Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kajol’s stunning looks in DILWALE worked on the lines to enhance the young looks for Rajinikanth?

The DILWALE trailer staring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol has generated a mixed response among the viewers. While some are going gaga over the spectacular eye catching locations and the incredible Jodi of SRK and Kajol, other feel the trailer is predictable like other Rohit Shetty films with pinch of romance, action, comedy and the usual cars blasting in air. 

Though opinions are divided over the trailer but there is one thigh that is unanimous and that is the stunning look of Kajol, who is looking charming and gorgeous. Though the actress is over 40 and a mother yet she looks stunningly beautiful.

One wonders is it really her grace or is it the cunning camera work and make- up tricks as employed to enhance the young looks for South Superstar Rajinikanth? 

According to make-up artiste R Sundaramurti, who styled Rajinikanth in his debut film APOORVA RAGANGAL (1975) and worked with him until CHANDRAMUKHI (2005) Rajinikanth's dusky complexion has helped an important feature in keeping him `wrinkle free' and ageless! 

In an interview he said, “I have observed that fair-skinned actors age faster. The creases and wrinkles show faster and are more pronounced. But in case of dark skin people, even if the wrinkles appear they can be carefully ironed out with a little clever costume design.” 

Now we know the secret behind the glowing look of Kajol because since she is also dark complexion like Rajinikanth hence the make-up artist could easily hide her age and made her look gorgeous and bewitching.

Thala Ajith overshadows Superstars Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Vijay!

Thala Ajith, recognized as the ‘Monarch’ of box office and reputed for ‘Highest Opening Day Collection’ has lived up to his image with his latest movie VEDALAM. 

What’s more this time he has left behind even Superstars Rajinikanth and Vijay as his film VEDALAM has collected between Rs 14.5-16 crore, on day one, in Tamil Nadu. The amount is reported to be the highest opening day collection in the annals of Tamil Film Industry!!!

Earlier superstar Rajinikanth's LINGAA in Tamil Nadu received the biggest opening day collection of Rs 12.8 crore. It may be noted Rajinikanth had broken the record of young and dynamic superstar Vijay’s movie KATHTHI’s box office day one collection which was Rs 12.5 crore but Ajith’s VEDALAM has crossed all limits and registered a tremendous edge over the two superstars with a huge margin of over four crore. Incredible indeed! 

And that not all Ajith also gave a run for money to the other veteran superstar of Tamil Cinema Mr. Kamal Haasan. Incidentally Haasan’s much published THOONGAVANAM also released on the same day but it proved a mere pigmy in front of the mighty Ajith’s VEDALAM. 

Trade pundits reveal the movie could not create much fireworks at the box office probably due to the magnetic charisma of Ajith Kumar's VEDALAM and ended up collecting a petite sum of Rs 4 crore on day one!!! 

The mad rush of movie buffs in South India could be seen from the fact that both the movies VEDALAM and THOONGAVANAM opened at 4 a.m. on Diwali November 10 thanks to special permission from state government.