Monday, July 20, 2015

After Aamir Khan, south superstar Chiyaan Vikram too dropped from Shanker’s Endhiran 2?

South film industry’s most talented film maker Shanker’s upcoming movie ENDHIRAN 2 (ROBOT -2) is unarguably the most awaited film but the filmmaker is finding many hurdles in its casting.

If the latest buzz is to be believed then there are reports the South sensation superstar Chiyaan Vikram, who was signed to play the lead villain in ENDHIRAN 2 is being replaced by a top notch Bollywood actor.

A source close to the film revealed that the production house, Lyca International is not impressed by Shanker’s idea of casting a south actor as villain in the film.

The source said the production house instead is insisting Shaker on casting a marketable Bollywood actor so that the movie has a national look and is not limited to a regional status.

It may be remembered that the movie is being made on a mammoth budget of Rs Rs 300 crore which is more than the recent mega budget release BAAHUBALI. Hence with such a huge sum at stake the production house does not want to take any risk.

In fact, initially even Shanker aspired to cast a top notch Bollywood actor opposite Rajiniknath and create a casting coup. Hence he had approached Bollywood heart throb Aamir Khan but Mr. Perfectionist aka Aamir Khan declined the offer reasoning date issues. Left with no alternative Shanker cajoled Chiyaan Vikram, to play the antagonist, who took time to think and later nodded.

With Aamir Khan out and now even Chiyaan Vikram dropped from the project, which actor from Bollywood do the readers feel can match up to the histrionics of Rajinikant and play the lead villain in the movie.

–Is it Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar or the latest Bollywood sensation Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is making waves thanks to his success in Salman Khan films KICK and BAJRANI BHAIJAAN.

Interestingly he is also playing lead villain in Shah Rukh Khan’s RAEES?

Aamir Khan breaks- down watching BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN …Proclaims ‘Must-See’!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s recently-released film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN has touched the emotional chord of every viewer around the globe; particularly the movie buffs in both Indian and Pakistan are clean bowled by its poignant script and the little wonder ‘Harshali Malhotra’, who plays the mute Pakistani girl whom Salman Khan helps in uniting with her parents.

The response to the film is so flabbergasting that the movie has broken all previous records. The film collected Rs 27.25 crore on its opening day thus becoming the biggest Bollywood opener of 2015. Further it has also set a new record of collecting the ‘Highest Ever Single Day Collection’ for a Salman Khan film! The movie collected Rs 36.50 crore on the Eid day.

Besides Salman Khan’s fans the movie has won even the hearts of hard core critics, who have left dumbfounded for its arresting script and the thought provoking social message of brotherhood and communal harmony among India and its arch- rival Pakistan.

In fact Salman Khan, who is also the co-producer of the film, has urged the Prime Ministers of both India and Pakistan viz. Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif to watch the film for its social cause and the intense message of brotherhood among the two nations.

Briefing the media Salman Khan said, “I want them to see the film. I want all the other leaders to watch it. It is a positive film. I want everyone, the heads of the country to watch this film. As they are dealing with this problem and may be their hearts will melt. Till the time I don’t get response I will keep tweeting about it.”

Reports have it that after even ace actor and brilliant filmmaker Aamir Khan has been rocked by the film. It’s reported that Aamir Khan could not control his emotion watching the film and broke down.

Applauding the film to the hilt Aamir Khan said, “After many years I have seen such a powerful and emotional movie which is so intense that it compels you to tears.”

He added, “Amazing story, superb screenplay, heartwarming dialogues! Great writing! Kabir Khan has made a truly special film. Must see!"