Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enchanting Voice - Karthick

The singer who made it big with A.R.Rahman's 'Nendhikiten' from the movie Star, he is now one of the busiest singers in town. Known for his versatility both in Carnatic and film music, he is also approached by many for singing fusion albums.

With Karthik's introduction to Rahman done by Srinivas, his musical rainbow splashed more colours his way. None can forget the rapport Srinivas and Karthik in the song 'Uselle uselle'. Who can forget Karthik's rendition for our chocolate hero Maddy in the movie Minnale. When the movie Boys released, every eligible boy in town wanted a girlfriend, thanks to Karthik's catchy 'Enaku oru girlfriend venum'. One can even say Karthik's 'Anjalai' soothed all the one's going through a bad break up. Talking about philosophy, no one can forget 'Aadadha Aatamellam' from Mounam Pesiyadhe.One must appreciate how this trained singer is able to do equally justify the nuances involved for a kuthu song to a melody. Be it even the rough and tough songs, giving the hero a voice as one can say, Karthik's voice suits all the young heroes of our Kollywood. Other best hits of Karthik's would ofcourse include Gore Gore from the movie Moscowin Kaveri, Hasili Fisili from Aadhavan etc.

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His stint as judges for various reality shows also portrays him as a very good guide any singer would look out for. Karthik is also attributed with making many stage shows a grand success. His five piece act sent vibes around the town recently where he undoubtedly brings alive the original track on stage. Be it the other chartbusters in other languages like Telugu , Hindi, Malayalam and what not, Karthik is all set to explore various language options as well. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Freshness of a 'Poo'

This word by itself has a lot of freshness associated with it. Everyone loves flowers. None can say anything negative about flowers. They definitely do bring joy and also a smile to all our faces. Raaga.com brings to you more freshness with its exclusive list of songs with the word 'poo'.

Tracing back to the Ilayaraja tracks, what strikes us immediately would be 'Poomalaiye' from the movie Pagal Nilavu, 'Poove poochudava' from the movie titled same as the song. 'Poojaiketha Poo idhu' from Neethana Andha kuyil in Chithra's voice.

Ofcourse the song 'Poo pookum osai ' is everyone's favourite from the movie Minsara Kanavu. 'Poova Poova poove' in Poovellam Ketuppar showing a variety of flowers was a hit starring the then fresh face Jyothika. Rahman's 'Margazhi poove' ofcourse is a beautiful, hummable composition and definitely stole all our hearts.  A romantic number 'Poo vasam veesum' from Anbe Sivam is a wonderful song supported by beautiful flute background.

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A danceable number is 'poo poova poo poova' starring Sarath Kumar and Meena from the Blockbuster Coolie is a good listen. Another song that hits us is 'Mookuthi poo mela' from the movie Mouna Geethangal.

Don't all of us love 'Munbe Vaa'? The song not only has the word poo in the pallavi but the song has a very notable anupallavi too starting with 'poovaithai poovaithai nee poovai kor poo vaithai'. A romantic listen sung by Naresh Iyer and Shreya Ghoshal, the song is ofcourse loved by all.

The list is ofcourse never -ending , and the word ofcourse can be associated with all kinds of emotions. May the freshness of all the flowers continue is all we can say for now. Are all the lyricists listening?

Super Singer Vijay

Nope, this is not the reality singer contest in limelight. The man who sizzles in dance, acting and comedy has flair for singing as well and quite recently Vijay's vocals are becoming regular in all his movies. Why is that, whenever an actor dons the singer cap it gives such a delight to the ordinary fan? Well the emotional connect onscreen and to sing in your own voice is something of a fulfilment to the actor, and Ilayathalapathy has done the bonding absolutely spot on!

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Thottabetta Rottu Mela were the earliest days of Vijay's singing, this came as a delightful dance number with Vijay sizzling through the screen and behind the scenes as well. This was probably one of the songs that showcased Vijay's talent as a singer in folky milieu. Then in Kaadhaluku Mariyathai he sung O Baby Baby a cool and breezy for Ilayaraja's composition and the other, Vijay's touch. When cupid strikes you for the first time, it is just bliss and bliss, Vijay breezes through the transition to a Romeo is the highlight.

Vijay's bonding with Imman came a few years back in Ullathai Killadhe song from Tamizhan. Both the lead actors made things look simple by singing and capturing the enigma on screen as well. A beautiful song with a lot of peppiness, Vijay's mellow voice steals the limelight. Not to leave out the number from Badri Enoda Laila, sleazy rap like song. This easy go song from Badri was a trend setter those days, with Vijay's enchanting plea fresh and delightful. This was probably one of the songs that established his all-round capacity. Starting off with a sleazy vocal, the hiccupy song traverses through interestingly, not to single out the chorus!

Folk, especially racy dapankuthu was Vijay's favorite and that is not limited just to dancing but singing as well. Vaadi Vaadi from the movie Sachin is true to its word bolts you up from the lazy chair and gets you shaking a leg. The song is absolute fun and connecting Vijay on the screen as a dancer and off the screen as a singer makes you step up and dance.

Now the recent Google Google from Thuppakki was a roaring hit and probably we can refer this as a comeback, Ilayathalapathy matching the likes of Andrea with a cool and slick number, thanks to Harris Jeyraj. The song was the biggest hit in terms of music, dance and well Vijay's melodic as well. This year's Vangana Vanakkamana from Thalaivaa is an offbeat lethargic number by Vijay, and struck well with the youth especially for its orchestration and the lazy yet chick vocals. The half-baked drunken song strikingly matches Vijay's voice and is tailor made for his vocals.

