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The one born to a legend will ofcourse carry his traits, isn’t it true? And in the case of Vijay Yesudas , as we all know it, it is very much true. Vijay Yesudas, the son of Yesudas has sung many songs in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. His entry in the Tamil industry was ofcourse marked by the famous song from the movie ‘Friends’ where two wonderful actors Vijay and Surya are seen is seen alongside . The song’s name is ‘Rukku Rukku’. Way back in 2000 itself, Vijay Yesudas was introduced to the industry with the Malayalam movie ‘Millenium Stars’.

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The movie Julie Ganapathy which released in the year 2003 gave Vijay Yesudas the kind of boost he needed as thesong ‘Enakku Piditha paadal’ bought him a lot of laurels. His song in Kadhal kondaein starring Dhanush was yet another hit for the man. The year 2004 proved to be very lucky for junior Yesudas a he had many hits to his credit as he worked with hit movies like ‘Vismayathumbathu’, ‘Vajram’, ‘Satyam’ and ofcourse ‘Pulival kalyanam’. ‘Raam’ with jeeva starring in it that released in 2005 was another feather on the cap for Vijay yesudas as it made a huge hit, thus making him more popular in the Tamil music industry. If we had to choose one of Vijay yesudas’ best romantic number that would ofcourse be ‘Tajmahal oviya Kaadhal’ from the movie Kalvanin Kadhali where we S.J Surya and Nayantara in the lead.

Last year proved to be a good year for Vijay Yesudasas his track ‘Paakathe Paakathe’ varuthapadaatha Vaalibar sangam did really well for him. And ofcourse Aarambam, the Ajith starrer movie also did well for him as he lent his vocal support for the song  ‘Melala Vedikkudu’. Well, all we can say is we are hoping for more from this brilliant singer.

Friday, March 28, 2014


The recipient of 5 National Awards, multiple State awards, this singer has mesmerized a wide range of audience with her capabilities of singing in multivarious languages and in voices very different from every rendition. Such is the talent she has.

Susheela has a strong background in the All India Radio and was spotted by a music director Pendyala Nageshwara Rao. Considering she had a tough competition with the other ace singers of that time namely Jikki, M.L.Vasanthakumari and the like. Once she was in prominence which was after late 1950’s, she was called for many numbers, including beautiful duets with K.J.Yesudas etc. M.S.Vishwanathan

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To talk about P.Susheela’s best numbers, ‘Ye thendrale’ from Nejathai kilathe is a beautiful number for which Gangai Amaran penned down the lyrics. The song ‘Darling Darling’ caught a lot of attention, thanks to the catchy tune and the simple lyrics from the movie Priya. Although one can say the movie did not become a huge hit, the song did. Another lovely listen of Susheela would be ‘Poonthenil’ written by the wonderful poet Kannadasan appears in the movie Ennipadigal. It is amazing to note that Susheela, one of the most versatile singers, never used a lot of time of the Music Directors. Known for her sharp picking up capacities, she has always proved her skills with the range of songs she selects.

A no miss in this list would ofcourse include Azhagazhaga from the movie Kaali. The song caught the eyes of many for its catchy visual appeal too and with Illayaraja setting the tune, this song definitely can be called a hit.

If you have watched the movie Kaathal Kiligal, it is impossible to have missed the song ‘ Karumbil’ as in this song Susheela shows her expertise in music on a whole new level.

This Padma Bhushan Award winner is such an asset to the Indian Film industry. Even recently, Susheela was chosen by the panel for a Lifetime Achievement Award – such is ofcourse the contribution by this genius.


With over 5000 songs to her credit, Sujatha Mohan is one singer which is almost everyone’s favourite. This sweet-voiced lady has explored her talent in almost 5 languages, but is most sought after for the Tamil and the Malayalam industry.

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Thanks to A.R.Rahman, she was given a chance to sing ‘Pudhu vellai mazhai’ in the movie Roja in the year 1992. This we can say is one of the songs that took her to a peak in her career. Following this was the song ‘Naetru Ilaatha Maatram enadhu’ from the movie Pudhiya Mugam that hit the top charts. ‘Freshness’ in her voice what was liked by many of the music directors. We can say the A.R.Rahman and Sujatha combo has been brilliant and has brought out some wonderful music. ‘Enveetu thotathil’ from Gentleman, ‘ Kattirika Katthirika’ from Duet , ‘Malarodu Malaringu’ from Bombay, ‘Ini Acham acham illai’ from Indira, ‘Thillana Thillana’ from Muthu were the first few hits that set their musical chemistry on a high.Other melodious numbers by Sujatha are ‘Garuda Garuda’ for the movie for Natpukaaga , ‘Athisayam’ in the movie jeans, infact the melodies sung by here are not countable.

