Friday, April 24, 2015

After Annu Kapoor; Javed Akhtar jumps on the bandwagon to exploit Golden Era of Bollywood

The 60’s and the 70’s of Bollywood are regarded as the Golden Era of Bollywood, particularly for its mesmerizing music. The craze for the music of this era is so intense that even today it is one of the most sought after music, not just among the people in the age group of 40’s and 50’s but even among the youngsters and teenagers. 

To bank on this craze many radio and TV channels are doing roaring business most popular being actor Annu Kapoor’s radio program SUHAANA SAFAR WITH ANNU Kapoor on 92.7 Big FM, which takes listeners down memory lane of Bollywood with its spicy anecdotes from Bollywood coupled with super hit songs from the 60’s and 70’s.

To take this legacy of Bollywood unheard anecdotes and interesting gossip tales to the audience another new TV channel called Epic Channel, owned by Mukesh Ambani, has roped in eminent scriptwriter and film lyricist Javed Akhtar, to host a similar program titled JAANE PEHCHAANE. The show will feature unknown behind the camera tales of movies, film stars and some spicy hidden scandals that slashed the film magazines in the past. The show will have super songs, prominent dialogues and scenes from yesteryear movies and the story behind them. The show will commence in June.

It may be noted while Annu Kapoor and Javed Akhtar are the new entries in this arena the ‘big boss’ of such program and ‘Original’ RJ of Golden Era Ameen Sayani, who once ruled the world of Radio with his captivating style, is back on FM radio. He is conducting two such programs viz. SITARON KI JAWAANIYAAN on Radio City 91.1 FM and SANGEET KAY SITARON KI MEHFIL" on BIG FM 92.7

Varun Dhawan - Emergence of an actor!

Log kehte hai apne dushman ko maaf kar dena chaiiye....

Main Bhi yehi Maanta Hun....

Lekin unhe tadpa tadpa ke maarne ke baad! 

When the protagonist Raghav aka Varun Dhawan utters this dynamic dialogue in BADLAPUR, the audience goes bananas and the theater echoes with whistles and thunderous applause. 

April 24, marks the birthday of Varun Dhawan; Raaga.Com wishes him many happy returns of the day and explores how the happy go lucky actor transformed in to the complex character of Raghav, a serial killer with such panache!

According to papa David Dhawan, the brilliant filmmaker and master of comedies, Varun Dhawan since birth has been a spoil brat and no amount of training and teaching could instill disciple in him hence when he saw Varun in BADLAPUR he was taken aback and had tears of joy in praise of his son. 

Like David Dhawan even the critics had raised eye brows when filmmaker Sriram Raghavan has signed Varun Dhawan to play the intricate character of Raghav, which has multiple shades of emotions. Many hardcore critics wondered how Varun Dhawan could play the rugged and violent character of Raghav when he had been identified as an actor apt for comedies and romance. But filmmaker Sriram Raghavan was confident; he knew he could extract the actor in Varun and kudos he really did with critics rating 4 out 5 for his movie and going gaga over Varun Dhawan’s versatile performance! 

So how did Sriram achieved this magic? Well Sriram in interview said, “I had tightened screws on Varun by avoiding him to stop partying and experience the trauma of isolation.” 

He added, “Secondly I shared with him the anguish and the despair that I went through when my father died. Incidentally during the shooting of MAIN TERA HERO, Varun had almost lost his father hence he reminisced the same twinge and ordeal while portraying the emotionally broken Raghav in BADLAPUR.”