And getting ready is Kandangi Kandangi from Jilla. Now here is the melody from Vijay, all these years after establishing himself in the folk and peppy number department, Vijay's melodious vocal amazes everyone as he seamlessly eases through with Shreya Goshal. The song from Jilla is creating ripples even before its release, so watch out for the visuals!

There are plenty other songs from Vijay which deserve to be mentioned, but the above noted ones always take a special place!

Best of Malaysia Vasudevan and S.Janaki

Think of these two stalwarts and of course the first song that you can think of is 'Kovil mani osai' from the movie Kizhake pogum rail. 'Aagaya Gangai' from the movie Dharmayudham starring Rajini and Sridevi was one of the best romantic duets during the late 1970's.'Nilakayuthu', one of the most sensuous songs of all times is a mega hit by this duet. 'Vaan megangale' from the movie Puthiya Vaarpugal can be classified under their hits too.

The man has sung more than 8000 songs in his three decades of active career. It is amazing to note that most of it are for Ilaiyaraaja and ofcourse each song on its own is a wonder with Ilayaraja's magic spinning along. Janaki on the other hand is the only singer who can adopt a voice of a 5 yr old and can also immediately switch her voice to that of a 80 yr old. Such is the amazing nature of both the singers who have definitely taken kollywood to a whole new level.

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Sometimes one can wonder how these two singers have contributed so much to the Kollywood industry in the era where the fresh talents are also not able to cope with. It is also amazing to note that the standard set by these two in terms of duets and also solos have been irreplaceable by other singers. They were in demand for the chemistry that came out through their voices. It is also believed that these great singers could even record up to three songs a day and would never get tired. It is also widely spoken about that these gifted stalwarts would not take more than a day to finish one complete song which infact is amazing considering there was no technology available even to manipulate voice tones.

Other notable songs of the two would include 'Kaathal Vaibogame' , 'Poonguyile' , 'Anbe chinthamani' , 'Paathikalil' etc.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah - Different every bit

When two different cultures meet, it is not only colourful but also chaotic a great deal. Introducing love in such a scenario, director Anees is gearing up for the release of Jai-Nazriya starrer 'Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah'. And here's Ghibran on action, sorting out the confusion between different backgrounds, in a set of interesting melodies.

1. Chillendra Chillendra

Voices: Sundar Narayana Rao, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Munna Shaoukat Ali, Ghibran

Lyrics: Kadhal Mathi, Munna Shaoukat Ali

One more in the league of melodies, the opening track of 'Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah' is an intelligent composition, you are bound to grow instant liking to, given the lilting melody and enchanting and fitting lyrics. The first track of this cross-cultural film opens with a Hindustani-Sufi touch, and uses the instruments fitting such a genre and feel. Praising love in melody, the song is one you could sit back and relax on. It is not only the intertwining mix of two different languages, but also the gentle beats that support the lead voices, which make the song a pleasant experience. Sundar's unique voice stands out in high pitches, where it holds unbelievable control over notes.

2. Rayile Ra

Voices: Bonnie Chakraborty, Nivas, Isai Mazhalai Haresh, Ashwitha

Lyrics: Thenmozi Das

After a melodious duet, comes a shocking surprise in the second track, with phunk beats and an interesting deep hip-hop, dashed with hints of dubstep. Racy and thumping, the song gathers vigour at almost after half a minute, after an offbeat queer opening, to roll out into a song full of josh. Drum pad has been used extensively in an interesting sequence through this song. With colloquial yet contemporary feeling to it, 'Rayile Ra' is one of the rare tracks which practically deliver the feel of the song setting in music alone. Without spoiling the suspense and fun this song holds, we conclude that this one here is a beautiful journey of five and half minutes.

3. Yaaro Ival

Voices: Yazin Nizar

Lyrics: Parvathy

Ghibran is a surprise package, and this song stands testimony to it once again. If you thought this one is a melody that falls flat on the face, then it is nowhere near boredom. Four minutes full of interesting twists and musical tryst, 'Yaaro Ival' is quite an unpredictable solo that ranges quickly and swiftly between high and low pitches - quite analogous with the rapidity of heartbeat at the moment of rapture. Describing the caged feelings of a man caught in love for a gorgeous woman, the song is predominantly backed by guitar and lilting beats, with brief rolling of drums and rapid strumming of strings towards the end. Interestingly, the track is not restricted to repetitive description and carries a narrative in singular direction.

4. Khwaja Ji

Voices: Arifullah Shah Khalif E Rifayee

Lyrics: Nizami

When you reach this track, do not be confused - such an initiative is not quite common, but after years, the trend seems to have returned. Breaking the suspense, let's reveal that this song is not in Tamil, but is certainly a Tamil movie song. At three minutes, the track is devotional on Islamic lines, praising the Lord, or Khwaja. Typically on Hindi-bordering-on-Urdu lyrics, and backed by Qawwali beats, this track is authentic Islamic. It is not quite often that we get to listen to other-language songs in Tamil movies; this time, sit back and enjoy the refreshing track.

5. Enthara Enthara

Voices: Shadab Faridi, Chinmayi

Lyrics: Karthik Netha

Everything about the song is upbeat from the first note - 'Enthara Enthara' is fusion of sorts, refreshing and invigorating every bit, at every beat. The song is just as energizing as it would feel to be freshly in love. The song opens with intelligent keys, which backs the song till the first stanza. Shadab is a striking find, who bridges between Hindustani and contemporary western styles, with his unique voice; Chinmayee on the other hand is a blessing to listen to, like she always is impressive. After a round of heavy beats, the song smoothly transitions into the lilting keys, like the ones in the beginning, to conclude in a serene and flawless end. Poesy all along is an interesting perspective to the feeling of being in love.

