Thursday, June 19, 2014


Rimi Tomy , is creating a wave ofcourse in the Malayalam industry. Not many know that she actually arrived in the industry a decade back! Well Rimi now getting famous as anchor in a popular reality show, as an actress actually entered the film industry way back in 2003 with a famous song ‘ Chingamaasam vannu chernaal’ from the movie Meesa Maadhavan.After this hit, there was no looking back for the lady! She was able to scale up all heights very easily and she made sure she worked extremely hard towards it. The song “ennomale’ from the movie Athisayan that released in 2007 yet again gave her a big much deserved break!

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2009 too proved to be a very good year for Rimi considering she sang many numbers fro various films, that too popular ones like ‘Lollypop’ ‘Nammal Tamil’ etc.

Rimi Tomy is also extremely talented with a very good sense of humour. Infact she is the judge of a comedy show in a leading Malayalam channel. With a wide knowledge of the Telugu film industry, she has also rendered hit song like Kodi munda from Dongudu alongside a mass-appealing singer like Shankar Mahadevan.

Rimi Tomy has also contributed in albums like ‘I Love You’ for the song ‘Ulil Thengum’. What is amazing about Rimi Tomy’s singing is that she is very versatile and can easily adapt herself to different types of singing. Her precision in terms of pronunciation has to also be widely appreciated. Not many singers do this with ease. Rimi although hasn’t really received a big name award yet but we are hoping she will be cracking something amzing soon and grab an award totally worth it! takes this chance to wish the singer a very happy journey in the industry

The Untold Humane Side Of Villain Ashish Vidyarthi

Ashish Vidyarthi the brilliant actor in a career spanning over two decades has proved his versatility doing a verity of roles in multilingual movies, prominent being Bollywood and Telugu. His exceptional performance as Commander Bhadra in Govind Nihalani's DROHKAAL (1995) gave him the much needed impetus that he struggled since his debut in Kannada film ANAND (1986). However it is his villainy that has been applauded most and even fetched him Screen Best Villain Award in Sudhir Mishra’s movie IS RAAT KI SUBAH NAHIN.

Ashish Vidyarthi turns 52 today, Raaga.Com wishes him birthday greeting and reveals the untold humane side of the actor.

A menacing villain on screen, Ashish Vidyarthi is a different person in real life. He is down to earth, humane and patriotic to the core. In an interview he confessed, “Being an actor I do not get the opportunity to interact with the common man like autorickshaw drivers, servant, fish vendor etc. hence I take the opportunity to honor these ‘ordinary, yet extraordinary, people’ by felicitating them the ‘Vidyarthi Samman,’ an award initiated in the memory of my late father, Govind Vidyarthi.” He adds, “This award is exclusively given only to the common man, who slogs day in and day out and yet excels in their life. The award is a salute to the common man’s spirit against the atrocities of life.”

It may be noted however busy Ashish Vidyarthi may be in his shooting in Bangalore, Mumbai or foreign countries he make sure to be present at Chirakkuni, a small village in Thalassery Taluk in Kannur District of Kerala State, where he spent his childhood along with his father and mother.

Speaking about his father he said, “My father was a theatre personality and travelled across the country to learn more about spirituality, politics and arts. He was inspired by the freedom fighter Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, who laid down his life fighting the British. My father was so much influenced by Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi that he had adopted his Vidyarthi as a tribute to his idol.” He informs, “ My father was instrumental in the formation of the Indian People’s Theatre Association. After freedom, my father joined the Sangeet Natak Akademi. He died a contented man.”