Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shatrughan Sinha goes candid about his clandestine affairs with female stars in his biography

Shatrughan Sinha the mega star of the 70’s who gave a tough time to his contemporary stars like the ruling superstar of the 70’s Rajesh Khanna to the upcoming superstar Amitabh Bachchan has been a self made star and his rise from rags to riches is truly inspirational. 

In fact the South super Rajinikanth too owes his stardom to Shatrughan Sinha, whose style and dynamic mannerism Rajinikanth aped bluntly and even today acknowledges openly. 

Shatrughan Sinha’s biography written by famous journalist Bharathi S Pradhan is aptly titled 'Anything But Khamosh because the biography daringly exposes the darker side of the actor turned politician.

Briefing media about his biographies which boldly exposes his clandestine affairs with his female co-stars like Reena Roy, with whom he even continued his affair after marriage, Sinha said, “I have been honest in speaking the truth and I believe it is the truth that makes my biography fascinating and spellbinding tale.”

However he adds, “Though I have mentioned about my various love affairs in my biography with many actresses but I have taken care not to hurt anybody's self-esteem. Also I have avoided that there is no offensiveness in the book. They are settled, have children. It’s not the right thing to identify them.” 

Another highlight of the biography is that it includes nasty comments from his critics because during his hey days Shatrughan Sinha was known for his arrogance, egotism, late schedules, flirting and pompous behavior. 

Speaking about the negative strides of his personality in the biography Sinha said, "Grey areas must be covered. If you don't do that then it becomes sycophancy. If I wanted I could edit comments by people who spoke against me but I didn't. It's a democracy so let them say whatever they have to say."

The mantra of box office success is uncertain like Time!

With the failure of superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s WAZIR and competent actresses Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla starrer CHALK N DUSTER at the box-office one really goes crazy at the choice of cine viewers because both the movies despite satisfying the basic parameters of a hit film viz. good script and salable stars have failed miserably to appeal the audience. 

According to trade reports Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s WAZIR which boosted a excellent script by top notch writer of Bollywood Abhijat Joshi, known for writing super hit films like MUNNABHAI SERIES, 3 IDIOTS (2009), PK (2014) has been an utter failure at the box-office as it has managed to collect just Rs 36.59 crore in ten days and a mere Rs 17.30 crore worldwide!

As far as the script of WAZIR is considered it is indeed an out of the box idea and Abhijat Joshi must be congratulated for the same. The utterly innovative plot of a handicap and an elderly person cunningly utilizing an ATS officer to avenge the murder of his daughter is truly awesome. And what makes the movie gripping is the director Bejoy Nambiar’s edge of the seat and razor sharp climax that leaves the viewers wonderstruck! 

Of course both Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar play their roles superbly. As a film critic I found the film outstanding and so did the movie receive rave reviews but what is surprising when the movie opened at the box office it was booted out!!! 

Likewise Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla starrer CHALK N DUSTER deals with a powerful subject how the Indian education system is being rotted by modern day educationist who are more interested in turning the school into profit making institution than imparting true knowledge. 

The movie has won good reviews but once again has failed to live up to the expectation of the audience. 

It is not that the audience does not appreciate innovations. In the past we have seen many movies without star attraction but with impressive scripts doing great box office business remember - TANU WEDS MANU (2011), VICKY DONOR (2012),ABCD: ANYBODY CAN DANCE (2013), QUEEN (2014), DUM LAGA KE HAISHA (2015) etc. 

Thus it’s really difficult to gauge the mantra of success at box-office which is uncertain like ‘Time’. 

Eminent poet Sahir Ludhianvi has beautifully described it in the song from the film WAQT…..

Aadmi ko chaahiye, Waqt se dar kar rahe

Man must make it a point, to be afraid of time,

Kaun jaane kis ghadi, Waqt ka badle mizaaj,

Who knows at what moment, time will change its temperament! 

In terms of Bollywood it can be said filmmakers must be cautious of the taste of cine viewers, who knows at what moment, they will change their temperament!!!