SujathaMohan is one of the judges for the popular music show – Airtel Super singer and encourages many upcoming singers. She is also the recipient of prestigious awards for her wonderful renditions in Minsara kanavu (Poo pookum osai) etc.

A gifted singer that she is, Sujatha Mohan has also added her daughter, another wonderful talent to the music fraternity (Shwetha Mohan). As a lead playback singer, it is amazing to note that Sujatha’s voice suits almost all the heroines.

SujathaMohan has also taken up the responsibility of spreading the joy of ‘music’ in her own ways. We wish the singer more success in the  coming years.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time Travel : T.M.Soundararajan

T.M.Soundararajan or more popularly known as T.M.S, a wonderful songer who contributed a lot for the growth of the Tamil Music Industry. A genius that he was, he has contributed for over an unimaginable six decades. His songs ofcourse are volumes. Unfortunately it was last year when T.M.Soundarajan passed away.

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It is a surprise that a singer like T.M.S was initially rejected by many composers after which he suddenly made an entry into the films with Krishna Vijayam, thanks to S.M.Subbaih Naidu. His collaborations knows no bounds and has been involved in all sorts of productions, right from the days of Thyagaraja Bhagavathar. T.M.S has won over a hundred awards and honors and infact one can say he completely deserves it all.
‘Naan Naanyitaal’ is enough to describe the mass attraction T.M.Soundararajan has created. Until today it created that the mass appeal and infact it can never be replaced. Similar is the case with the song ‘Adho andha paravai pola’. These are ofcourse his classics. Movies like Agathiyar, Shanti, Padagotti etc. were infact flocking with crowd, thanks to the hit songs T.M.S. gave in the movies.

One thing admirable is that T.M.S worked with all composers on an equal note and infact when he worked with M.S.V and Ramamoorthy, he yet again delivered a lot of hits. Some of the hits would ofcourse include ‘Accham Enbadhu’ from the movie Mannadhi Mannan and ‘Aaru Maname aaru antha’ from the movie Andavan Kattalai.

 Another fun to listen song of T.M.S is ofcourse ‘Azhagiya Tamizh magal ival’ from Rickshawkaran, Engalukkum Kalam varum from the movie Pasamalar – which ofcourse is talked about till today for the beautiful affection shared between the brother and the sister.

T.M.S has definitely left behind a huge history to talk about that is ofcourse never ending. Time to tune in to his best songs here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


A singer whose career in the Bollywood industry has been lasting for the past three decades, alka Yagnik is one of the best singers we could have ever asked for. Her pitch range is appreciated by many music directors and ofcourse her pitch adds to the ‘feel’ of the song most of the time. Her song from the movie Laawaris in the year 1981 ‘Mere Aangan Mein’ set the right kind of path for her for a brilliant music journey.

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With over a few hundred songs to her credit, Alka Yagnik’s beautiful song is also ‘Ek Do teen’ for madhuri which fetched her more accolades. Alka rendered about four songs from the movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak, which in a way showed her slow dominance in the field. One can say her peak in the field was during the time period of 1990’s to 2000’s where literally for beautiful duets to female solos, it was Alka Yagnik who was called.

AlkaYagnik is also well known in the Bengali Cinema, thanks to her perfect pronunciation of words as well. Alka Yagnik is also one singer who makes any number very peppy, thanks to the way she understands the mood of the song. A classic example to prove this statement would eb the song ‘Chamma Chamma’ from the movie China Gate.

In 2009, witht the release of the movie Yuvraaj in A.R.Rahman’s compositions, we heard two beautiful numbers namely ‘Tu Muskura’ and ‘Mastam mastam’. AlkaYagnik has worked with a number of profound music directors and ofcourse her expertise will remain unmatched.

AlkaYagnik has also won the prestigious National Awards for her songs. She is also the recipient of Filmfare awards, IIFA awards etc. In 2014, Work Weather wife’ is set to release this June for which she has rendered a track.


