Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Legendary 'Sweet-Voiced' Siblings

It is a pretty rare sight to witness in the music industry where two musicians coming from the same family are equally talented. Moreover, being sisters and challenging each other they have climbed up the ladder of music, especially in the Bollywood industry. Well if you were thinking about our very own Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle, yes you are right. The talented sisters started singing at a tender age and ofcourse one landed up being the 'Melody queen' and the other the 'Nightingale of India'. With our exclusive playlist, we give a glimpse of both the lilting voices in sync resulting in the best songs ever composed. The stalwarts who have sung over 75 duets together initially started off 'Yeh rookhi rookhi hawayein' from Daaman . But it was 'Manbhavan ke ghar' in 1955 under Shankar Jaikishen that made them known in the circles. 'Ye barkha bahar' from the film Mayurpankh was yet another famous number.
It was during the 1950's to 1960's that the sisters echoed throughout in the Bollywood industry, lending their voices for all the popular heroines belonging to that era. Musical legend C.Ramchandra is the reason behind their wonderful 'O Chaand Jahan Woh Jaaye' in Sharda. One song with a classical touch, 'Sakhi Ri Sun Bole Papiha Us Paar' from Miss Mary also  holds its own accolades until today. Few other popular songs from the 'sweet-voiced' ladies include 'Man Bhawan ke ghar jaye gori' from the movie Chori Chori , 'Aji chale aao' which appears in Halaku .

Movies like Mere Mehboob and Jaanwar saw 'Jan e man ek nazar dekh le'  and 'Aankhon ankhon mein' respectively, which are also classic hit songs from the duo. 'Pad gaye jhoole' in the movie Bahu Begum stands irreplaceable until today. Such is the use of musical notes in the song.

It is sad to note that their duets ended with  'Aaina hai mera chehera' in 1983 with Suresh Wadkar in Aaina. It was this year that Asha Bhonsle also received a 'Lifetime Achievement' Award from her own sister. What a moment of pride for the sisters. It is an understatement to say that the Indian Music Industry is blessed with the best duo.

In the 'Rains'

'Mazhai' - The word by itself brings in a positive emotion. A feeling of happiness for many. Don't we all love to get wet in the rain? An important element to set the mood for a song, the 'rain setting' is loved by many and is usually preferred to depict the emotion of love. In particular, many Kollywood lyricists have used the term 'Mazhai'. A sneak peek into the best songs of the Kollywood industry with the term 'Mazhai' in it.

'Mazhaivarudhu Mazhaivaradu kudai kondu vaa' from Raja Kaiya Vecha  sung by Yesudas sends in vibes of romance in air. Similarly one can say the recent 'Manasellam Mazhaiye' from Saguni in Sonu Nigam's voice captured the hearts of many alongside 'Mazhaiye Mazhaiye veedil' from Eeram. A favourite A.R.Rahman composition for every fan is ofcourse 'En mel vizhunda mazhai thuliye' from May Madham which echoed in Jayachandran and Chitra's voices. Until today it remains one of the top songs requested by people all over the South on radio and television.

'Vaan Megam' from the movie Punnagai Mannan in Chithra's lilting tone makes any listener sway like innocent Revathi pictured in the song. Another wonderful track by the same singer which sets our foot tapping is 'Nee Varumbodu Naan Nanaivena' from Mazhai.

Coming to duets in the recent era, 'Ennai Konja koja vaa mazhaiye' from the movie Aadhi  in Hariharan and Sujatha's voice definitely conquered the hearts of those in 'love'.  On the other hand, 'Adada adada ada mazhai da' from Paiyya is a good listen for lovers looking some dancing too. A song with a dash of variety in voices, with a jovial nature and not fully romantic in its nature of the tone is 'Alan Kati Mazhai' from the movie Tenali.

The movie June R became popular especially for this number. Well yes, 'Mazhaiye Mazhaiye' by Hariharan which made it to the top charts too. A popular, hummable song which is even loved by kids is ofcourse 'Chinna Chinna mazhaithuligal' from En swasa Kaatre which is upbeat and definitely sets the tempo for everyone to enjoy the rains.

Thus, an important word used in many songs in Kollywood, 'Mazhai' as we all know is beautiful by itself and ofcourse its usage does not fail to add beauty to any song.