Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Amitabh Bachchan’s KAALIA becomes Bollywood’s first remake to be remade by its original filmmaker Tinnu Anand!

Recently the media was rife with the news that famous film producer Rajat Rawail, who has to his credit hit films like READY, ROWDY RATHORE, NO PROBLEM has purchased the remake rights of Amitabh Bachchan’s action hit KAALIA and is toying of making the remake with either Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar. However Tinnu Anand, the original filmmaker has denied the news.

In an interview to a leading website Tinnu Anand confirmed, “I am aware that there was a rumor about filmmaker Rajat Rawail planning a remake of my film. But let me make it clear that I have not sold the remake rights to any filmmaker.” He added, “In fact the truth is that I have decided to remake the movie myself!” 

Speaking about the new version of KAALIA Tinnu Anand said, “KAALIA was essentially a powerful film with punchy dialogues between its key characters Amitabh Bachchan and Pran Sahab. Hence my first attempt is to keep alive the same intensity in the script. Right now I am concentrating on the screenplay.”

“Regarding the title I have not finalized but I my oscillating between either KALLU SE KAALIA or KAALIA IS BACK. I will select the apt title after the screenplay is ready,” discloses Tinnu Anand. 

Released in 1977 KAALIA was basically a revenge tale of a village bumpkin turning into an underworld to avenge his elder brother’s murder. However what made the movie intriguing was the superlative conflict between the stern jailor (played brilliantly by actor Pran) and Amitabh Bachchan, who is convict in his jail. 

The fiery exchange of dialogues between them was the highlight of the movie. The dialogues were incidentally penned by Inder Raj Anand, Tinnu Anand’s father. Remember the fantastic dialogues like Hum jahaan khade ho jaate hain, line vahin se shuru ho jaati hai........or Aap ne jail ki deewaron aur zanjeeron ka loha dekha hai jailer sahab ... Kaalia ki himmat ka faulaad nahi dekha

It may be noted that Tinnu Anand has the rare opportunity of directing Amitabh Bachchan in as many as four films KAALIA (1981), SHAHENSHAH (1988), MAIN AZAAD HOON (1989) and MAJOR SAAB (1998).

Music director Khayaam reveals the secret behind Asha Bhosle’s hit ghazals in UMRAO JAAN

The name Asha Bhosle is synonymous with peppy and sizzling number like Dum Maro Dum …, Yeh Mera Dil Pyar Ka Diwana…,Piya Tu Ab To Aaja…. So one may wonder how could Asha Bhosle sing the complex ghazals in UMRAO JAAN so effectively that fetched her National Award. 

On the legendary singer Asha Bhosle’s 82nd birthday; Raaga.Com unfolds the secret. Read on… 

Asha Bhosle’s command over seductive and fast numbers has been so commanding that even the new generation music maverick A.R. Rahman could not resist and employed her for the sizzling song Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena Ye Koi Baat …(RANGEELA). Truly when the song was picturised on Urmila Matondkar it brought out the sensuality of Urmila Matondkar in her voice vividly and created magic. 

Asha Bhosle’s elder sister and Melody Queen Lata Mankeshkar too credit Asha’s mastery over such songs that have helped her escalate to dizzy heights of stardom.

In an interview she cited that major reason for Asha Bhosle’s success as a singer was her ability to innovate and develop her own brand of singing. She said, “I'm very proud of Asha. Thank God she didn't adopt my style of singing and because of her own identity she was able to establish herself.”

Interestingly while Asha Bhosle’s forte has been fast and peppy numbers what is commendable about Asha Bhosle is her ‘equal’ mastery in Indian Classical music. Of course the credit for which goes Khayyam, the music legend, who made her immortal in his film UMRAO JAAN. Remember the super hit ghazals like Dil cheez kya hai…., In aankhon ki masti ke…, Ye kya jagah hai…, Justju jiski thi…. 

The movie fetched her National Award and the world was left dumbfounded at her command over ghazal and Indian Classical music. 

Speaking about Asha; Khayyam says, “Initially she was not offered songs picturised on the heroine because she was typecast as a fast number specialist. But I found her to be very enthusiastic and hard working. She would rehearse for hours. Hence in my first film BIWI (1948), I asked her to sing the song Mere man ke aangan chand chamka… for then superstar Mumtaz Shanti.” 

He added, “She sang it beautifully. Then, in Dilip Kumar’s hit film FOOTPATH, I made her sing all the songs for the number one heroine of that era, Meena Kumari and this set the ball rolling for her in Bollywood.”

Informing about the super hit ghazals of UMRAO JAAN, Khayaam reveals the secret, “Few know that for UMRAO JAAN, I had changed her tone. Initially she protested but when I assured her, she agreed. When she heard the song she was quite surprised that she could sing in such a tone. The songs proved her versatility and established her talent.”