Have we ever wondered how important a location is and especially when a song is shot? Doesn’t it amuse you to see how and why they would have chosen that particular theme/location. Well one such thing is also inclusive of using ‘transport’ vehicles in songs. A range of vehicles right from a cycle to a train to a bus – we see it all in our Tamil songs! Here is a quick peek into few popular songs

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The song Thaiyya Thaiyya – is ofcourse synonymous with ‘train’ where we the actor and the actress are seen dancing on the train. This trend no doubt still continued and attracted the audience at large with Dhanush’s ‘Kannu rendum rangarattinum’ from the movie ‘kutty’. We cannot forget ‘Chikku bukku Rayile’ in this list ofcourse. The song not only captured attention for the brilliant picturisation but also for the catchy tune, thanks to A.R.Rahman. A train setting we can say provides ample scope for romance and this ofcourse has been validated with the song ‘Rayile rayile oru nimisham’ where we see kanika and prasanna even romancing on the train.

Not only have trains been a wonderful transport to shoot but ofcourse we cannot forget buses! Some songs have been almost entirely shot keeping this as the prime scenario. One song that we cannot miss is ofcourse ‘Arabnaade’ from Kaloori where the actor is seen romancing his lady love through in the bus. The wonderful folk-bassed ‘Jinguchakka’ from Myna is yet another wonderful example to showcase the song shot in a bus. Our Ulaganayagan and Maddy were seen having a conversation in the form of a song, the famous ‘ Yella Machi Machi,thala suthi suth’ from the movie Anbe Sivam.

Thus it is for us to notice more intently what kind of a location/ space a Director picks and infact we think it is extremely innovative to have made such attempts! Time to look out for many such songs!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Like how cars, trains have been used in cinema as a wonderful location to shoot songs, it is not surprising to note that ‘boats’ have also been used in many songs. It may seem easy to just look at the visuals but how difficult would it be to shoot a song on a boat? Imagine the technicalities involved too, and moreover the risk of shooting on a boat that keeps moving on a water! But even amidst these difficulties there have been some songs shot on the boat too and definitely we have to agree, the boat does add to the aesthetics in many ways.

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Tracing back to the times, when Ulagayanayagan was at his peak with Nayagan, there was this one particular song that made it to the talk of the town and well ofcourse the song is none other than the Kuyili starrer – Nila Adhu Vanathu mele. Definitely intoxicating we must say!

When we think of boats, we cannot fail to think about the waves that keeps a boat moving. And the Tamil word ‘Alai’ speaks infinite words. So keeping the ‘boat’ and the ‘Alai’ in mind, is there a song that comes to your mind? Well we can think of ‘Asaiye alai pole’ , a song bringing across many life lessons sung by Trichi Loganathan.

Forwarding to the recent era, Surya starrer Nanda had a beautiful romantic song on a boat – ‘Mun Paniya’, subtly bringing the love in them, as delicate as the ocean living creatures. ‘hey goodbye Nanba’ yet again scored high amongst the ARR fans, thanks a tipsy kind of tone, not too hard on vocals, making it a easy hummable track too and ofcourse, beautifull shot by Mani Ratnam in the middle of the sea!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The ‘Sa re Ga Me’ girl has always been in talks, be it because of her movies or because of the controversies she gets herself into. But not to forget she has contributed immensely in tamil, Telugu and Hindi. She is usually picked by Directors to portray the role of a cute girl, college going one etc. Here’s a quick look back on Genelia D’ Douza’s Tamil flicks.

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The actress made her debut in Tamil a decade ago, in 2003 with Boys.The movie although had all new faces like Siddharth, Bharath etc, the movie ofcourse was a blockbuster hit and the person who deserves the maximum credits is ofcourse Shankar for the stunning visuals – in every song , and the well narrated script. This definitely landed to be a lucky charm for Genelia as offers came pouring in for her. She was casted with our Ilayathalapathy in the movie Sachein in 2005 itself.With this movie , the song ‘Gundu Manag thopukulle’ brought out the unseen side of Genelia. Sachein ofcourse made a good collection in the theatres. Follwowing this, her next stint was ‘Chennai Kaadhal’ with Bharath directed by Vikraman but this movie did not really create a rage as expected.

But with Santosh Subramaniam releasing in 2008, things turned better for this actress. She was widely appreciated for her kiddish role that she carried out with ease. She was even complimented by many for her improved looks. The song that became a hit from this movie was ‘America yendralum Aandipatti yendralum’.  After a year’s bareak, she was seen with Dhanush in the movie Utthamaputthiran and needless to say, the track ‘Kan Irrandil’ sung by Naresh Iyer became a huge hit.

