With Dhoom 3:Back in action, there was one more hero totally back in action. The Tiger(as he is widely called) put out another stint with this recent release. As Jackie celebrates his birthday today, takes a quick peek into the actor's career stint.

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Jackie Shroff entered the Bollywood scene with 'Swami Dada' in 1082 after which he was consistently up the scale as an actor. What made him stand out of the crowd was his attractive personality , his versatility to fit both hero and villain roles. Jackie infact at one point of time was the most sought after for a negative role. We have to wait this year until Kochadaiyaan to release to see his performance in this 'one of a kind' movie. The man himself has accepted that he enjoys playing negative characters.
Coming to some of the hit songs that Jackie Shroff is in, Devdas starring Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri and Aishwarya Rai comes to our mind. Considering we have always visualized Jackie in a very negative role, one song which also portrays the other side of this hero is the song 'Tu Mera Jaanu hai' from the movie 'Hero' which released in his initial days.
He is always seen in the side too for many hit songs - 'Choli Ke piche kya hai' is one such example from the movie Khalnayak. He was also seen in movies like 'Mission Kahmir' recently. We could infact say although a villain in most of the roles he holds a considerable prominence in songs too. There is more to come with Jackie shroff's acting maturing every year. We wish you a happy birthday Jackie.