Friday, October 31, 2014

Shah Rukh Khan’s Association With Art Cinema

With the mega blockbuster HAPPY NEW YEAR also being termed as the biggest money grosser in the history of Indian Cinema, Shah Rukh Khan has proved why is called Badshah Khan in Bollywood. The iconic superstar turns 49 on November, 2, 2014. Raaga.Com wishes the actor birthday greeting. 

Though Shah Rukh Khan is known to be a commercial cinema actor but at heart SRK has great regards for New Wave Cinema or Art Films. The younger generation may perhaps not know but SRK had started his career with Art Cinema filmmakers like Kundan Shah ( KABHI HAAN KABHI NAA), Ketan Mehta (MAYA MEMSAAB) and Amol Palekar ( PAHELI).

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However what is interesting is that Shah Rukh has even done a film called IDIOT directed by Mani Kaul, distinguished art house filmmaker, who made USKI ROTI (1969), which won him the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie. He also won the National Film Award for Best Direction in 1974 for DUVIDHA. He was the student of legendary art house filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak .

Regarding the discrimination of commercial cinema and art cinema Shah Rukh Khan laments, “The demarcation is not healthy for the growth of the industry and people should quit looking down upon filmmakers and actors who are doing commercial cinema.” He added, “Earlier art cinema was called parallel meaning side by side. Then it became commercial and art, intellectual and stupid. And now it has been reduced to single screen and multiplex." 

“What we lack is collaboration. When I see international films, I see Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg come together and do a 'Tintin', which they have grown up with. A R Rahman saab is already doing that,” Concludes SRK

S.D.Burman - The Timeless Maestro

S.D.Burman, the name is synonymous with music that was close to heart, melodious and that was identified by the layman. His tunes were once best described by eminent Radio announcer of yesteryear Ameen Sayani who said that Burman da’s tunes were a heady mix of the innocence of a child coupled with the intoxication of youth. True indeed because if on one hand he had the ability to make a classical folk tune Ore Majhi Mere Sajan Hai Us Paar… (BANDINI) to the Indian Classical number like Poocho Na Kaise Maine… (MERI SURAT TERI AANKHEN) to the naughty numbers like Raat Akeli Hai…(JEWEL THIEF). He had an unbelievable range.

Raaga.Com remembers the great music director on his death anniversary. 

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Born on 1 October 1906 Burmanda’s father was from the royal family of Tripura hence Burmanda could have lead a princely life. However for his passion for music Burmanda deserted the pleasure of royal hood and began wandering seeking training in music. He began his musical education learning under maestros like Ustad Badal Khan. He was also a disciple and follower of the legendary K C Dey (Manna Dey's uncle). He started his career composing and singing for the radio. He made his mark as a light classical and folk singer before taking up composing for Bengali films. 

He came to Bollywood in 1946 on the invitation of Bollywood superstar Ashok Kumar and composed music for Bombay Talkies’s film SHIKARI. Though the movie was a debacle he stuck fortune with MASHAAL(1950) the song Upar gagan Vishal… was a runaway hit. Soon with hit songs like 'Mera sundar sapna beet gaya… (DO BHAI), Tadbeer se bigdi hi tadbeer bana leBAAZI and Thandi Hawayein Lehra Ke Aaye… (Naujawan) S.D.Burman became a name to reckon. 

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In the 50’s he formed an incredible pair with Dev Anand's Nav Ketan Productions and the duo gave musical hits like TAXI DRIVER, NAU DO GYARAH, KALA PAANI, GUIDE, JEWEL THIEF etc.  

Burmanda worked with a wide variety of singers and brought out the best in each of their voices. Whether it was Suman Kalyanpur or Sudha Malhotra or Mubarak Begum he has given memorable songs to all. Singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Geeta Roy, Asha Bhosale, Manna Dey and Hemant Kumar came into prominence singing his tunes. To Kishore, Asha and Geeta he was akin to being a godfather.

He remained at the peak even in his last years. He gave super hit films like TERE MERE SAPNE (1971), SHARMEELEE (1971), ABHIMAAN (1973), PREM NAGAR (1974), SAGINA (1974), CHUPKE CHUPKE (1975), AND MILI (1975). He died on 31 October 1975 in Mumbai.