Genelia’s last appearance was in 2011 in Kollywood in the movie Velayudham yet again with the Ilaiyathalapathy and ofcourse with Chinna Kushbu Hansika in the movie. This movie was welcomed by all and did pretty well for her. Now we do not see her much in Kollywood but we hope she is welcomed back.

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Spread the colour – Holi

Holi has always been that one function we all keep waiting throughout the year, don’t we? The fun throwing colours on our friends, the fun sharing sweets with our friends, making a trip to our relative’s house. Holi has always been synonymous with colours and fun.

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One song that is evergreen in our minds when we talk of Holi is ofcourse ‘Holi ke din’ from the movie Sholay.Even if it has been so many years since its release, it has never failed to bring back the spirits of Holi.Talking about Sholay, who is the personality who comes to our mind? Well, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan ofcourse, and obviously talking about him brings us to another Holi song of his called Rang barse from the movie Silsila. Although the movie Silsila was known for its wonderful romantic scenes, even those shot at the Kukenhof gardens in the Netherlands, this song did make an impact amongst all the audience.No we are not done with Amitabh Bachachan yet; it would look incomplete if we do not add the song ‘hari Khele Raghuveera’ to this list from the movie Baghban.

Another catchy Holi song is from the movie Mangal Pandey, acted by ace actor Aamir khan ; the song ‘Dekho aayi holi’ – an extremely pompous and ‘raising the spirits’ kind of song. Mohe Chedo Na. from the movie Lamhe is also a nice listen for a fun-filled holi.  This song from the movie Mumbai Se Aaya Mera dost had this lovely song ‘Koi bheega hai rang se’ which was a nice, peppy number.The recent release ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani’ would ofcourse appeal a lot to us this year considering the catchy tune the song ‘ Balam pichakari jo tune mujhe maari’ has. wishes one and all a happy holi and may the spirits of holi bring in more luck.

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Now that Satyameva Jayate Season 2 is here, there is more reason for Aamir Khan’s fans to smile as it is definitely one of the best show’s in the country.  The man known for his intelligent arguments and justifications, he has definitely come a long way in his career, as an actor. The perfectionist that he is, one can say he is definitely one of the keen social activists in the film industry.

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His Qayamat Se Qayamat tak that released in 1988 was well talked about which bought him to the ‘known’ circles. 1990 proved lucky for him as Aamir acted in over 5 films in the same year. But one can say Aamir got the perfect break in 1995, with Rangeela hitting the screens. Needless to say about this film, the cast was wonderful – Urmila Matondkar sharing the screen space with him and ofcourse with A.R.Rahman composing music for this movie, we could expect nothing but a hit in terms of the music album too – Don’t we all still like ‘Yaayire yaaryire’ from this movie?

Following this, the continuous hits of Aamir Khan were ofcourse Raja Hindustani, Ishq and Ghulam. Karishma Kapoor and Aamir did a wonderful job in Raja Hindustani and infact the song ‘Aaye ho Meri zindagi mein’ became a classic hit. Moving on to Ishq, the song ‘Humko tumse pyaar hai’ became a wonderful hit amongst the audience and ghulam ofcourse as we all know boasted of the song ‘Saath jo Tera mil gaya’.

A recent career track of Aamir Khan was splendid indeed with wonderful message giving movies like the Three Idiots which was even remade in tamil, Dil Chahtha yet again giving wonderful life lessons to all and not to forget Taare Zameen Par in this list.

Movies like Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Talaash is ofcourse hits and can obviously be attributed to Aamir’s sensitive role in the movie. Dhoom 3 saw Aamir Khan last year showing his stylish front.

A man gifted with a talent to act, we expect a lot more from him as he celebrates his 49th birthday this year. 

‘Expressive’ – Sadhana Sargam

What comes to your mind when you listen to the song ‘Snegithane’? Ofcourse apart from the visuals and the actors, there is the singer who adds soul to the composition and the singer behind this wonderful composition and she is none other than the beautiful voiced – Sadhana Sargam.

With the recent audio launch of Kochadaiiyan everyone has started loving her more and the reason is obvious – her beautiful rendition of the song ‘Medhuvaagathan’ along with the ace singer S.P.Balasubramaniam.

