jeene se toh behtar hai ke mar jaayein'.

Poignant in nature, the song 'Jaane woh kaise log thhe jinke' from the movie 'Pyaasa'is definitely a no-miss when we are talking about Hemant's best songs. The list is ofcourse incomplete if we missed out on Tum pukaar lo tumhaara intezaar hai from the movie Khamoshi. In this song, we witness the beautiful picturization of Dharmendra and Waheeda Rahman's romance.

This unsung genius' other wonderful track includes ' Tumhe Yaad Hoga', 'Yaad kiya dil ne' , 'Yeh Jhoomte Nazare'. Hemant infact has sung many songs with Lata Mangeshkar and one popular number that cannot not be mentioned is 'Yeh raat yeh chandni phir'. Hemant Kumar started composing first for Bengali films after which he diverged into the bollywood industry. His last compositions were in the late years of the 1980's.

Hemant Kumar Mukhopadhyay has definitely left a legacy behind. Winner of the prestigious awards like the Filmfare Awards etc, he is remembered by many for his contribution in the Bollywood industry.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The Big B's son who has carved a niche for himself too in the film industry celebrates his birthday today. A quick look at the best songs list of the Birthday boy.

The movie that caught all our attention was ofcourse Junior Bachchan's 'Dostana'. Various trends have been set after his role in the movie along with John Abraham in the movie. 'Maa Da Laadla bigad gaya' needs no introduction  and same goes with another famous song in this movie - 'Desi girl'.

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The handsome lad who is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world - Aishwarya Rai, acted with her in the movie Guru and was widely appreciated for their on-screen romance. 'Tere Bina' in A.R.Rahman's miusic is a good listen for all the couples out there! Similarly one could see the couple in Mani Ratnam's Raavan and ofcourse 'Ranjha ranjha' topped the charts from the movie. The couple have also shared the screen space in 'Kuch naa Kaho', 'Umrao Jaan'.

Abhishek Bachchan has always portrayed the look of a macho too - and this was established with his role in the 'Dhoom' series. The hardworking Police that he is, he fits the role perfectly even in movie like Dus, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Sarkar sequels etc.As a family boy, Abhishek has contributed his too for his roles in movies like 'Om Jai Jagdish' , 'Run' etc.

'Bol na halke halke' is beautiful listen coming to wonderful songs starring Abhishek. Similarly, 'Dus Bahane karke le gaya dil' - is a pompous number of the hero. Bunty aur Babli made laurels in its own way, thanks to the overall, well-thought plot and ofcourse the song 'Khajraare'.

Overall, we can say the man has made many contributions to  Bollywood. Now it is time to sit back and wait for what more the Junior Bachchan has to offer us.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Captivating 'Charukesi'

Although a pure classical Raagam, one can associate many Tamil film songs with it. A popular one, that has reached many music lovers ears, knowingly or unknowingly, the Raagam Charukesi with no doubt is usually picked by most of the music directors to depict inexplicable emotions.

'Manmadha Leelaiyai' from the film Haridas sung by M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar tops 'ever-favourite' chart until today. Another listener's delight in Charukesi would be 'Adal Kaaneero' , a G.Ramanathan's composition for the movie Madurai Veeran. 'Vasantha mullai poley vandhu' from the movie Sarangadhara is also an excellent example for a Charukesi compostion. Infact a part of the song titled in the same name (Vasantha mullai) in the recent movie Pokkiri also saw traces of the Raagam.

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All those who watched the movie Sri Raghavendra would have definitely loved the piece by K.J.Yesudas - 'Adal Kalaiye Deivam thandathu', a beautiful structured Charukesi composed by Illayaraja that stole the hearts of many. Other Illayaraja compositions in the Raagam Charukesi include 'Amma Nee' from Annai Orr Aalayam, 'Thoothusela' from Singaravelan. The Raagam although due to its placement of the Arohana and Avarohana is always associated as the best Raagam to bring out emotions like grief or sorrow. One song that best depict this emotion, making full use of the Raga's notes would be 'Kaadhalin Deepam Ondru' from the movie Thambikku Endha Ooru.

