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When a new month begins, all of us have something new planned out for that month, we wish to explore more that month; every month begins with a lot of hope that more happiness will flow one’s way during that month. And many of us even wait for our own birthday month, our best friend’s birthday month, a wedding anniversary month etc. Such is the importance of every month in many people’s lives and ofcourse every beautiful month makes it up for a beautiful year.

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Here is a quick list of the songs which has the name of English months but have appeared in Tamil songs. Think it is funny? But give it a thought. We do attribute certain months to characteristics too. For example, July is when we can expect a beautiful bloom of flowers and a quick rain shower making it a beautiful month. Talking about flowers and July – ‘July malargale’ from the movie Bagavathy is apt where we see Illayathalapathy Vijay and Reema Sen sharing the screen space – dancing admist the beautiful background. Another striking song form the movie Priyamanavale is ‘June July maadhathil’ where we see Vijay yet again.

Ofcourse none of us can forget the month of January as it is the beginning of the year that promises a lot more to expect. ‘January maatham’ from the movie 7G Rainbow Colony is a good example. A beautiful song is ‘January Nilave nalamthana’ from the movie En uyir neethane directed by S.P.Rajkumar.

April is that time of the year when school exams finish and people are waiting to go on a tour, take a break in the fourth month of the year. The song ‘April maadhathil’ needs no introduction and became super famous , thanks to the dancing by Simran and Ajith in the movie Vaali. ‘April Mayile’ from the movie Idhyam is also a wonderful listen. Another beautiful song is ‘May Maadha megam’ from the movie Shahjahaan.

When it is September we look forward for more chilling and one song which is apt to portray this mood is ‘September maadham’ from the movie Alaipayuthey where we see the characters having a gala time.

Thanks to such songs, we do realize these put together make up a beautiful year to look forward to!

Priyanka Chopra Sacrifices Her Birthday For Work!

Priyanka Chopra is riding high thanks to the challenging roles she is attempting and proving her histrionics. After FASHION in which she won National awards and later with BARFI, 7 KHOON MAAF and KAMINEY she has displayed her versatility as an actress par excellence.

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July 18 marks Priyanka Chopra’s birthday. Raaga.Com wishes her birthday greeting and enlightens readers how the actress is deeply committed to her roles and how she is preparing for most awaited performance as MARY KOM in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming movie that is a biopic on famous boxer MARY KOM. 

While birthday is a day of relaxation and pleasure, Priyanka Chopra would spend the day working as she has her commitments for filmmaker Zoya Aktar. She is currently in Turkey shooting for DIL DHADAKNE DO and as reports pour in Priyanka has decided to celebrate her birthday in a low profile with her cast and crew on the sets of DIL DHADAKNE DO. She would be cheered by Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar, Anil Kapoor and of course head of the crew Zoya Aktar. 

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Speaking about her role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s MARY KOM, Priyanka Chopra in an interview said, “I have lost weight and I am working hard to build muscles for my character, which is inspired by MARY KOM. I also met MARY KOM in Manipur where she gave me tips of boxing.”

Director Omung Kumar is very impressed by the dedication and devotion of Priyanka Chopra. In an interview he said, “Recently I was filming a boxing scene between Priyanka and an actor from the North-East. While shooting Priyanka was badly hit by the North-East actor and sustained an injury but she did not created any fuss and the scene was canned. Later I noticed a cut mark under her eye. Thus when you see the movie note this scene as the cut mark is real and not fabricated.”

Rajesh Khanna: The Original Superstar - Part I

Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Ye Kaisa Safar

Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin 

Hai Ye Kaisi Dagar Chalte Hain Sab Magar 

Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin

These thought provoking words from Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s movie SAFAR beautiful encapsulate the actor’s life because the up and down that he witness in his illustrious career compels one to ponder the mysteries of life. 

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July 18 marks India’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna’s death anniversary; Raaga.Com remembers him and pray his soul rest in heaven. 

The yesteryear’s heartthrob, Rajesh Khanna rose like a phoenix in the late 70 overtaking Bollywood’s biggest stars that included thespian Dilip Kumar, evergreen Dev Anand, jubilee star Rajendra Kumar and showman Raj Kapoor

The phrase ‘Rise like a phoenix’ is quite apt to describe Rajesh Khanna’s rise because Rajesh Khanna began his career with a series of flops. His first film AKHRI KHAT released in 1966 was a big dud at the office. However readers would be surprised to know that the move was artistically excellent and was critically acclaimed. It was directed by the great filmmaker Chetan Anand and was even selected as Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 40th Academy Awards in 1967. 

Since Rajesh Khanna had won the All India Talent Contest organised by United Producers and Filmfare hence he was signed by many producers. Thus 1967 saw his three movies releasing viz. RAAZ, BAHARON KE SAPNE and AURAT but once again all the three movies failed miserably at the box office. The media thus labeled him as a jinx actor. 

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Readers would be further surprised to know that after the failures of Rajesh Khanna’s initial films the media had even discarded him as ‘Gurkha’ hinting at his chunky eyes and short stature. 

What would further stun readers is that Shakti Samanta, who had already shot about eight reels with Rajesh Khanna in his home production ARADHANA, was poisoned by the media and others near and dear ones to drop Rajesh Khanna as he was a jinx actor. However Shakti Samanta had confidence in Khanna and he went ahead. The result was the movie was a super duper hit making Rajesh Khanna a super star overnight. 

What followed next was nothing but a phenomena as in a short span of just three Rajesh Khanna gave 15 consecutive solo Golden Jubilee hit films like ARADHANA, DO RAASTE, SACHAA JHUTHA, SAFAR, KATI PATANG, ANAND, AAN MILO SAJNA, HAATHI MERE SAATHI, DUSHMAN, AMAR PREM etc.

NOTE: In the next issue read about Rajesh Khanna’s fanatical craze among his fans and his unfortunate downfall.


It was tragic to note that a man of such talent and stature passed away last year! A great loss to the Tamil music industry but now it is time to immortalize the soul as it is his birthday today.As a matter of fact, the ‘Kavignar’ definitely remains immortal in all our hearts.

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Kavignar Vaali bagged the prestigious Padmashri in 2007.

Even in the recent era, we cannot think of a better writer who could pen beautiful lyrics like him. Many thanks to him for letting us realize the beauty of romance through words, which inturn let us experience what love is in action!

In the recent blockbuster, Superstar’s Kochadaiiyaan, everyone ofcourse loved the song ‘Medhuvaagathaan’. One line in particular from the song ‘Raana, ennai konjaraana, unnai minja aana’…was talked about so much. If one rereads the line, one may be able to understand the geniusness Valli was bestowed with , in terms of his wise placement and usage of words. His imagination of lyrics is laudable – “Singari sarakku nalla sarakku” is a classic example which appeals to the mass. His hits with music directors like A.R.Rahman include “Chikkupukku chikkupukku railay”, “Mukkala muqabla”, “Munbe Vaa” etc. 

No music lover who would not know “Ammavendrazhaikatha uyirillaye”, “Naanaga naan illai” and “Janani Janani”; a few mentions from his collection which inevitably transports every listener to a world of his own. The power of is imaginative words also lets listeners set sail in their ocean of imagination!

Undoubtedly, the lyricist who has won the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Best lyricist for over 5 years is him and ofcourse we all can agree how truly he deserves it! Birthday cheers from to his commendable lyricist for infact making us aware of so many wonderful words in the Tamil language.