Handsome Hunk - Prithviraj

For all the ladies out there who love Prithviraj, here's something to liven up your spirits this festive season. Don't we all love the handsome hunk? Time to take a quick look at some of the best songs of Prithviraj in Malayalam.

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His first movie 'Nandanam' sent around positive comments about his acting serving as a perfect stepping stone for his career. 'Ishtamallada enniki ishtamallada' from the movie Swapnakoodu along with Meera Jasmine is one classic example to prove how the actor is very capable of maintaining a beautiful on screen romance. His 'Picha vecha naal mudhal' is definitely another beautiful romantic number. The video of this song is also worth a mention. Talking about setting 'Pinakamaano' from the movie 'Ananthabadram' is a treat to the eyes. If you notice intently you will see a few sets replicated keeping in mind the Ravi Varma paintings!

Many Prithviraj fans must have definitely heard his 'Priyanu Mathram naan' from the movie Robinhood. One exquisite song of Prithviraj to be mentioned is 'Kaana Kannil' from [olice along side the beautiful Bhavna. With a slight classical touch and moreover with a light melodious tone attached to it, the song proceeds with a beautiful sway. The video yet again has a strong attraction, thanks to the use of HD cameras. Other best songs worth mentioning would include - 'Pachamaanga Pachamaanga' , a fun to listen song to liven up your spirits. 'Kabadi kabadi' to makes it to this list  with Afzal and Rimi Tomy doing a good job with the vocals. We have to give it to Prithviraj that with his ravishing looks, the actor has made it to both Kollywood and Bollywood too which not many Malayalam heroes have managed to accomplish. We wish the actor loads of success this 2014.


  1. "unnai kandene..." from Paarijaatham is the best love song of Prithvi in Tamil


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