Saturday, January 25, 2014


This duo stand evergreen until today. Infatc the man is still the hot favourite amongst the girls despite his age. He is also the host of one of the best reality shows. One can just identify him with his voice. From ads to movies, he has made wonders. Obviously he also managed to weave magic with his lady love, a dedicated, talented Bollywood actress. The well known keukenhof gardens infact became more famous, and all thanks goes to them. Know why? Well the song 'Dekha Ek Kwaab' not only brought out the wonderful romance between the two but infact made the foreign place that this was shot to be known as 'Silsila' gardens amongst us.

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A classic movie with these stalwarts acting together is ofcourse 'Zanjeer' which actually set the 'workable chemistry' path between the two. Before Zanjeer, movies like Guddi , Piya ka Ghar, Ek Nazar, Bawarchi set the initial spark between the two. One famous song from the movie Guddi is 'Bole re pappi hara' echoing in Vani Jairam's voice. This song in a way also marked a South Indian singer's entry into Bollywood. An unforgettable Jaya - Amitabh combo was set in 1975 with the release of the movie 'Chupke Chupke'. And ofcourse needless to say with Sholay becoming a path breaking movie released in the same year, there was more love waves traversing between the couple. 'Chal Shuru Hoja' in S.D.Burman's tunes is a wonderful song and while talking about Sholay how can we miss the hit songs 'Mehbooba mehbooba' and 'Yeh Dosti'?

Even in the early 2000's, they shared a wonderful screen space alongside the young actors of this era in the movie Kabhi kushi Kabhi Gham. Needless to say, their romance always looked natural on screen and maybe that is one of the reasons for their successful love story, on-screen and offscreen?

Elegant and Charming

If there is a synonym for yesteryear beauty then ofcourse we can think of Anjali Devi only. This Tollywood beauty died early this month due to heart complications.

Completely backed by her husband throughout her career path, Anjali Devi dominated the black and white era for a long time. She was introduced  in the movie Gollabhama' directed by C. Pulliah in 1946. She also portrayed her best acting skills ten years back in the movie 'Brundavanam'. Speaking of this movie 'Brundavanam' , Miyya Miyya Maama Miyya is fun sound track to listen to. She is one actress to have bagged the Filmfare Awards in her early stage of her career itself. Her movie Anarkali bagged the lovely black lady in 1955 itself. Within two years, her brilliant performance in the movie Suvarna Sundari won her another Filmfare.

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Anjali Devi has done her bit in the Tamil Film industry as well. She has acted alongside veterans like MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and U.P .Chinnappa.Have you heard the scintillating 'Nilavu Neram Iravu kaayam'? This is one of the best tracks that we could associate with the movie 'Annai Or Aalayam' starring this lovely lady. Another 'not worth a miss' movie by Anjali devi is 'Manalane Mangaiyin Baghyam' along side Gemini Ganesan. 'Azhaikkathe' is one memorable song from this movie. Special attention must be given to the way this heroine brings out expressions in her songs. Her stint in Kollywood was well appreciated and infact she was even complimented for her performance in the movie 'Chakravathi thirumagal' with M.G.R.

An ace actress that she was, we can say no other actress has matched up to her bold rendition and expressive features. The Kollywood and the Tollywood industry is lucky to have had such a brilliant actress. regrets the demise of this black and white beauty.