Eternal Love - Taj Mahal

The Tajmahal has always stood as a symbol of eternal love. A symbol to show the strength of any beautiful feeling that one has for the other. Taj Mahal has also been used as a reference to describe the beauty that one beholds. presents to you an exclusive list of songs that has the word 'Tajmahal' in it. Each song has its own significance and portrays this monument in different emotions. Feel the music, feel the strong bond.

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In the song 'Doli re Doli re' from the movie Punnagai Desam, we can hear the beautiful lyrics 'Natpukkoru tajmahal dhaan'. This line with no doubts stands as a testimony to describe the strength of their friendship, the never ending affection that their friendship stands for. The movie Amaravathi with Bala Bharathi composing the music has the song 'Tajmahal Thevai illai'. This beautiful number is a romantic duet bringing out the undying love they have for each other. All pieces by Rahman for the movie Taj Mahal sent a positive emotion amongst all his fans and ofcourse 'Sotta sotta nanayidhu TajMahal' is worth mentioning. Sung by Srinivas, this song brings out the beauty and grace of the Taj Mahal, equaling it with the grace of the heroine - his love.

Not many are aware of this song but one number that is sure to steal your hearts is 'Tajmahale' sung by none other than Hariharan and Anuradha Sriram for the movie Periya Thambi. Listening to this song you will delve into a romantic mood right away. One more beautiful song which has the word Taj Mahal is 'Taj Mahal Oviya kaadhal' from the movie Kalvanin Kaadhali. Although the movie as such was not a great hit, this song was one amongst the top playlists. Likewise 'Tajmahal ondru' from Kannodu Kanbadhellam directed by Prabhu Solomon is worth a listen to understand the beauty of this monument compared with his lover.

Needless to say '50 Kg Tajmahal enake enaka' is one song that we would not miss. This beautiful number 'Haira haira' from Jeans yet again compares the Taj Mahal with his lady love, Aishwarya Rai in this movie.  Talking about A.R.Rahman's compositions, we cannot miss 'TajMhal Anthem' - 'Kaadhal Ondru allava' which yet again set in a wonderful structure talks about unity in love and love for people.

To conclude, one can say nothing else but yes this beautiful Indian monument stands tall to glorify eternal love.