6. Kannukkul Pothivaippen

Voices: Vijay Prakash, Sadhana Sargam, Charulatha Mani, Dr.R.Ganesh

Lyrics: Parvathy

You think it is a romantic run-of-the-mill melody, but Ghibran is here to surprise us once again in a duet with traditional touch. Xylophone is used like probably never before, in combination with hollow beats, which back the duet with Carnatic inclination effectively. Quite a bit of expertise has gone into choosing the right voices for this unusual yet elegant and captivating track, with intriguing lyrics. The signature music between second and third stanzas in violins is a catchy piece of acoustic genius. With a romantic exchange of words in the background, wrapped intelligently in a song on Lord Krishna, the song is a sheer pleasure with captivating lyrics.

Trust Ghibran and you will never be let down. Proving his prowess once again, here we have the composer for yet another chart topper in 'Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah'. Apart from the melodies and offbeat compositions, there are also four karaoke versions in this album, like most of the composer's others. With that, we conclude that Ghibran has more than lived up to expectations - once again!

Rating: 3.2/5

Remix Revolution

All of us know that a remix is an unconventional version of an already recorded song, its original, undisturbed version. Talking about remixes, isn't Remix culture popular everywhere? One can say that the rise of Remix in music emerged during the 1970s and 1980's in relation to art and media at the beginning of the twenty-first Century. We can also view a 'Remix' as binder, taking us back to the previous era but of course, not in its original shape. Today, we bring to you a glimpse of few remixed hits in the Tamil music industry that you might have missed.

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Who can not relate to "Ponmagal Vandhal" which originally appeared in the movie Sorgam which decades later was remixed and used in the movie Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. Yet another remix hit was "Vechukava" from Nallavannukku Nallavan was used for Silambattam. The evergreen hit "Atho andha paravai pola" was yet again remixed and used in the movie Ayirathil Oruvan. Contrary to the belief that it may not be well accepted, it is amazing to note that the remixed version not only establish a connect with the previous generation who have heard the songs but also the current generation which love the remixed song. Other examples of best Tamil remixes would include "Yenna ma kannu sowkiyama" from blockbuster hit movie Mr.Bharath used recently for Dhanush starrer Thiruvilayadal Arambam. "Thottal Poo Malarum" managed to capture the hearts of many from the movie New as we heard singer Harini and Hariharan's voice do the magic like the previous version in the movie Padakotti.

With the remixes booming on one side, it is also essential to remember that With the YouTube generation uploading remixes, parodies, and mash-ups of copyrighted material they are in a way disrupting the royalty due to the musicians themselves. Coming to the theory of remix, we can call remixing the art of including the aesthetics of old song etc in terms of art, music, and new media in the recent era. We are all a part of the remix revolution where we are taking earlier composed ideas, tweaking them and building upon them.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Karmic Kaapi

Have you heard the song 'Sen tamizh thaen mozhiyai'? Did you like it? Have you heard 'Sangathil Paadatha kavithai'? Were you able to relate it to 'Thumbi vaa'? Did you think it sounded similar? Were you able to connect them? Well ofcourse it is the beautiful raagam behind it which gives them the base behind it. Here is a quick look into the best songs in the ragam 'Kaapi'.

Ofcourse the veteran, the music maestro has explored all the possible nuances of the Raagam. Some of his best compositions in this raagam are 'Thanni thoti thedi vantha' from the movie Sindu Bairavi, 'Chinna thaayaval' from the movie Thalapathy, 'Kanne Kalaimane' from the movie Mondram Pirai are classic examples for kaapi. 'Neer Veezchi Thee Moottuthe' from the movie Kanne Kalaimane is another popular song in Kaapi. TMS's voice behind 'Sirithaal' from the movie 'Maariyamman Thiruvizha'

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Coming to the period of A.R.Rahman, one song which best brings out kaapi is 'Kaadhal Rojave' from the movie Roja. His nephew G.V.Prakash composed 'Uruguthey Maruguthey' in Kaapi for the movie veyil. Ace music director Sharreth who has worked on considerable amount of movies in the Tamil Film industry also gave the hit number 'Mazhaiye Mazhaiye' for the movie June R in this beautifully structured raaga.

An exhaustively used raaga in the carnatic music field, An all time favourite for any music lover would be 'Jagadhodharana'. A structure that gives a sway, a structure that makes each individual delve into deeper emotions, Kaapi is definitely one ragam that is loved by many.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Scintillating Saindavi