Being of one the favourite singers of the Mozart of Madras, Sadhana Sargam has many songs to her kitty. Not many people know that Sadhana Sargam made an entry into Tamil film singing way back in 1996 with ‘Coimbatore maapillai’. Her consecutive hit was “Nenje Nenje’ from the movie Ratchagan.

During the same year as Alaipayuthey released, there was one more movie creating a hit in the market, thanks to Mammooty and Thala AjithKandukondeinKandukondein.  In this movie, SadhanaSargam has sung another wonderful melody ‘Konjum Mainakale’ which features the poignant Aishwarya Rai.

Sadhana Sargam is also the voice behind famous other songs like ‘Unnai Perai sonnale’ from the movie Dum Dum Dum., ‘Manjal Kaatu Maina’ from Manadhai Thirudivitaai, ‘Anbe Sugama; from Parthaale Paravasam. ‘Akkam Pakkam’, a romantic track stariing Ajith and Trisha can also be categorized as her hit song.

What is amazing about Sadhana’s rendition is that she always gives good emphasis to the way she pronounces every word of the song, stirring the right kind of emotions needed for the song. Sadhana Sargam is a National Award Winner, which she bagged for the Tamil song ‘Paatu Cholli’ from the movie Azhagi in the year 2002.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


This talented Malayalee actor stepped into the Kollywood film fraternity way back in 1993 with his appearance in the movie Gokulam.  But his role in Murai Maaman in 1995 made him popular amongst the Tamil audience. He is known to pull off the best comedy scenes and is loved by all for his mimicry talents too. Well Jayaram is the promising actor we are talking about.

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Jayaram has been able to pull off negative roles too with ease and one such movie was ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ starring Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Roy. The recent movie to add under his negative role would ofcourse be ‘Thuppaki’ which released in 2012, where he shares the screen with none other than our Ilayathalapathy Vijay. ‘Saroja’ cannot be forgotten in this list where jayaraman was widely appreciated for the way he portrayed the character given to him. This movie by Venkat Prabhu was released in the theatres in the year 2008. One can say Nala Damayanthi is one of those movies which brought to the light, that Jayaram being the versatile actor that he is can also pull off such roles and yet again in this movie Jayaram is seen with wonderful actors like our Chocolate Hero Maddy and Geetu Mohan Das.

Ofcourse, Jayaram is best known for his dialogue delivery and the way he brings out humor in his role. Did ‘Panchatantiram’ strike your head? Well ofcourse, this blockbuster with Ulaganayan is still all our favourites, isn’t it? Talking about his interactions with the Ulaanayagan, another movie that we have to definitely add to this list would be thenali where he plays a negative role but in a very comical manner.

Jayaram ofcourse has contributed immensely to the Tamil Cinema. Time to wait and watch what we have in-store for this year.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The lady bagged her first National Award (Best female playback singer) for the 5 beautiful songs from Devdas which set her a wonderful path of roses ahead for her musical journey way back in 2002. The years after, Shreya Ghoshal was called over by many directors as they felt she is able to connect with the heroine well and bring out the essential feel in all the songs. In 2003, the romantic number ‘Jaadooo hai nasha hai’ from the movie Jism caught the attention of all the music lovers.

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This singer who also sings in other languages including Assamese, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil,Telugu Bengali has over a few hundred songs to her kitty. She has sung with almost all the leading male singers in B- Town.

Starting with 2005, Shreya’s career sought a new high with ‘Piyu bole’ from the movie Parineeta. Shreya Ghoshal’s solo singing has always been loved and few tracks to support this statement would ofcourse include ‘Barso re Megha Megha’ from Maniratnam’s Guru which hit the screen in the year 2007, ‘Thode badmaash ho tum, thode naadaan ho tum’ from the movie Saawariya.

Shreya Ghoshal is always known for her apt pronunciations, thus making it sound nice for any listener irrespective of the language that she is singing in. Ofcourse she has worked with the genius A.R.Rahman in many movies, including Tamil and has sung a lot of songs for his tunes.

Last year, ShreyaGhoshal’s Nagada stole the limelight form the movie Ramleela, yet again a Sanjay Bhansali movie. A versatile singer that she is, she is able to carry off any tune given to her. She is also a wonderful Hindustani singer.

Not many people are aware of this but June 26th is infact celebrated as Shreya Ghoshal Day in Ohio where her fans from all over the world celebrate her singing career. Ofcourse, there is much hope from this promising singer.

Monday, March 10, 2014


The much awaited wait was over a day back as Kochadaiiyaan’s audio release happened! Well the launch we must admit that the launch happened with great pomp and pride at our very own Sathyam Cinema’s.


