Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PM Modi and Bollywood mourns budding cricketer Ankit Keshri death!

A year after cricket sensation, Phil Hughes, the Australia batsman lost his life after being hit by a lethal bouncer on his head, India’s budding cricketer Ankit Keshri, a former captain for Bengal's under-19 team became yet another victim of the game! 

The young and promising cricketer Ankit Keshri (20) was the opening batsman and played for the Under-23 Bengal squad. In a match between the local East Bengal and Bhowanipore teams, he severely injured himself in an attempt to grab a catch but tragically collided with his teammate. 

According to his teammate when the batsman hit a lofted shot, both the bowler and Ankit rushed to grab the catch but alas both collided. While the bowler got up instantly Ankit remained on the ground.

The teammate informed, “Ankit was hit so brutally that he had lost conscious. He was not breathing and blood was coming out of his mouth. I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation three to four times and he started breathing again.”

He was rushed to the Kolkata's AMRI Hospital but after battling for three days he collapsed to his injuries. According to doctors he had suffered acute traumatic brain injury which resulted in the swelling of the brain and cardiac arrest. "We even put in a pacemaker for his heart to work but he unfortunately succumbed to his severe brain injury, “quoted a doctor. 

Ankit’s death brought a gloom in cricketing world. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar mourning his death said, “Saddened by the demise of Ankit Keshri. A promising career aborted by an unfortunate incident on field.”

The entire Bollywood too took to micro blocking to express their grief at the loss of a young cricketer. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Ayushmann Khurrana, Riteish Deshmukh etc. tweeted paying their deepest condolence to the promising talent. 

Shah Rukh stweeted, "Too young to go. Extremely unfortunate and sad. My Condolences and prayers for Ankit Keshri and his family. May Allah bless his soul. RIP."

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana tweeted aptly, "Sports could get unpredictable and ruthless. A normal day on the cricket field could be life threatening. RIP Ankit Keshri.” 

Even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourning the death of Ankit tweeted, “In Ankit Keshri, we lost an enthusiastic youngster and a passionate cricketer. An untimely, unfortunate demise. RIP.

While the nation paid tribute what is disturbing is that the ongoing IPL Matches did not showed the empathy of paying tribute to the young talent. They could have at least shown courtesy of tying black band on wrist while playing as condolence or paid tribute on huge screen! 

Rightly said IPL is nothing but glamour and glitz minus cricket!

Virat Kholi turns ‘Bollywood Hero’! Will romance with Anushka Sharma on screen?

Pyar ke is khel men, do dilon ke mel mein; 

Tera pichha na main chhodunga soniye 

Bhej de chahe jel mein 

This super hit song from Dharmendra - Hema Malani starrer JUGNU suited perfectly to describe the crazy love between yesteryear actors Dharmendra and Hema Malani.

Interestingly the song holds sense even today! It suits to a perfect ‘T’ for describing the madness of Virat Kholi for his sweetheart Anushka Sharma.

After scoring a duck in the semi final of the World Cup, which throttled the success journey of Indian Cricket in to the final, one wondered Virat Kholi would come to his senses and concentrate on his game but alas instead of seriously taking his game, Virat is going deeper and deeper in to his ruins. 

The latest example pointing towards his insanity is that Virat Kohli has dumped cricket and is all set to become hero in Bollywood, in a bid to please her girl friend Anushka Sharma! 

According to latest reports Virat Kholi has signed Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming film BOMBAY VELVET and will be seen dancing around the trees with his real life lady love Anushka Sharma playing the female lead. 

A source close to Anurag Kashyap confirmed Anurag has approached Virat Kholi to play a key role in the film. The source informed, “Though the film has Ranbir Kapoor as the main lead, Virat will be seen sharing a few important scenes with Anushka. In fact Virat’s role is inspired from his real life. He plays a cricketer in the film.”

Truly Virat seems to going blind in love. In an interview he confessed, “I'd give my life for those dear to me!”