The singer who tied the knot with the young music director G.V. Prakash is always associated with her lilting voice. Little do people know that this ace singer is also a well known carnatic musician. What brought her to limelight was ofcourse 'Rantaka rantaka' from the movie Anniyan. This song set a path laid of roses for Saindhavi in her musical career.
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Her hits in the Tamil industry include 'Ippo elaati eppo' from the movie Aadhi, 'Adada Mazhaida' from Paiyaa, 'manjal Mugame' from the movie ABCD. This singer is also the voice behind A.R.Rahman's popular 'Kelamal Kaiyile' starring Vijay from the movie Azhagiya Tamil Magan.
A student of Chettinad Vidyashram school and M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women, Saindhavi has expanded her singing wings for other languages as well. One of her popular telugu hits is 'Maamidi Komma ki' from the movie Avakai Biriyani. For the Kannada industry,another song which made her popular is ofcourse 'Mussanje rangalli'. This singer has also lent her voice for few Tamil serials like Idhu oru kaadhal kadhai, Edhir neechal, Chellamay Chellam where she has sung the title tracks as well.
One singer who lives up to the term 'Versatility' is ofcourse Saindhavi. In the carnatic music genre, she has explored a lot and infact she is one of the popular faces during the famous 'December music festival' in the city. Her devotional album on Lord Krishna titled 'Alilayil Urangukinra Mayakkannane' was released in 2012 which was a good buy for all carnatic music enthusiasts. She is also one of the lead singers in the popular album 'Sacred chants'.
Young atheart and age, Saindavi has a long way to go with her musical journey and ofcourse 2013 has been a good year for the singer. Raaga.com wishes her all the best for her musical endeavours.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shake a leg with Vijay

It is the time of the year where the spirits are high and all of us want to shake a leg and break the dance floor. And that too with Jilla close to release, it is time to look back at the best dance numbers from the actor - Vijay.Be it the fast beats, be it the the amazing fast paced steps, the songs have caught attention and are infact the hot favourites in any college cultural scenarios to wedding scenes.

An ace dancer that he is, we all love the song ' Aadungada ennai suthi' from Pokkiri right? His other danceable numbers would be 'Dole Dole' from the same movie. The song that really proved his dancing skills was 'Althota bhupathi' from the movie Youth where he is seen sharing the screen with another graceful dancer Simran.

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His movie Sachin delivered two danceable numbers namely 'Gundu manga thopukkule' and 'Vaadi vaadi'. Villu was a wonderful movie as the hits from the movie included 'Dheemthanakka thillana' and 'Daddy mummy' which are ofcourse played even today for a perfect Desi hits scene even at a club party.

'Apadi podu' from the movie Gilli was one song which made it big and even reached the Bollywood ears. The costume, the colours, the set - everything was widely appreciated. Vijay's movie Sura with 'Naan adicha saravadi' was again a adaptable dancing number. His dancing numbers are ofcourse countless but yet again one striking song from the movie Thirupachi would be 'nee entha ooru'. The film Vettaikaran is yet again a good example for to bring out the dancer's skills was 'En ucchi mandai la'.

Dancing along with the dancer master Lawrence would have been amazing and that is exactly what happened with the two dancing together for 'Tham thaka theem thaka' in the movie Thirumalai.
A wonderful dancer, a wonderful actor and what not. Tune in and enjoy the greatest dance hits of Illayathalapathy Vijay.

Rewind and Unwind

It is that time of the year where the celebrations are round the corner, the season of care - with Christmas and New year fast approaching. It is during this time that each of us would take time to make it special with our loved ones. Here is a perfect time to rewind and unwind as we present to you the best melodies from the Tamil industry in the year 2013.

Although the movie faced many problems with the release, this song, the opening one in the movie was appreciated for the choreography, the melody in the tone and ofcourse for the versatility of the singer. Yes ofcourse we are talking about 'Unnai Kaanadha' from the movie movie 'Vishwaroopam' in Shankar Mahadevan's voice. As the year went by, another movie which was noted for the controversies was Mani Ratnam;s Kadal. But ofcourse 'Moongil Thottam' was loved by all. Newbie Ajay Jodhpurkar and sweet voiced Harini were ofcourse the reason behind the song's hit.

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Udhayam NH4 did not do well in the box office but ofcourse 'Yaaro ivan' sung by Saindhavi emerged a hit. Moving on, Dhanush starrer Maryan was welcomed by many just for the 'Innum Konjam' melody. Although a motivational movie, Ethir neechal movie featuring the 'anbe vaa' song was yet again a popular one amongst the love birds.The beautiful ghatam sound in the background added to the warmth of the song. The mid year movie which was the talk of the town for the dialogue itself was 'theeya vellai seyanum kumaru' and 'Melliya saaral' from that movie is a lovely listen.

The second half of the year did not bring down the melody quotient in the Kollywood industry. With Saindhavi and G.V.Prakash tying the knot, 'Yaar indha saala oram' emerged as a beautiful melody number also proving to be a perfect fit in the movie 'Thalaiva'. The song visuals resembling to the old Prabhu song, this song ' Unnai paartha neram' with the costumes, the tune, the dance movements caught the music lovers' attention.

With the trend of arranged marriages being talked about, 'Kalyana Samayal saadham' released recently and ofcourse the hummable 'Mella sirithai' is a no miss melody, which also has captivationg facebook like visuals. A very creative approach ofcourse. With trisha's Endredrum Punnagai just released, 'Ennai saaithale' is the current melody being talked about.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jilla - Music Review

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Everything about 'Jilla' has been creating headlines. From the opening song involving more than a thousand to the track that Vijay himself sang, expectations about this album has been high all along. Now with the album being received in hugely positive opinion, here's a briefing of the musical magic that Imman has worked on the upcoming Vijay, Mohanlal, Kajal starrer.

1. Pattu Onnu Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : SP. Balasubramaniam, Shankar Mahadevan

'Jilla' opens on a highly appealing and extremely energetic song, that more than lives up to the promises about this track. Bringing electric guitar and traditional chenda beats together in an interesting mix, Imman has delivered in all grandeur, the opening song to which stalwarts will be tapping their feet. Shankar opens the song in all zeal, and SPB adds in later to make it a wholesome joyous listening experience. Apart from the predominant guitar and chendas, viola is also used to add to the magnum opus. The song gets very high on energy in the musical experience between the second and third stanzas. Mohanlal is Siva and Vijay's screen name is Sakthi in 'Jilla'; that explains part of the lyrics. Speaking of friendship and an optimistic and mutually encouraging relationship, 'Pattu Onnu' is a mass song in all respects.

