Wednesday, July 9, 2014 Now Available on Chromecast!

Your favorite music, is available now on a bigger screen – on your TV SCREEN! Doesn’t that sound exciting? Wondering how? We are extremely happy to announce Raaga is now available on Google Chromecast! All you need is the $35 Chromecast device and TV with a spare HDMI port. Just plug it in and VOILA, the magic happens! Isn’t this a splendid way to be delving into ‘your own music space’ at ‘your own comfort’?

Starting today, you can listen to all the music you want on using the Google Chromecast. Nothing to download or install. Just plug-in your Chromecast device and visit on your Chrome browser. If you’re on the same Wi-Fi as the device, the “Cast” icon will appear on the Raaga player. Just choose your preferred song quality in the player and listen to high quality music on your TV or home theater. You can also control playback of your songs sitting in any corner of your house!

Chromecast is a sleek device from Google that turns any TV into a Smart TV! To know more about Chromecast visit the office website ( truly offering a ‘World of Music’ to all the listeners is happy to have taken this bold leap in technology, making it the first and only South Asian streaming service to be available on the device. We are constantly striving to gift the best music experience to all music fans, an opportunity to tune yourself to endless music, and that too in your favourite genre!

Ready to Chromecast your first song with Click here to begin –

Chromecast is available on all the android devices and it will go live on iOS in the next few weeks


The word ‘paarkathe’ has been associated more closely with a girl. More in the sense of bringing across romance, where either the hero or the heroine is singing to the other person bringing out a whole new level of ‘shyness’. In a way the word by itself enhances the romance between the couple.

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Wonderful songs have been penned keeping the word ‘paarkathe’ in focus. The recent entrant is ofcourse ‘paarkathe paarkathe’ from the movie Varuthapadaatha valibar sangam sung by Vijay Yesudas and A.V.pooja. The song alongside ‘Oodha colour ribbon’ was loved by all. Anothersong that strikes one’s mind when someone says ‘paarkathe’ is ofcourse ‘Paarkathe paarkathe panjakathe paarkathe’. This song which is from the movie Gentleman is a wonderful example. Composed by A.R.Rahman, this song is a wonderful listen. Infact the catchy rhythm is still talked upon by many.

The word ‘paarkathe’ when used along has its own significance and when used twice, the emphasis is more , the kind of pressure and impact it creates is different. In the song from Aaru for instance, the song ‘paarkathe ena paarkathe’, the words assume the tone of a confession type as well, or rather a note where the actor is romantically also trying to convey the actress should not leave him and go.

The word ‘paarkatha’ also brings forth a picture of something of great magnificence that is of utmost beauty, something that has never been witnessed before. One example to understand this connotation would be the song ‘Paarthen paarkatha azhagai’ from the movie Kettikaran.

The word by itself is beautiful and as our examples suggest the word offers various scope of interpretations as well.

Guru Dutt … The Genius Filmmaker

Guru Dutt with this hard hitting song in his movie PYAASA lambasted the hypocrisy of the society superbly. The movie till date is regarded as a milestone and has been declared as one of the top 10 romantic movies of all time by the reputed Time magazine. Today July, 7, is the birth anniversary of the legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt; Raaga.Com remembers the great actor, director and film producer all rolled into one.

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Born as Guru Dutt Padukone his obsession for Art begun at a young age and he learned dance from the dance maestro Uday Shankar. Readers would be surprised to know that Guru Dutt began his career not as a director but as a choreographer at Prabhat Theatres and it was here that he first came close to Dev Anand who was being introduced in Prabhat Films’ Hum Ek Hai as a hero and Guru Dutt as choreographer. 

Later, it’s history that the two became great friends and Dev Anand fulfilled his promise of giving break to Guru Dutt as a director in his maiden home production, Baazi, After Baazi Guru Dutt directed few more movies but the creative director in him remained unsatisfied. Hence he made his own production company Guru Dutt Films and under this banner he made two India’s best classic – Pyasaa and Kagaz Ke Phool. However both the films failed at the box – office and this lead the brilliant filmmaker to the slow path to death, because appreciation for him was very important. Infact Guru Dutt was so shattered that he began believing himself to be a jinx. Insiders revel that’s the reason despite directing his next film Sahib Biwi Aur Gulam he remained behind the curtain and credited the films credit of direction to his friend Abrar Alvi. 

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Apart from the depression of being robbed of reorganization what further tormented him was the personal trauma of being torn between two women which made him lonelier and it was this loneliness that forced him to take the drastic step. In one of his interviews before he died Guru Dutt had confessed, “I fear someday I may go mad. Loneliness is really very oppressive”.

Sahir sahab summed up his depression beautifully in the verse that is the opening scene of the classic PYASSA… 

Tang aachuke hai Kashme - kashe zindagi se hum …
Thukarna de zamane ko Kahin be – dilse hum 

(I am fed up with the pains and agonies of life …

I wonder I may quit this world in depression)