He has contributed immensely in the Bollywood music scene starting form the year 1950 until 1975, his silver 25 years has seen many a 'golden' moments in his career. The brains behind over 700 songs, many of his compositions are popular in the recent era too.

Anything that happens for the first time is always special isn't it? Such is the case with his first movie 'Ankhen' directed by Devendra Goel. Take a quick listen of the best track of the album "Preet laga ke maine". Nicknamed by his friends in the industry as "Ghazal ka Shehzadaa" , his contribution to the genre of 'Ghazals' is immense. Even Lata Mangeshkar has sung for his Ghazal compositions, infact she has rendered the maximum numbers for him.

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Attuning to the recent times, have you heard the track 'Do pal ruka'? Wondering what the connection between Madanmohan and this track is? It is Madanmohan's composition which was shelved initially after which Sanjeev Kohli decided to use his father's track for the movie 'Veer Zara'.

Lilting tunes, with a sway of romance were always Madanmohan's forte and one number which aptly signifies this is 'Milo na tum toh' from the movie Heer Ranjha which released in the year 1970. His other classic number is 'Betaab dil ki tamanna' from the movie Hanste Zakhm. What is unique about his style of music is the intricacy he places on the classical note and brings it out in the form of film music liked by all.

It doesn't come as a surprise that a book has been written on this great man. Titled Madan Mohan: An Unforgettable Composer - Edited by V M Joshi & Suresh Rao, the book contains contributions from various stalwarts who worked with this talented composer.

A man of such credentials - Bollywood industry is surely lucky to have had sucha wonderful composer.