2.Verasa Pogayile Listen here

Lyricist : Parvathy 

Singer : D. Imman

The second one this album is a romantic track high on violins. With typical Imman touch, this romantic solo uses violins extensively. Starting and ending in whistles, the song is a beautiful melody with simple lyrics, apt for a young lad who's just stumbled upon love. The song has strings of English influence, and it captures the mood of rapture in the right measure. Signature musical pieces by Imman are always outstanding and the one here in violins is no exception to the rule.

3.Jingunamani Listen here

Lyricist : Viveka 

Singer : Ranjith, Sunidhi Chauhan

Roping in Sunidhi Chauhan for a folk-style song, this track is quite a thoroughly unpredictable surprise package. The track starts with air instruments and opens in Sunidhi's rustic voice on Viveka's raunchy lyrics. As Ranjith adds to the duet, the song proceeds further at a foot-tapping pace. Different varieties of guitars are used in this song, which add depth and volume to the track. The signature music after first and second stanzas are trademark of Imman, and uplift the overall listening experience. Beats all along the song are heavy and thumping, creating an energetic aura about the song.

4. Kandaangi Kandaangi Listen here

Lyricist : Vairamuthu 

Singers : Vijay, Shreya Ghoshal

One of the most awaited songs of 'Jilla' is here. For a change, Vijay has crooned for a romantic melody in 'Kandangi Kandangi'; it is the actor who opens the song after the female hum, and he has sung like a pro in this track. Shreya sings the coy yet taunting repartee to Vijay's lines, making the duet a lovers' anthem. Vairamuthu's prowess cannot be measured in words, and it has been captured right in this intelligent composition. Given the lyricist's complex usage of language, Shreya's pronunciation deserves a special mention for making the song clean and hitch-free. This track uses violins in enchanting notes and strings.

5. Yeppa Maama TreatuListen here

Lyricist :  Viveka 

Singer : D. Imman, AV. Pooja, Snigdha Chandra

'Jilla' sure is a treat to all the fans, and this song is about it all. There is almost seldom a reason for treat, but parties are fun unlimited. 'Yeppa Maama Treatu' is a party song in hip-hop style. The track opens in Pooja's voice and is a foot-tapping number, to which you can get on the dance floor and start dancing. The party gets a Tamil folk twist after the second stanza, when the pace slows down to the change in beats. It quickly transcends to faster beats, and the transitions are smooth without any glitch. Keys used for this song are a quirky addition to the party-happy song.

6. Jilla ThemeListen here

Lyricist :  Viveka 

Singer : Santhosh Hariharan, Deepak, Anand, Shenbagaraj

The best way to describe this song is to call it the rise of the heroes. Racy and energetic, the song begins in disco genre. This track is highly appealing as it is carried in chorus, which carries a certain positivity about it. Tamil rap after the second stanza speaks of the fighting spirit and warrior-like brave attitude of the hero. The last 60 seconds of this 3-minute long high-energy song introduces chendas, and it gets better at every beat, making the song an extraordinary track full of josh climaxing in a powerful end.

The nail-biting wait has come to an end, and 'Jilla' has matched up to expectations to the fullest. Imman has composed some of the finest tunes, tailor-made for the youthful josh. But it is not restricted one age-group - the songs are for all, as everyone will enjoy this energy, without exception. With this, the expectations about the film has risen up multiple notches, as we gear up for a smashing Pongal this January.

Rating: 3.9/5

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ninaivellam 'Nila'

The word 'Nila' by itself stands testimony to describe something very beautiful. Usually in the Tamil film songs, we have seen the word used aptly to describe a women, one can even say these songs have made the word a synonym with the woman most of the times. Raaga.com gives you an exclusive list of such songs where the word 'Nila' has been given importance.
Does any song remind you of a small girl singing anything in relation to Nila? If you thought of Nila Kaigirathu then you hit a bingo! From the movie Indra and composed by A.R.Rahman, this song is loved by all even today for its feel good approach.
Listen to Nila Songs on Raaga.com

Talking about 'Nila' always sets in a scope for 'Romance'. How can one miss 'Kalyana then nila' then? This beautiful composition starring Amala and Mammooty from the movie Mounam Sammandham is a perfect duet to sing for someone on a romantic date too.
Some of Illaiyaraja's best tracks have used the word Nila in its compositions. Some examples would include 'Vaa vennila unnai thane' from Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu (along with M.S.Vishwanathan).'Ilaya nila' echoing in S.P.B's voice which appeared in the movie Pazhanangal mudivadhillai, 'Vaa nila nila' from Pattina Pravesham, 'Nilave Va' from the movie Mouna Ragam are classic masterpieces of Raja Sir.
Be it the emotion of sadness, still the word fits in perfectly to suit the mood. 'Vannam konda vennilav' sung in a very subtle, high emotion triggering manner. The word by itself carries many emotions and while putting it to use in a song, it sure does its magic. Tune in and listen to some of the immortal 'moon' songs.

Veeram - Thumping and Daring

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After a Thala Diwali, comes the Thala Pongal for all the eager fans and here's a sneak peek into the movie, through its songs. Devi Sri Prasad is back with his trademark energy with a fresh set of five songs, to put you on your feet and get them tapping. Director Siva has almost wrapped up the whole of 'Veeram' shooting, and as they progress into post-production, we present you with an analysis of the musical magic that DSP has worked on Ajith's upcoming release.

