Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sex Goddess Mallika Sherawat to play God-woman Radhe Maa on Screen?

Bollywood is known for making movies on sensational national headlines - remember Anurag Kashyap’s BLACK FRIDAY inspired by Mumbai’s 1993 serial bomb blast, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA based on Jessica Lal murder case that made headlines in 2006 or Ram Gopal Verma’s ATTACKS OF 26/11 based on terror attacks on Mumbai.

Recently with controversial god-woman, Radhe Maa grabbing national attention thanks to her revealing red hot sexy outfits and alleged obscene charges, a small time Bollywood producer has seized the golden opportunity and is trying to garner little publicity.

The producer in question is Ranjeet Sharma, who has till date made just one B-grade flop film MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALA (2015). However Sharma is basking limelight soon after he announced a biopic on Radhe Maa.

What has made Sharma a star producer in media overnight is his claim that he has signed none other but the Sex Goddess Mallika Sherawat to play the central character of Radhe Maa on screen.

In a interview to a famous news channel Sharma said, “Yes it is true I have spoken to Mallika Sherawat and she has given her nod for the picture.”

Readers would be surprised to know that Sharma also claims that he has been into an illicit love affair with Radhe Maa, despite Radhe Maa being married and the mother of two children.

Sharma alleges ever since Radhe Maa came to Mumbai she has changed her color as she is being branded as a god-women by vested interested. Sharma said, “Radhe Maa is nothing but a fake god- woman, who is marketed as a brand to loot gullible devotees and this is what I am going to show in my film.”

He added, “In my film I will expose Radhe Maa and depict the bitter truth how such fake religious baba and god-women take gullible devotees on ride and cheat them.”

Sridevi held such a regime in Bollywood that she dared to decline big banner films!

Kisi ke haath na aayegi yeh ladki….

This song from Sridevi’s film CHALBAAZ aptly suits to define Bollywood’s most beautiful and talented actress Sridevi because from Mithun Chakraborty to Jeetendra none could win her and she went on to become Mrs. Boney Kapoor.

Today Sridevi turns 52 today. Raaga.Com wishes her many happy returns of the day and takes a look at some of the films that Sridevi dared to decline despite the movies being produced by big banners of Bollywood thus speaking volumes about her ‘Star Status’ and her undisputed regime in Bollywood during the 80’s and 90’s

In the 80’s Sridevi was at peak of her career hence she rejected insignificant roles caring a damn for big banners too. Among the many filmmakers include the king among all Yash Chopra.

The younger generation will be surprised to know that not once but twice Sridevi declined Yash Chopra as Sridevi being a ‘Star’ insisted only on playing roles that exploited her talent.
Hence when Yash Chopra offered her VIJAY (1988) Sridevi declined because the movie was dominated by many stars like Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Anil Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam etc. and her role was insignificant.

She even rejected Yash Choppra’s DARR (1993) reasoning the movie was an out and out Shah Rukh Khan film and she did not wanted to end up as a glamour doll.

What is surprising is that Yash Chopra instead of getting annoyed respected her opinion and when he had author backed role in CHANDNI and LAMHE, he approached Sridevi and she obliged.

Besides Yash Chopra, Sridevi even declined Shashi Kapoor’s mega budget fantasy drama opposite superstar Amitabh Bachchan in AJOOBA (1991).

There was a big flutter in the media but Sridevi maintained that until she has a productive role she would not do a film caring little even if it had superstar Amitabh Bachchan!

Interestingly when she got a power packed role opposite Amitabh Bachchan in KHUDA GAWAH (1993) she agreed and proved her histrionics by winning Best Actress Filmfare nomination.

Other big banner films which Sridevi rejected include Dev Anand’s SACHCHE KA BOL BALA (1989) and Rakesh Roshan’s KHUDGARZ (1987), Lata Mangeshkar produced and Gulzar directed LEKIN (1991).