Thursday, January 22, 2015

Was Yo Yo Honey Singh victim of drug abuse?

Singing sensation Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is back but his sudden disappearance has raised many questions and the most talked about being that he has been a victim of drug abuse and had been secretly undergoing treatment at Chandigarh-based rehabilitation centre!

Though officially neither Yo Yo Honey Singh nor his wife or any family member have acknowledged the fact but according to parapazzi there were rumors that Yo Yo Honey Singh was battling with ill health due to drug abuse.

However, his close friends and family members have denied such allegations. But in a recent interview to a leading newspaper his wife Shalini has accepted that Honey is physically and emotionally so weak that he often breaks down.

Bollywood celebrities suffering from depression is quite familiar but the tragedy is that none come forward due to fear of social stigma.

Recently Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, however dared to break the norms and opened her heart regarding the depression that she underwent last year. She daringly confessed that during the making of HAPPY NEW YEAR, she was in acute depression and eventually approached a psychologist for consultation.

Overwhelmed by Deepika’s bold declaration Amitabh Bachchan had applauded the actress to accept the bitter truth and share it among her fans and society so that umpteen who shy away from visiting psychologist for consultation and slowly kill themselves in agony, may get strength and can cure them from isolation.

But alas! Unlike Deepika Padukone there are few actors who have dared to acknowledge that they have undergone anxiety and depression.

Akshay Kumar overwhelmed by BABY… wishes to show it to PM Modi

Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar is so much impressed by the end result of his forthcoming movie BABY that he has an intense desire to show the film to Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

On being quizzed the reason, Akshay Kumar says, “BABY is a superlative film made by director Neeraj Pandey that brings to light how the government of India earnestly tries to safeguard the common man of India by the lethal terrorist attacks. Hence I wish Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi watch this film because is a man of vision. He knows how to get works done and who will bring a lot of significant changes in the Indian economy.”

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Praising the movie Akshay Kumar, added, “Neeraj Pandey is a brilliant director. Earlier with his film A WEDNESDAY he has already proved his excellence but with BABY he goes a step forward.”

“Baby' is a well-carved film. It talks about terrorism, which is a big consideration in today's world. Terrorism, as a topic, can be seen in every newspaper. The film talks very openly about it. The story of 'Baby' is inspired by various real life incidents,” he informs.

Though the movie focuses on the deadly issue of terrorism one would wonder than what is the significance of the title BABY?

"Mujhe bhi laga ki is movie ka naam Baby kyun hai? (I too was surprised and taken aback at the title?.) confides Akshay Kumar, “But when filmmaker Neeraj Pandey told me that the title was actually the code name of the Secret Mission for which top 25 commandos were exclusively trained by the Delhi police, I sighed relief.”

Besides an intriguing and thrilling story the highlight of the movie is Akshay Kumar’s daring action scenes, which the actor has done himself. "Neeraj has a thing for logical things, so all my fight ­sequences are very believable unlike seen in other movies,” quips Akshay Kumar.