1. Nallavannu Solvaanga Listen here

Voices: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics: Vivega

Those who watched 'Veeram' teaser can instantly recognize this song. Although 'Veeram' is story based on the rural country side, the opening song of the film's album is hip and urbane in every beat. With the signature music in the background, you can almost imagine a suave Ajith walking in style. This track sounds best in thumping speakers, as the underlying beats, guitar, trumpet and backing keys are high on bass. It is not until after half the song is over that the country feeling peeps in with a shift to rural beats. 'Nallavannu Solvaanga' is a happy-go-lucky introduction song with a picture perfect pose. The song ends with the famed one-liner of 'Veeram'; but it is not the only one to cling on to, for the song is full of lines with an attitude which do not fail to bring a smile.

2. Ival Dhaana Listen here

Voices: Sagar, Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Vivega

Amid the popular trend that romantic duets must either be melodious or racy, or both, this one here is a trend setter, as it is neither, yet enjoyable in its very own rural touch. Starting and ending with a sweet chorus, the song uses captivating Tabla, and is set in Qawwali style, interspersed with a mix of urban and rural music. While the background music grabs our attention instantly, the voices in the fore are quite in sharp contrast - the background being heavy and zealous, while the voices are lilting, soft and soulful. In all, 'Ival Dhaana' is a beautiful track full of charming lyrics that don't miss a beat, beats that are in perfect sync with rhythm, rhythm that is enchanting, and enchanting voices that make the song a beautiful experience.

3. Thangame Thangame Listen here

Voices: Adnan Sami, Priyadarshini

Lyrics: Vivega

This one here is yet another romantic duet - a peppy number with earthen flavour. 'Thangame Thangame' is a comeback song for Adnan Sami, who has not been active in Tamil circuit for a while now, and it is a pleasure listening to him sing in his trademark stylish voice. Apart from string backing, this track also uses flute in places. Throughout the first half of the song and its concluding portions, echo has been added to Priyadarshini's voice to create depth. A set of four lines are repetitive through the song, and it is with these four lines that the song winds up to shrill flute and the thumps coming to a sudden halt.

4. Jing Chakaan Jing Chakaan Listen here

Voices: Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Magizhini Manimaaran

Lyrics: Vivega

Just like the previous track, this song also begins with a folk recital, before passing on to compelling beats and whistles. Coming across as a duet where the man and woman pull each other's leg in a friendly yet taunting manner in the beginning, the song transforms into the man cajoling the woman in the second stanza. After all the lighthearted conversation-like flow, the song wraps up on a happy ending with whistles and keys backed by beats. While Pushpavanam Kuppusamy entertains with his trademark standalone voice, Magizhini's is a refreshing and soulful voice, one to look out for. In all, 'Jing Chakaan' is a haapy-go-lucky folk recital of romantic duet.

5. Veeram Listen here

Voices: Anand, Koushik, Deepak, Jagadish

Lyrics: Vivega

This is one track which we have been hooked to from the time of 'Veeram's' first look teaser. Throughout a chorus recital of courage, bravery and dare, 'Veeram' theme music is in sharp contrast to the lighthearted mood that the previous songs have set. Further, the contrast also comes in the purity in the richness of Tamil in lyrics. Electric guitar and rolling drum beats, with quality lyrics, this 3-minute long chorus is an enlivening and rejuvenating track that instills valor, and is the mantra of heroism.

Two tracks completely folk, two with an urban tryst, and a song full of daring courage sum up to an album full of josh and vigour, with the strong subtlety of soulfulness. With choice lyrics and lively beats in all songs, 'Veeram' album makes for great listening experience. Although there is no melody perse, the absence of one is not felt hard and deep, among all the foot tapping numbers. 'Veeram' is out in stores now - grab your copy, turn the volume high, get up and dance!

Rating: 2.5/5

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nimirnthu Nil - Music Review

Directed by award winning director Samuthrikani, Jeyam Ravi acts in this action packed entertainer. Also starring Amala Paul, Meghana and Sarathkumar, the music is rendered by GV Prakash. Now how has the album fared out? Let us find out

1. Kaadhal Nergaiyil

Singer(s): Javed Ali, Shashaa, G.V. Prakash Kumar

Without a doubt Javed ali steals the show with his nectar like vocals in this number which has hints of classical sufi all over. Romance is certainly in the air and GV has captured it hands down with there is more to the ears than just a normal melody. The harmonious inclusion of flute and classical percussions add the sync to the cupid strike which is penned by Kabilan.

2. Don't worry

Singer(s): Gaana Bala, S. Chella

And yes, Gaana Bala is the regular lad these days and GV teams up yet again. A simple straightforward song with pipes and whistles sets the mood of happiness in life without problems and as usual Bala has penned the lyrics too. Somehow the lyrics don't live up to the expectations even though music is a winner by all means.

3. Rajadhi Raja

Singer(s): Hemachandra

Probably Jeyam Ravi's introduction song that starts up slow with the folky satire and slowly brings up a string of orchestration to entice. There is something about this song that is strangely reminiscent and misses the extra mile, even though it's an abode of adaptation. The recursive bass and trump in the background makes you go nuts, but the intentional thump is missing somehow. A possible hero worship song as any Kollywood hero can ask for.