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Well considering it is the Mozart of Madras who has composed these tracks, we know what kind of work it would have involved. With ARR sharing a special bond with the ‘Thalaivar’ we are sure that the creativity in all forms of music will be oozing out of the instruments too!Well needless to say, ARR- Rajini Combos have always been the best and examples like Enthiran, Padayappa is enough to make us understand.

The album has 9 tracks and each of it has an attractive factor of its own.  Vairamuthu has penned down the lyrics for almost all the songs except for one which has been penned by Vaali.

When it is Rajini and A.R.Rahman, we know there is another person who makes this combo a hit through his voice and that is none other than our very own S.P.Balasubramanian. He has sung two tracks in the movie namely ‘Engae Pogudho vaanam’ and ‘Medhuvaagathaan’ along with the beautiful voiced Sadhana Sargam, which we are sure will become a classy hit amongst the love birds.

What is amazing about this album; to make the movie super – we have Superstar himself singing a track, for the first time ever! Called ‘Maattram Ondrudhan Maaradhu’, Rajinikanth has struck a chord along with the budding singer Haricharan. The jathi’s used in the song seem very catchy and ofcourse uma Sekar deserves all the credits for it. One can say, nothing is complete without the lady of the house does her contribution! And to complete the circle, latha Rajinikanth too has sung a song called ‘Manappenin Sathiyam’. Well, Latha Rajinikanth singing for us is not the first time but we consider this track a good listen.

Our favourite turned out to be ‘Idhayam’ echoing in Srinivas’ and Chinmayi’s voice. There is something unique about this song and we suggest you take a pair of headphones and listen to it. Feel the music is all we can say. ‘Engal Kochadaiiyaan’ is a wonderful

"Kochadaiiyaan" Ensemble that ofcourse needs no description. A well structured one, we think all the music buffs will also love it. ‘Manamaganin Sathiyam’ is a good attempt by singer Haricharan, a catchy song ofcourse.

A beautiful instrumental put together is ofcourse ‘Rana’s Dream’, a soothing yet powerful piece of brilliant music.

Ofcourse, we would like to keep the best for the last and that is why we are happy to mention that A.R.Rahman has also sung a song for the movie titled ‘Karma Veeran’ along with A.R. Raihanah . A cherry on the cake ofcourse!

Now the next wait continues – the release of the movie.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


One of the amazing quote by Dorothy Day goes ‘Women think with their whole bodies and they see things as a whole more than men do.’ Well it is true, isn’t it? A true essence of beauty There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. As we celebrate the International Women’s day today, join in celebrating every beautiful woman in this world.

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Talking about the Tamil Cinema Industry, there have always been movies which revolve around with the women as the important subject in the movie. Movies like 'SilaNerangalin Sila Manithargal', ‘Ava Aval Oru Thodarkathai', 'Mayangukiral OruMadhu', have made it possible to see women in a ‘non-stereotype’ role. Adding to this list is ofcourse movies like  'Aval Appadithan' and 'Moontram Pirai' where the story also brings in the importance of relationships.Talking about women, one funny movie that comes to our mind is ‘Magalir Mattum’. This movie made a huge hit and was loved by all, thanks to the star cast and the wonderful script with apt dialogues.

Moving on to Bollywood, women- centric films have always been appreciated even by critics. Recent movies like ‘No One Killed Jessica’, ‘The Dirty Picture’ etc have stirred a new idea of how a lack of respect changed a woman’s life etc. The movie ‘Fashion’ for instance portrayed the not- so- glamorous side of the fashion world and what all a woman has to undergo in order to reach the position she is in.  Such movies do make us wonder, why is it a struggle for a woman to be recognized in the society that claims ‘equality’.

Have these movies brought in a change in the way a woman is viewed? All we can pray for is more dignity and respect for all the women across the world.

Friday, March 7, 2014


The word ‘Sister’ carries a high emotional value in terms of the bond she shares with her brother. A brother infact would go to any extent to make sure his sister is fine. An elder brother usually is very protective about his sister. In TamilNadu especially we see a lot of Brother- sister sentiment movies don’t we? And we know the obvious reasons for the beautiful bond. Time to a take a look into the best brother-sister songs.