Coming to the A.R.Rahman era, 'Udhaya Udhaya' from the movie Udhaya sung by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam fits perfectly well to the swara structure of the Raagam. "Chinathayaval" from Thalapathy falls into the Charukesi structure as well, not to forget the scintillating, swaying tone the use of the Raagam brought out. The movie Ennaku 20 Unnaku 18 also saw usage of the raga in the song "Edho Edho Ondru", bringing out an absolute mesmerizing song pleasant to the listener's ears.
Thus the Raagam Charukesi has provided immense scope for various music directors to give out hits of all time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Best songs of mother-daughter combo

Usually the trait of acting does not easily come everyone's way. An art that it is, it is bestowed on very few generations/family. Here is a quick look into the best mother daughter combination and the best of songs from their movies.

The tall lady who made her debut with KO recently is the first actress we can think of. Yes actress Karthika totally did justice to the legacy her mother has left in the arena of 'acting'. Her mother is none other than Radha who has given us hit movies like 'Alaigal Oivathillai' way back in the early 80's is definitely a charmer. She was even seen acting with Rajnikanth in 'Rajadhi Raja' in the year 1989.

Moving ahead, the next best Mom and daughter combination would definitely be Kanaka and Devika. Kanaka with her role in the movie 'Karagaatakaaran' established that no one else could have pulled out the role  better than her. Her mother Devika did total justice to her roles in Karnan and Thiruvilayadal ofcourse.

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Well talking about the recent entrants, how can we miss Sharanya Bhagyaraj and Poornima Bhagyaraj? Well Sharanya's hit track ofcourse would be 'Unnai Kandane Mudhal murai' against prithviraj which was definitely applauded for the beautiful visuals too. And her mother Poornima sent a wave of delight with her performance in 'Payanangal mudivathillai'. Ofcourse it is her wonderful acting which has kept her kicking until today and she even made an appearance in this year's release Jilla.

Whether the success of the daughter's is because of their glorified mother's is a debatable question but irrespective of that the daughters have also managed to definitely attract the Tamil audience. Want we can hope for this year is to wait and watch which mother-daughter pair is going to hit the screen next.


What comes to your mind when we say 'Switzerland'? Does it strike you of the movie Dilwale Dulhaniye Le Jayenge? Well if it did, then it is good. Asking why? It was because of this movie that Switzerland started becoming the hotspot for many a Bollywood movie. But what one needs to know is that Switzerlans was exposed way back in 1964 for Raj Kapoor's Sangam. Here is a peek in to a few movies that was shot in Switzerland. Well, for starters Yash Chopra yet again who produced and directed 'Faasle' that released in 1985, shot many scenes in Switzerland.In Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayaenge ofcourse one can see the beautiful, snow-clad alps. We can definitely say that the legacy is continuing. Adding to this list are the movies 'Mohabattein' and 'Dil to pagal hai' which has portions shot in the lovely Swiss. What started being Yash Chopra's favourite, we can say continues a favourite of the Yash raj film clan too. Well even few years back, 'Jara Gunguna Lein Chalo 'from the movie Laaga Chunri Mein Daag starring Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachhan was shot in Switzerland. Well to top it all, Ranbir starrer Bacchna Ae Haseeno also has scenes shot here.

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Moving to the Kapoor clan, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna and Sridevi sizzled in the movie Chandi, isn't it? This hit movie was yet again shot at one of the exotic locations in Switzerland.

In addition to Raj Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor too did his bit of Switzerland Romance. Have you heard the song 'Akele Akele Kahan Jaa Rahe Ho' from the movie evening in Paris? Shammi Kapoor wonderfully romances his lady love in this movie Sharmila Tagore.

What has remained exotic about the place is still a mystery. But ofcourse, Switzerland doesn not fail to attract Bollywood in all possible ways. Isn't there dime a reason now for you to plan your vacation to Switzerland ? :-)