Friday, February 27, 2015

Rekha’s Charisma leaves Katrina Kaif dazed!

Among the yesteryear actress the only actress who has maintained grace and elegance is unarguably Rekha

Recently Katrina Kaif, who has got the opportunity to work with Rekha in Abhishek Kapoor’s upcoming film FITOOR, was smitten by Rekha’s charm and charisma. 

Amazed at Rekha’s sophistication and zeal for life Katrina said, “Every time I have met her, I have been amazed by her warmth, her grace and her immense enthusiasm towards life. I am sure we will have a great time filming together and I am looking forward to it."

Termed as ‘Original Diva’ of Bollywood, Rekha is truly an inspiration for everybody. Readers would be surprised to know when Rekha made her debut in the early 70’s in Bollywood, she was severely criticized for her dark complexion and her plump body.

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In an interview Rekha had candidly confessed how media made nasty gags regarding her looks. She once said, “In fact a leading newspaper had even labeled me as ‘Ugly Duckling’ and interestingly later the same newspaper lauded me for my transformation into a beautiful swan!” 

Few know that to acquire the stunning looks Rekha underwent strenuous makeover regime which reflected in her personal and professional sphere. 

Besides the magical makeover, what makes Rekha’s life a motivation is that despite failures in love life and living a lonesome life, Rekha has not been tucked down instead she lives life king-size. 

Her married life is very tragic. In 1990, Rekha married to Delhi based industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal. A year later in 1991, he committed suicide due to financial loss. 

Later there were rumored of Rekha’s secretly marriage to Bollywood actor Vinod Mehra but Rekha in an interview with Simi Garewal declined the rumor referring to him as a ‘well-wisher.’ And last but not the least her Rekha ‘s failed affair with Amitabh Bachchan is well known but in spite of all the tragedies Rekha continues to live life positively and that’s the key to her evergreen charisma and allure.

Aamir Khan deserts Shanker’s sequel of ROBOT

The lethal combination of south sensational superstar Rajinikanth, Aamir Khan and filmmaker Shanker that was in pipeline since many months has failed to click! Readers may recall earlier there were reports about the trio Rajinikanth, Aamir Khan and Shanker coming together in Shanker’s sequel to his earlier super hit film ROBOT, however now the buzz is Aamir Khan has opted out from the mega project. 

Aamir Khan, who was bowled over by Shanker’s brilliance in ROBOT, had expressed his wish to work with Shanker. Hence when Shanker began work on the sequel of ROBOT -2, he wrote a powerful antagonist role keeping Aamir Khan in mind. Shanker in an interview had confessed, “Since Aamir Khan had expressed to play a villain in the sequel of ROBOT I wrote according to Aamir Khan’s desire and Aamir was quite excited about the role.”

He added, “For the past six to eight months I have been having meeting with Aamir and even Rajini sir had attended few of these meeting but unfortunately since Aamir Khan prefers to do one film at a time he has decided to go ahead with DANGAL, deserting my film.”

A source close to Shanker said, “Shankar sir has completed the script of Robot 2. He is now looking to put together a great team like the one that made the first part and work on the project seems to be picking up pace."

The sequel will be witnessing once again the hit pair of Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

It may be note ROBOT (2010), was one of the most expensive Indian movies and was released in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The science thriller was critically acclaimed and received positive responses across the country and overseas.