Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rani Mukerji becomes first Bollywood celebrity to be awarded National Award by National Institute of Gender Justice

Eminent actress Rani Mukerji joined the ranks of esteemed social activists like Anna Hazare, Pratibha Patil, Pandit Jasraj and Mahashweta Devi after she was felicitated with prestigious National Award by National Institute of Gender Justice for her 'Best Representation of the Cause of Safety, Security and Protection of Women and Girl Child' through her film MARDANI directed by Pradeep Sarkar. 

On Tuesday dated March 3, Rani Mukerji was felicitated in New Delhi by Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury, chairperson for the National Institute of Gender Justice.

It may be noted that Rani Mukerji is the first film celebrity to be bestowed with this rare honor. Incidentally, Rani Mukerji, who rocked the nation with her hard hitting performance in MARDANI, was surprisingly denied none of the so called popular awards like Filmfare Awards, Screen Awards, IIFA Awards etc. but she has been awarded an award that is truly laudable.

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Elated at receiving the award Rani Mukerji said, “I am extremely overwhelmed by the appreciation because what is stirring is that my film has been cherished by the people who have been tirelessly working for years for the cause of child trafficking and are the real heroes.” 

She added, “I feel humbled to meet these people and am glad that I am able to contribute in a small way. This award is special as it recognises my contribution to cinema in a different manner," 

Readers may note that Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury is herself a genuine women’s rights activist and a renowned crusader fighting for girl child. She is recognized for her courageous rehabilitative actions towards the homeless and abandoned citizens, especially women and children.

Applauding Rani Mukerji’s brilliant performance in the film Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury said, “In the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy, Rani Mukerji’s epitomise the spirit of the countless involved in this long fight against human trafficking. I feel she symbolizes the pride of uniform and inspire change. That's the reason we decided to felicitate her for excellence in artistic performance."

She further added, “The other reason for awarding Rani Mukerji is that generally films portray women as commodity to sell their films but MARDANI represent women and girl child in a better light and not as a commodity. This award is an endeavour to recognise those agents who want to represent women and girl child in a better light and not commodify them.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s VIP Culture; makes mockery of Police!

Celebrated singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, riding high on the success of his hit songs like Shah Rukh Khan’s hit film CHENNAI EXPRESS song ‘Lungi Dance…’ displaced arrogance and air of VIP culture at Pachpaoli Police Station, Nagpur. 

He was present at the police station after Anand Pal Singh Jabbal, a resident of Nagpur had filled compliant a case against the singer for writing vulgar lyrics and spreading bad influence among the youth. He also framed Singh for uploading obscene songs and music videos on social networking site thus ruining the younger generation.

Acting upon the complaint against the singer the court had ordered Singh to co- operate and assist the police with the investigation. The court also directed him to provide cops with his voice sample to match with that of the one collected from the aforesaid obscene video. However Singh not only declined to submit his voice sample but also behaved obnoxiously throwing weight of his power and the so called VIP culture! 

Aggravated at his haughty attitude Senior PI RD Nikam of Pachpaoli police station claimed, “He was quite arrogant and waited in the police station for just few minutes. He was not only rude and but also made mockery of the police machinery.” 

Senior PI RD Nikam said, “We have made a panchnama about Yo Yo's decision to refuse furnishing the voice sample. He added, "We are now going to submit the panchnama before the court for further direction.”