Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bollywood Stars ‘Dare To Take Pants Off’ In Public!

Recently two Bollywood actors dared to take off their pants of in public, caring a damn for the ladies around! 

There was a time when Bollywood actors like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and others had ethics and dignity. They never shamelessly took out their shirts to garner cheap sensations. However times changed and actors like Dharmendra began the trend of going shirtless to display his flexing muscles. Later Salman Khan gave impetus to this trend. Further Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan went semi nude for PK poster thus burying all forms of morals and culture. 

And now the generations X actors have gone a step ahead and are daringly to go pant less in front of the public!

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It may shock the readers but the fact is a few days ago Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who was shooting a song for his upcoming film KILL DILL, took out his pants in front of the 200 girls who wearing dancing in chorus. The girls were left dumbfounded at Ranveer’s indecent gesture and run helter shelter in disgust. 

Ranveer Singh however, condemned the reports, arguing, “I was shooting the song ‘Happy Budday…' at Lavasa wearing leather pants under 40 degree temperature. As the heat was unbearable I removed the pants. So what’s the big deal?” 

Interestingly Parineeti Chopra, the heroine of the movie took a picture of Ranveer with his pants down and jokingly threatened Ranveer that she will keep it to blackmail him.

No sooner the news of Ranveer Singh going pants down went viral, another actor repeated the ugly act and this time in front of few lady journalists exhibiting that the generations X actors ‘dare to bare’! 

According to reports Randeep Hooda, the handsome hunk, who is making waves in Bollywood these days thanks to the success of his movies like HIGHWAY, KICK etc was recently doing a photo shoot for a leading Bollywood magazine at a studio in Mumbai’s suburb. 

When Randeep Hooda was doing make-up for the shoot, two journalists from the magazine were taking his interview when suddenly to their disbelief, Randeep Hood stood up and took out his shirts and pants and coolly settled down in his underwear! 

The two lady journos were left perplexed but despite being embarrassed they were silent as they were duty bound!

Will Politics ‘Kill’ Yash Raj’s Film KILL DIL?

With Pakistan army attacking the residential areas of India on its border, the Pakistani artistes working in India have to pay a heavy price for the same. According to reports the Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA) has decided to tighten screws on Pakistani actors who are working in Indian film and TV serials but do not possess required visa formalities or are registered with CINTAA Union. 

According to reports CINTAA has made stern norms for foreign actors, who aspire to work in Bollywood have to compulsorily register under the CINTAA before starting their work in this film industry. In this regard Pakistani singer turned actor Ali Zafar was summoned by CINTAA for allegedly working in India without an employment visa.

President Gajendra Chauhan of CINTAA briefing the media confessed, “We have called Ali Zafar regarding proper documentations.” 

He added, “Initially Ali Zafar, followed the union norms. When he came to work in India, he had the required visa which was later extended till 2012. However, post 2013, since Ali Zafar, became a star in India thanks to the commercial success of his movies like MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN, CHASHME BADDOOR etc. he has been visiting the country on a visitor’s visa which shall not be permitted.” 

It may be noted Ali Zafar is awaiting the release of Yash Raj Film’s upcoming release, KILL DIL, co-starring Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Govinda. Hence irked at the actor’s indifferent attitude CINTAA has even threatened to block the forthcoming movie KILL DIL. “We have written to the External Affairs ministry asking for guidelines to be followed by Pakistani artistes who come to seek work here. Pakistan has not been kind to Indian artistes and their artistes come and take away our people’s work here; this is not acceptable to us at all,” Chauhan asserted. 

However veteran Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh, who has worked in hit films like OM SHANTI OM and NAMASTEY LONDON, feels that politics and cinema should be separate from each other.

Others Pakistani actors who will be affected by this dirty politics include Fawad Khan, Nargis Fakhri, Humaima Malik, Veena Malik etc.

Can Sridevi Repeat Rajnikant’s Act?

No sooner the legal battle on ‘personality right’ of Rajnikant against the filmmaker of ‘MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH' has ended, a new brawl among actress Sridevi and Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has taken center stage with Sridevi, alleging the filmmaker for using her name in his upcoming film SRIDEVI. 

Sridevi in her legal notice to RGV has raised eyebrows and alleged that filmmaker RGV has intentionally used her name to garner cheap publicity by deceiving audience into believing the movie has connection with Sridevi.

However in stark contrast, RGV has declined Sridevi’s allegations. In his reply to Sridevi’s legal notice RGV said, “The film was earlier titled ‘SAAVITRI’ but we had to change the title after there was some misunderstanding between the producers and the holder of the title by a previous party. When the previous title holder refused to give the title we changed it to ‘SRIDEVI’.

It may be noted besides the title controversy the movie is also in news for its bold theme that focuses on a teenager’s crush on his school teacher. Since the movie’s posters appear to obscene, sleazy and vulgar, Sridevi expressed her reservations. 

The case in court but RGV is adamant sticking to the title. He argues. “The title has been given to us by the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber which is the authorised body for such deeds. Moreover films with this same title SRIDEVI have been made and released at least 3 times in the last two decades.

While Thalaiva Rajinikanth was able to win his case and compel the filmmakers of MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH to change the title to MAIN HOON RAJNI, one wonders will Sridevi will be able to thump down RGV