Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ajay Devgan: “I believe six-pack and eight-pack abs make you weak!”

Today when six packs abs have become synonymous with a Bollywood hero, the action king Ajay Devgan has made a contrary statement that has created a flutter in Bollywood

According to reports Ajay Devgan, who will be seen playing an action avatar in Prabhu Deva’s ACTION JACTION, candidly confessed, “I believe six-pack and eight-pack abs make you weak. They look nice, but they can make you physically weak. I believe you should be muscular and fit. I don’t want to promote eight-pack abs.”

The frank confession of Ajay Devgan against the mad rush among the Bollywood actors for six to eight pack abs is actually a clarion call about the hazards in store for today’s’ actors, who mindlessly keep working out in the gym.

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Mocking the six packs of the recent actor, the ‘Original He Man’ of Bollywood Dharmendra says, “Now-a-days everyone is a He-Man ... look at our heroes now ... they have reached almost nine-packs these days. But if you have seen my movie DHARAM-VEER (1977), you will know that I was not into making packs but pegs!.” 

Readers who have seen Dharmendra in DHARM VEER will agree that he really had a steal body, which will shame the so-called today’s six pack Bollywood actors. Dharmendra, who is still fit and healthy says, “My only principal for good health had been regular ‘physical’ exercise and not the one developed in hi-tech gym. Secondly I eat good diet and a maintained a strict fitness regime. ” 

Speaking about the ill effects of Six Packs health experts say, “While developing the six packs we kill the important fat from our body. As a result of low fat a person can develop multiple health issues like fatigue, low bone density, and more. Just like too much body fat can cause health problems, too little can cause similar issues.” 

“In addition there’s a risk of spinal problems,” informs a doctor. He says, “ If you pay too much attention to your abs and not enough to your lower back, the abs muscles can tilt your spine forward. You’ll not only have poor posture, but you can end up creating a very rigid spinal column that is more likely to be injured. What’s worse a person can also develop breathing problems because tight abs can pull your body forward, and this can reduce the amount of space available for your internal organs - particularly your lungs.

Fawad Khan Becomes First Pakistani Actor to bag ‘Best Bollywood Debut’ Nomination

Pakistani actor turned Bollywood heartthrob Fawad Khan has made history by becoming the First Pakistani actor to be nominated as ‘Best Bollywood Debut’ for his superlative performance in KHOOBSURAT opposite Sonam Kapoor at the Masala Awards 2014 in Dubai. 

Touted by media as the unique blend of Bollywood’s mighty Khan trio Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, Fawad is winning tremendous popularity in India thanks to his suave looks and understated style. Besides Bollywood Fawad has also become a darling of Indian TV buffs with his popularity in Zindagi’s popular TV dramas like ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI and HUMSAFAR. 

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Fawad Afzal Khan spent most of his childhood in Greece, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. At the age of 12, Fawad made his return to Lahore, where he completed his schooling and later obtained a degree in Computer Science. Speaking about his passion for acting Fawad says, “I have a penchant for acting since my school days and I always took parts in my school plays.” 

He informs, “When I was just 13 years old I was approached by an advertising film maker to do an advt. film, initially my conservative family had objections but looking at my passion for arts they agreed. Thus my career in glamour world began with modeling.”

“I have the honor of walking on the ramp along with Pakistani model and actress, Mahira Khan at the India Bridal Fashion Week and the PFDC L’OrĂ©al Paris Bridal Week Day.” he quips. 

Fawad Khan’s popularity is soaring to dizzy height in Bollywood and if rumors are to believed than he is cast opposite Sonakshi Sinha in a film being made on the love story of great Hindi film lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi and legendary poetess Amrita Pritam