Monday, May 25, 2015

Will Salman Khan give nod to Sylvester Stallone’s Hollywood action film?

Reports have it that after Bollywood superstar Salman Khan tweeted that he is an ardent fan of celebrated Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone, global recognized for his hit films ROCKY (Series of films that 1976 -2015) and RAMBO (1982 – 2008), Sylvester Stallone has responded positively to Salman’s tweet and even offered him a Hollywood film. 

In his reply Stallone tweeted, “Would like to thank the super talented Indian superstar Salman Khan for the compliment he tweeted!”

The tweet further claimed that Stallone was so impressed by Salman Khan’s popularity around the globe that he has suggested that the two actors to work in an action film together.

Ever since Stallone’s reply about the two actors working together in an action film has been reported, speculation are rife that the Hollywood superstar was probably hinting at Salman Khan to act in his latest version of EXPENDABLES.

In the past the two other Khans’ viz. Badshah Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan and Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan have coolly declined the offers though Hollywood filmmakers have consistently tried to exploit the popularity of the two Indian superstars. 

Shah Rukh Khan declined the offers saying that he wishes to act in a Hollywood film that does justice to his talent and the makes India proud. “I think the kind of role I would want to do in a Hollywood film is one that makes India proud and such a role is difficult,” he quipped. 

Aamir Khan on the other hand says, “I may jump to do any film be it Hollywood, China or Japan but I have to get attracted to the creative material first. Till date whatever offers I got from International film industry have never excited me nor have their scripts though the roles offered were full fledge roles”.

Readers are aware during his recent visit to China to promote his film PK, Aamir Khan met Jackie Chan, who offered him to act in his film upcoming venture, ‘KUNG FU YOGA’. But Aamir declined due to his commitments in India. 

Now let’s watch will Salman Khan give nod to Sylvester Stallone’s lucrative offer or like the other Khans’ be diplomatic.

Even at 43 there is someone on whom Karan Johar depends…Who is he?

From a brilliant film director to an astute film producer to hosting TV Shows and acting Karan Johar is a bundle of talent. However even as he turns 43 today there is someone in his life on whom this multifaceted personality demands. 

Who is the secret person whom Karan Johar regards as the corner stone of his life and before each and every decision he gives his opinion prime importance. Any Guesses ??? 

No he is not Shah Rukh Khan, who everybody knows is quite close to Karan. Nor is he, Amitabh Bachchan, whom Karan Johar reveres next to his father, the great film maker, Yash Johar.

Well the person in question is Aditya Chopra, the outstanding filmmaker and son legendary filmmaker Yash Chopra. 

Speaking about Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar says, “Adi is not just my mentor, friend and a guru who thought me the art of filmmaking but it is his extraordinary sense of understanding the pulse of the audience that has guided me in my career and made me a successful filmmaker.” 

He adds, “The untold aspect about my relation with Adi is that whenever Adi does not like something, unlike others, he is straightforward to criticize my faults frankly on my face and it is his candid attitude that makes me work on my errors and produce a good film.” 

Recalling how he awaits Aditya Chopra’s approval Karan says, “When I made WAKE UP SID, Adi was so impressed that he asked me film maker Ayan's number. Similarly for AGNEEPATH and YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI he was the first person to give his thumps up. So, whenever I make a movie I quietly and silently seek his approval.”