4. Negizhyinil

Singer(s): Haricharan, Saindhavi

A soft and harmonious song uplifts the emotional mood through Saindhavi's dusky vocals. Added to haricharan's magical voice, the song is GV special without a doubt. The choice of instrumentation too is mild and doesn't go dense between the interludes as well, and gives a sense of soothing. Another biggest asset of this song is Madan Karky's lyrics which gets you hooked to the verses that brings romance in a lateral way.

5. Bhagavat Gita verses

Singer(s): Haricharan

In a sort of aggressive impression, the verses from the Holy book of Gita are sung by Haricharan in an uplifting manner. The theme and aroma of this trance is absolute sensation, and GV has crooned it rather belligerently to bring the mood.

Verdict : A mixed package

Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Musically Bonded

With Kamal's acting and Illayaraja's background score, there is ofcourse magic spun in the movie. With the kind of challenge that each of them take on, there is more competitive spirit building up throughout. Time to rewind and tae a look at the best numbers of the deadly combination - Ulaganayagan with the Isai Gnani.

Listen to Kamal Hassan & Illayaraja Songs on Raaga.com

Well ofcourse, the first song that strikes us would be 'Kanmani Anbodu'. Isn't this a master piece from the movie Guna? The emotions, the lyrics, the tune - the composition overall stands as an attribute for the movie itself, even today. The movie Mahanthi ofcourse is another beautiful composition all together, supported by classic lyrics by vaali. 'Sriranga ranga' from the movie took the singer Shobhana to great heights as well.

Talking about Kamal -Illayaraja association and everybody would recollect the movie 'Japanil kalyanaraman'. The song  'Appapo Ammamoi' was definitely a hit number. This great combination spun their magic in the movie Virumandi. 'Unna vida' was a wonderful, romantic number that caught everyone's attention. In the same movie, the racy 'Viru viru mandi virumandi' matched perfectly well with the visuals as well.

But the all time classic hit delivered by them is ofcourse 'Aboorva Sagotharargal'. Who can forget 'Raja kaiyavecha' . Considereed as the best song for the youth to display the naughtiness, this song is hummable for the Indian audience even now. Well does anyone remember 'Inji idupazhi'? ofcourse these are the two people associated with this song. Wasn't that sheer brilliance as well?

Yet again, the combination have worked wonders always and will definitely continue to do so.Cheers to the best actor and the best music director of the Tamil Cinema.

'Items' who ruled Bollywood in 2013

Listen to Item Songs on Raaga.com

As the year is close to the end, it is time to take a look at the 'item' songs that created a buzz in the ever sizzling Bollywood.

If you have started counting in your head then well, it is time to start with "1234 Get On The Dance Floor" from the movie 'Chennai Express', where everyone loved the pink-clad Priyamani making the moves beside King Khan.

And talking about attires, "Ghagra" from the movie 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' a comeback song for Madhuri is still a craze for the youth. This year saw the famous "Laila" Sunny Leone enter into Bollywood industry as well in the movie 'Shoout at Wadala'.

Towards the end of the year, of course 'R...Rajkumar' movie made "Gandi Baat" go viral. Thanks to the easy choreography by Prabhu Deva, it has started trending as the most loved song right from a kid dancer to an old man.

Priyanka Chopra added two songs to her kitty namely "Pinky" from the much awaited movie 'Zanjeer'  which ultimately did not do too well in the box office and of course "Ram chahe" from the movie 'Ram Leela' which was not welcomed by her fans. Not to forget "Babli Badmash Hai"....

Who would not like a magical hug? Well and that too if it is from someone like Jacqueline Fernandez we all would definitely love the "Jadoo ki Jappi" right? Well this song does reach our top ten countdown for sending the shivers in 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya'.
Bullet Raja starring Saif has showcased another item lady in the limelight - yes the rain girl Mahie Gill after her sizzling "Don't Touch My Body", has now been offered songs in other movies too.

Katrina's "Dhoom Machale" is now the talk of the town; although criticized for the repetitive tune, everyone is sure the song is a hit considering the sizzling diva who manages to capture our attention throughout.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tamil film devotion - Muruga

Lord Muruga has been a favourite in the Tamil film industry. Wondering why we are telling you this? Is it the description about the Lord himself that makes us love the song? Is it the sweet voices behind the song? Ofcourse it is everything put together no doubt. Here's a look in to the best songs of all times about on the Lord.

'Solla Solla Inikudhada' - a beautiful rendition -  where the singer describes how peaceful it is for her to keep chanting the Lord's name.  Directed by A.P.Nagarajan, this song appeared in the movie Kandan Karunai in the year 1967 starring Sivaji Ganesan, Gemini Ganesan and Savitri.J.Jayalalitha also gave an appearance in the movie. 'Thiruparamkundrathil nee sirithai' from the same movie was also a hit composed by K.V.Mahadevan. The famous K.R.Vijaya also makes an appearance in this film.

Listen to Murugan Songs on Raaga.com

From the movie Konjum Salangai, one must have definitely heard 'Singara Velane deva'. This song yet again does not fail to praise the lord. As one cannot take eyes of Savitri for her beautiful expressions, one cannot miss the precise notes on the Nadaswaram rendered by Karukurichi Arunachalam.

'Maruthamalai Maamaniye murugaiya' - from the movie Deivam stirred the devotion in many with Madurai Somasundaram's powerful singing. Penned by Kannadasan, the song became a hit during the year 1972. The song talks in praise of Lord Muruga situated on top of the Marudha hills. 'Kundrathile kumaranukku kondattam' from the same movie emerged out to be a hit for its catchy rhythm and lyrics.

