Monday, August 17, 2015

How Ramesh Sippy found his iconic villain Gabbar Singh?

As the nation celebrated August 15 with patriotic fervor, the film industry recalled 40 years of SHOLAY, which was released on August 15. 1975. 

Regarded as the corner stone of Indian Cinema, SHOLAY owes half its success to its iconic villain Gabbar Singh. Raaga.Com enlightens readers how Ramesh Sippy, the film’s director finally found his dreaded villain Gabbar Singh. 

Writers Salim Javed in an interview informed how the role of Gabbar Singh had created a flutter among the artists as everybody from Sanjeev Kumar to Dharmendra to Amitabh Bachchan was hell bent on playing the role when the key actor Danny Denzongpa moved out of the film.

Javed Akhtar said, “Since Danny was the most sought after villain in the early 70’s hence he was the original choice but as he had committed his dates to Feroz Khan for his film DHARMATAMA, hence he backed out from the film as the shooting dates for both films clashed.”

“With Danny out every actor from Sanjeev Kumar to Dharmendra to Amitabh Bachchan tried to persuade Ramesh Sippy to grab the role because the role had shaped up fantastically but Ramesh Sippy was adamant to have someone who could give that ‘extra’ which the role demanded. Hence after a patient effort and desperate search, Salim Khan introduced Amjad Khan to Rameshji,” informed Javed. 

Salim Khan recalling the first meeting of Amjad Khan with Ramesh Sippy reminisces, “When I went to Ramesh Sippy’s house with Amjad Sippy, Sippy Sahab was lying on the diwan with his back to the door. Hence from the low angle Amjad Khan appeared larger to him. Besides Amjad Khan’s debonair ‘Pathan’ looks aided with his curly hair and his hoarse baritone startled Sippy Sahab and his eyes glittered. With an utter exhilaration Rameshji exclaimed “I have got my Gabbar Singh!” 

True to Ramesh Sippy’s vision and his confidence Amjad Khan who made his debut in the film gave his career best performance that made him immortal. 

Till date millions of his fans, do not know his real name but remember his as Gabbar Singh.! 

However the younger generation will be shocked to know that despite such an immortal performance Amjad Khan was not give the Best Villain Filmfare Award!!!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s short video film on I-Day shakes the conscience of Indians!

August 15 witnessed the nation celebrating Independence Day with fervor hoisting flags and singing national anthem. Bollywood displayed their patriotism with actors tweeting on Bharat Mata. While TV channels made the day really patriotic showing patriotic films. 

However one man who stole the thunder on Independence Day was actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who through a short video film on Internet shocked the conscience of the Indian.

The film aimed at wishing Independence Day greeting to the Indian is a hard hitting comment that urges Indian to do their work with sincerity and dedication. 

The BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN actor is shown in film listening to the iconic speech that Pandith Jawaharlal Nehru delivered on the eve of Independence Day in 1947. Later addressing the viewer he sarcastically attacks the nation saying, “We fought bravely to win independence of our country but today the I-day has reduced to a mere national holiday!”

He adds, “The population of the nation is more than 100 crore but each one is engaged in their own selfish goal.”

“It does not matter if we are self-seeking but what matters is that whatever we do, no matter small or big, if we do it with earnestness and utter devotion than it is the greatest service to the nation, ” he informs. 

He asserts, “The secret of a strong nation lies in understanding the importance of your responsibility. A responsibility well accomplished can go a long way in ensuring progress. So do your work diligently because though our population may be 1,000,000,000 but the values of zero are worthless without ONE. Hence each ‘One’ of us must do our work honestly!”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui ends the film fantastically with the thought provoking dialogue from his film MANJHI: THE MOUNTAIN MAN, “Sarkaar ke bharose mat baithe raho, kya pata sarkaar hamre bharose baithi ho.” 

(Do not just sit idle, thinking that the government will work on all the issues plaguing the nation. Who knows the government may be waiting for us to solve the issue.)