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Who can forget ‘Kathala Kattu Vazhi’ from Kizhakku Chimayile? Wasn’t the picturization itself a beauty by itself? But a striking song that comes to our head is bubbly Shalini in the movie Kaadhulukku Mariyaadhai singing ‘Aanatha Kuyilin Paatu’ along with her brothers. It was definitely a wonderful, soul-touching song.

Tracing back to a few years, the song  Annan Enna Thambi Enna from Dharma Durai is worth mentioning in this context ofcourse where we see our super star Rajinikanth.  No brother-sister sentiment goes completed without mentioning ‘Pasamalaar’ movie ofcourse. Our favourite from this movie is Malargalai Pol Thangai Urangukiral. 

Talking about Pasa Malar reminds us of yet another movie ‘Paasa Paravaigal’ where we see ace actor Mohan too. The best song to depict this beautiful bond is ofcourse Thenpandi Thamizhe En Singara.

Forwarding the cinema wheel, one truly sentimental song would ofcourse be Azagana Chinna Devathai from the movie Samudhiram. A movie with a strong star cast with Sharath kumar, Murali , Manoj etc, this song was song by the wonderful singer Shankar Mahadevan.

This list is ofcourse incomplete without mentioning  Vellaiyai Manam from the movie Chokka Thangam where we see our Captain Vijayakanth in the lead showering love for his kith and kin.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We have all seen a beautiful brother-sister connection. But there are movies which have also portrayed the best sister- sister connection.  Haven’t we seen them sharing secrets  between themselves? Haven’t we seen them play together? Even in terms of enjoying each other’s company, sisters are the best that we see to go even for shopping for each other. The arguments about clothes, earrings/necklace etc. and what not. But ofcourse the bond between the sisters is a very special one and unbreakable.

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Here at we take a look at the best songs and movies that have ‘Sisters’s’ as the focus. Well for any of us belonging to this era, we would definitely associate with the movie ‘Alaipayuthey’. The immense support for each other is well portrayed in the movie. A fun song is ofcourse ‘Yaaro Yaarodi’ where we see Shalini and Swarnamalya dancing beautifully too. Jothika on the other hand who has two other sisters in real life had done a good job with her role as the eldest of the three sisters in ‘Dum Dum Dum’ and well yes the song – ‘Thiilaalangadi’ makes it to Raaga’s hit list.

The movies ‘Kanda naal muthal’ and ‘Kandukondein kandukondein’ also brought out a beautiful sister-sister scenario where we saw the elder/yunger sister totally being supportive of the other sister’s interests. This attribute, we can say is definitely something that happens very often in many families.

Another wonderful song is ‘Bhoomi’ Suttri Varum where we see the wonderful actress bhavana making some sisterly cajoling with her tiny sister. The surroundings is one thing to be admired in this song. It sure does catch our attention. Moving ahead, we cannot end this list without mentioning the wonderful song ‘Thaiiyathakka’ from the movie Vettai where we see the diva’s of Kollywood Amala Paul and Sameer a Reddy dancing gracefully, sharing a beautiful rapport.


Being a star- kid has only made her work harder towards achieving her goals and today she has definitely reached the mark where she is also known for her versatility, just like her dad. Having many films in her kitty as an actor, today we take a glimpse at the songs sung by her.

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Her first ofcourse that captured many people’s attention was ‘ Vaanamellai’ from the movie ‘unnai pol Uruvan’ which caught the attention of many people looking for a fesh face and a fresh voice in the industry. In the same year, 2009 Shruthi Haasan was also roped in for ‘Aazma’ , a famous song in the movie ‘Luck’.

Thanks to Anirudh Ravichander, who composed the tracks of the movie 3, Shruthi haasan was able to explore the nuances of singing a melody in style and we must say she did a very good job with that and no wonder ‘Kannazhaga’ became a hit.

In 2011, Shruthi Haasan lent her voice for the movie she herself starred in. Taking a wild guess? Well the movie ofcourse was Shruthi against the wonderful actor Surya. The name of the track is Yellae lamma. Although her movies have never been able to make it to the best counts, she has always been praised for her hardwork that she puts in for any assignment she takes up.

Shruthi we hear has also taken up modeling seriously now. Good for her as the number of movies that she will be acting henceforth may add up in numbers too. Until now, Shruthi Haasan has been seen in a number of movies and infact she has also made her mark in the Bollywood with ‘Ramaiya Vastaavaiya’.

We wish this young actress all the very best for her endeavours. Tune in right here and listen to ‘Shruthi Haasan’ tracks.