Who cannot remember 'Pazham Nee appa' when it comes to Lord Muruga. Sung by K,B.Sundarambal, the song is from the movie Thiruvilayadal  which was released in the year 1965. The song depicts a sweet encounter between the Lord himself and an old lady.Another interesting song is 'Kandan vandhan' from the movie Aathi Parashakthi, where we see the poet Kumaraguruparar who is believed to have been born dumb gaining the ability to speak by the Lor'd grace. The song was widely appreciated for its apt picturisation.

Well ofcourse, the Lord has been a favourite one in the Tamil Film Industry.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Margazhi Happiness

It is the month of Margazhi and what comes to our mind is Andal's Thiruppavai which holds special significance when sung during this month. Belonging to the genre of 'Pavai', Thiruppavai sung during this month hold importance even for unmarried girls.

Usually in a Thiruppavai, the structure revolves around one main theme, with a precise introduction followed by the need of fulfillment for the same. It is also believed that one can wash out sins by singing Thiruppavai every day. Even in temples, the Thiruppavai is sung early in the morning. Moreover, it is during this time of the year, in the Margazhi month t when the holy star Mrigashirsha combines with Poornima thithi.

Listen to Maargazhi Thingal Special on Raaga.com

'Maargazhi Thingal' is the first one amongst the collection. Usually these hymns portray Lord Krishna/Narayana as the Hero. Incidentally this paasuram was also used in the movie 'Sangamam' by A.R.Rahman as a prelude to the song 'Margazhi Thingal Alava'. 'Ongi Ulagalandha', the third paasuram is also a very famous one and is widely known due to its easily hummable tone.

The month is specific has 'Ekadasi' falling in the time frame which makes it auspicious. Overall, Andal's Thirupavai creates an imagery of the Lord himself. A work that depicts utmost devotion to her hero , Lord Vishnu in his various forms. As we step into the significant month of Margazhi, let us wish all good times for all the people around us.Listen to our exclusive collection of Thiruppavai here.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Well Done - Well Adorned

In her career in the Bollywood industry, Madhuri Dixit has acted with this hero in more than 7 movies? Quite shocked? Any guesses of the hero?

If you thought Shah Rukh Khan then you are wrong. If you thought Salman then you are wrong again. Believe it or not, Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor have shared a very good screen rapport over the years. Here's a look into their best numbers from the movies they acted together.

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The very first movie that they acted together was way back in 1987 - the movie Hifazat. The song 'Batata Wada' rings a bell? No one cannot claim that they do not know the song 'Ek do teen'. This song broke the music records and remained everyone's favourite for more than a decade and if one could say it is one of the best songs till date, no one could disagree. This song was from Anil Kapoor and Madhuri's movie together - Tezaab which released the following year after Hifazat. Their third consecutive movie together was Parinda in 1989. 'Tumse Mike Aisa Laga' in Asha Bhonsle and Suresh Wadkar's voice was loved by many and no doubt was one the hits loved by many then. Ram Lakhan which released in the same year starring the two, had hit songs like 'My name is Lakhan'.

The following year - 1990 saw two Madhuri-Anil movies but they did not make it big in Bollywood - namely - Jamai Raja and Kishen Kanhaiya. 1991 was the year Pratikar released but that yet again reached the flop lists. With the release of Khel, Beta, Jeevan Ek Sangursh, and Zindagi Ek Jua, one can say the couple dominated the bollywood industry.

After a long gap, the couple were seen again in the movie Pukar in the year 2000 and they did not fail to give a sizzling chemistry. And with Lajja movie released in 2001, it remained as the last movie acted together.
Thus the couple established themselves with their ace acting skills in the industry.Can we look forward to more hits from them?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Celebrating the 'Desiya Kavi'

As we jointly celebrate Mahakavi Bharathiar's birthday, let us bounce back and take a look at the songs of Mahakavi Bharathiyar used in Tamil movies. Dating back to Kamal era, ' Varumaiyin Niram Sivapu' caught the attention of many. But the movie did have two of the great poets compositions namely Theertha Karayinile and Nallador Veenai Seithen. The classica musical movie till date -Sindhu Bairavi has also used one of Subramania Bharathi's song 'Manathil Uruthi vendum' where it is a perfect fit keeping in mind the mental state Sivakumar is in the movie.

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In the Rahman frenzy era, none can forget 'Suttum vizhi Chudar dhan Kannama' echoing in Hariharan's voice for the movie Kandukondein Kandukondein. With the swaying lyrics ,anyone will definitely fall deep in love.Rewinding to the Black and White era,  Kappalotiya Thamizhan saw two of Bharathiar's compositions put to use. One apt number to recall from the movie would be 'Velli Panimalayin Meedhulavuvom'. A romantic encounter with Gemini Ganesan and Savitri in the lead, from the same movie would be 'Kaatru Veliyidayil Kannama'.

The special movie on Bharathi which was released in the year 2000 did showcase a lot of his compositions like 'Nipadhuve Nadapadhuve Parapadhuve' , 'Mayil Pola ponnu onnu' , 'Ninnaiye rathi endru' 'Kelada Manida Vazhvil' etc... The movie brought out the life story of the poet with actress Deivyani playing the female lead (Bharathiar's wife).

The man through his poetic lines brought out many concepts ranging from 'spirit of nationalism', the 'need for unity', 'respect for women' , ' the rich context of Tamil language'. As a tribute to the man who has contributed to the rich Tamil culture, tune in and enjoy the spirit of our 'Desiya Kavi'.